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Found 2 results

  1. my names yihar ima level 19 rogue. im a player who dedicates time to helping low levels or newbies/noobs or players who are just new at all. if u get stuck on a quest or u need help. this thread is meant to have comments from both players who wish to help noobs and comments from actual noobs themselves who really do need help.
  2. First things first Events need to be released sooner This halloween last halloween and this christmas have been ridiculiously cut close and rushed my suggestion is 6 months after an event is done at max make the new event and wait 15 days before the holiday to release it. you planned ayivondil arena rewards updates why not plan big events we all look forward too its not because im impatient it ruins the purpose if it comes out right before holiday *Christmas eve last year* we want the holidays to get pumped up for the real thing and on that day you should double Dr aswell. Christmas halloween the summer spring events those are nice but those are fine as are. Dungeons/Bosses I love how you guys do dungeons and bosses of this event are cool and everything but heres the main problem of them and some good points aswell for you to approve on in the future from a fellow player to Dev. -Make bosses killable by one party of Min +5 of that level. -Make the bosses drops worthy to farm for!!!! All bosses in this event besides joker for high levels drops Crap bars and freakin masks with 3 stats make them drop 4 stat armor with bonuses and include them for all levels and lower dr -make for lv6 and 10 -Make drop personal items with High Dr like Winter 2013 (Bosses) -Make dungeons so u dnt run around across the entire map make straight forward. Costumes. Make More personal cc costumes that idea is genius and helpful to all struggling players Make Gifts Worthwhile 5 chests 5 life scrolls and 5 tele scrolls variants of each etc USE FULL Items. Ride tickets... Suck the idea you had was great but all the items are way way way over priced and need to be low like 200 for a 1h skin and be personal not 2000 tokens in general. Make Bows Freakin Useful. I made a suggestion on how to make bows extremely useful while you make cash here -http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/44673-legion-npc/?p=896291 Others have also suggested put it on mc and elf itll make everyone happy and no one will ♥♥♥♥♥ about bows For a player whos played 4 Years and seen whats the best of Ws Staff and Definetely the Worst this isnt about criticism i just wanna help you make more cash and us players get some stuff we want. not want alot of these things are needed in the event to make it fun. as of now this event was lower and they keep getting worse so far from originals. 2011 hallo was my favorite (JS) Bosses make it funner for everyone and personal costumes and items are chill. Right now im fed up of giving you guys money when it never pays out you know? Amping always fails you guys troll the duck out of me And events never give anything chests bosses etc. pretty sure im unliked So this would make my money spending and players like me to be more appreciative of what you do and not let us ♥♥♥♥♥ at you thanks Guys
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