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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, I wanted to ask, because I hardly anything about the forum upcoming events've seen, if anyone knows about the next events modest maybe. And if someone maybe a small event list could design. And sry my english is not very good
  2. Note: If you got scammed, you were not careful enough. Bad luck bro. This topic does wont contain acc traders, as it is forbidden. Maybe i am going to make a topic about all known acc traders/scammers. Also, i suggest that you make a ticket for support if you got scammed, because that is the first thing you should do. Post your names like this [scam Name] [Confirmed/Not Confirmed][Proven/Not Proven] [Description on how he scammed, and other useful info.] Example: Rdmscem [Confirmed][Proven] I traded 20 set signs for a rare costume, and he ignored me after the 15th set. People on World Chat complained about him too. Notsureiflie [Not Confirmed][Not proven] He scammed 100k off me during a costume trade with "11111" trick (Yes. This is allowed.) Rules: The scammer is [Confirmed] if other players also are complaining about him. A scammer is automaticly confirmed if he is proven. Also, you should refer to some people who can tell you if he really is a scammer (But you dont have to.) The scammer is [Proven] if there is a screenshot (No ss = not proven). The screenshot has to be posted, also in a spoiler, or as attachment. The screenshot must clearly show he is scamming. Videos are even better. Dont use (too) vulgar or unclear words. The description is a must. The post is invalid if there is no description. The [Proven] parameter is not valid if there is not screenshot posted. The value of the scam must exceed 5k. No acc scammers. Things to think about: One is suspicious for lying when the scammer isnt confirmed, or none is named to ask if he is a scammer. Same with [Not Proven] Generally, be aware that sss can get faked. Please be aware that people might post a not guilty person, just to ruin his name. These persons are to be cursed to death and to be an eternal scam victim ^^ How to not do it Scemrdm [confmt][prvm] he scem meh 1set tix ban this shit scammer fekin twat (no ss) (I think its obvious) Or Accscem [Confirmed][Proven] He scammed my acc Breakrules, lvl 24 pala. Ihaterulez, imaidiot and traderacc got scammed too. (Acc scamming is not point of this post) This is a pure list. The discussions about them has been moved to another topic TO DISCUSS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO GOT POSTED HERE, GO TO THIS THREAD http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/43477-scammer-list-the-discussion-topic/ Edit: Somehow, This Topic was in US First. Then Legion locked it because it seems to not fit US-Sapphire forum section, And then this topic got moved here. This Topic is actually only for US. To Report a scammer from another server, go post it there, or start an own scammer topic as EU-Emerald did. I got a request for mods. If someone is posting something that doesnt belong into the rules, i wish you to delete the post.
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