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Found 5 results

  1. What if we could use our stalls to, as well as offering things, put out money and request things? That way people wouldnt have to repeat the same message in trade chat until they are able to buy a specific item, and they wont need to stay on the game 24/7 ( again, to put out the message ). For example: I'm looking for a very specific pair of shoes. I COULD stay on the game all day and keep asking if anyone will sell me them, but what if i could just put some money in the market and wait for someone willing to give me the shoes for it, ready for me to collect when i return? And just incase this feature does get added; please put a search bar instead of making people scroll through tons of items.
  2. the idea is quite simple. make the market one for both factions. but why? on all servers one of the factions is dominant, whether in number of active players or guilds. a factor that contributes to this imbalance of players is the market of each faction. the faction with more players has a market with more item options, and this makes new players look at this difference and end up choosing to play where the market is with more products, simply because the game in that faction will probably be easier. a shared market would remove this problem, and not harm the server's economy, since it's still the same server. I ask players not to think only of their faction when evaluating the suggestion. the fun of the game is the competition between the factions, and if there is no strength in both, a good part of the game would ''die''
  3. New Discord server for the Realm of US Sapphire. My discord Username and digits are AscLuna#4902. We welcome all sorts of players wether it be new or old. https://discordapp.com/invite/nHVeT7k
  4. Devs I have a request to you that please make an option for us to sell our not binded items on steam market it would be great esp when we have more players\Great job on the steam Ws client Loving it
  5. I would like to suggest that when we sell an item there is an option to enter the amount of that particular item you want to sell. For example I have 1550 arena tickets in my bag and want to sell 1000 on the seller, instead of holding the > button until you have 1000 we could instead put a ticket in and enter "1000" and all 1000 tickets will be ready to sell. It takes me up to 5 minutes to put that many tickets into the dealer with the current system, but with this new method I'm suggesting it could take mere seconds to sell over 10 sets of an item on the dealer. Please consider and ty :B
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