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Found 2 results

  1. Aurax The Shadow Priest Gather around the fire, come on close The story I will tell you will leave you with no remorse. The story you will hear is of Aurax the priest No no, it is not boring it has a little twist. It is about a man that wandered the world Spreading around Harads sacred word. He started off in Lanhashard but quickly moved on He passed through Swamps and Irsnernort, places forgoten and long gone. He took on quests and monsters, he offered his help Accepting golden coins to settle the small debt. He rushed to the battle against the attacking legion, sentinels mighty foe Regrouping with other warriors under the oath "That's it, no more!" The battles were continuous they were long and hard The outcome was not always good but hey it was not bad. The story goes along in Ayvondil the land of kindness and good deeds A place as such as promising fulfilling a seekers needs. The isle was rich of dungeons and promises were made But somewhere here the story starts to fade. The story end with rumours and what others might have said I hope my fellow listeners its worth what you have paid. "The priest was kind of weird for others he did not heal All taking loud and wondering what was the guys deal? They say his lust of power made him want to be a mage Others say his faith of Harad slowly turned him a sage."
  2. This weather sure too much to take, Must send my bladedancer to lake. For wars and potions don’t quench thirst On way, hear tale of my chars fate. A bladedancer with self-stiched name about 6 years ago was made. Wasn’t sure what to choose at first, no casters pls. So - rogue or blade? But i did like biology and elfs are close to nature, allegedly. Naturally i chose that, and leveled up without rush or aid. At first i used to die alot, and postponed some bosses Getting back to city fast, of course with armour losses And dying was a teleport. Except when arrived in Irselnort That 2AM lvl12 scare, when with first rogue your path crosses. Reaching cara, gaining friends, then adventures seemed to have no end Whether to help or do chainless quests, or hunt red names in MC-land Lots and lots new names to add, learning to get along with PvP cave lads I’m still a pacifist down there, first diplomacy then defend. I still remember first costume money spent, moon kitty bought by accident (40k btw) And mix of daggers noone liked, left in some rednames quite a dent Too bad i still hate all the casters, remember warlocks – bridge block masters? Yeah, lots has changed from those days, hope not too many angry PMs sent. First there were clans, then guilds came and everyone was after fame More and more to do, but studies kept me off of game Since then i’m stuck in grandma mindset, remember when there was a moon set? Just look around, so much to do… although i wish some things were same Alot of new things means this bend – alot of miracle coin washed But it is maybe good, more cash – means that servers do not crash There was a joke, who buys the most, in that name Snorly names his yacht One suggestion for full bags sake: please give us separate costume sash! I do awaken once in a while, there’s new costumes and new hairstyles New skills and levels to obsess with, without teleports you’d walk miles I see old players and new faces, alien and deadly places And after another exam session, i seem to stay around awhile If you do meet a moon kitty on adventure, slightly scarred Going where the full moon or the starlit road goes - near or far. I’m on feet, a fearless kitty, I’m going to foresaken city Rusty armour, daggers sharp, maybe claws out if there’s war The name I chose was Nimereti, or they call me Nim for short Oldies, guildies, all I’ve met here hope i’ve been a good sport My quest here not for gold or glory or to pass the best, don’t worry Just to spend time, forget worries, enjoy the game for what it’s worth. (paw-swims away.)
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