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Found 6 results

  1. Why does Warspear always!!! lag? My internet has always been fast - 300mb/ps with 5-10 ms and upload speed 35-40 mb/ps I’ve always played on good and fast devices with excellent network cards, fast cpu and etc…. Hitting something, using an aoe skill, or simply healing or casting a spell somehow always “lags”. There is a huge displacement between visuals on my end and what’s actually going on. Best example is WARLOCK! The stun is NEVER where I see it is, the dmg aoe skill is also NEVER on spot, when I fear someone away they are actually ALWAYS 1 yard close to me when I see its 5. That applies to all classes and skills. I tried public wifi, tried a friends wifi, tried CHANGING MY ISP,changing my phone, changing my computer, I even play with a 1MS delay monitor with 1050 Ti, RTX 2080, i5-4th gen, i7-6th gen. (2 different pcs) And also tried on 3 laptops! Dear devs, how can I play Warlock like you intended? At this point I’m considering to delete it tbh. its been like this for years.
  2. Hoje pela manhã tava todo feliz porque foi para o único dia que deu para mim poder tocar e para o meu personagem mas, para mim foi um dia fatídico para o dia 26/03/2020 como 11:00. https://photos.app.goo.gl/NgkwdaNnzgwWCecq6 Mais uma vez decepção com jogo intitulado Warspear online fabricado pela aigrind O_o Levei o meu dia a perder e nem recebi um email do serviço que fica indisponível. edit: não que eu esteja querendo fecha meus olhos para que vem ocorrendo no mundo venho sofrendo com isso a bastante tempo não mas reclamo mais até isto tudo passa Infelizmente hoje tudo se resume ao covid-19 isto infelizmente e inevitável apenas a solução paliativas Que DEUS NOS AJUDE Pesso desculpa se algum momento pareci insensível So venho relatar o que ja vem ocorrendo a bastante tempo antes de tudo isto, mas como disse não mais reclamo para nao ter uma surpresa na minha conta 😉
  3. Fix your servers! We always having lag in Main Menu and Character Selection (Forever connecting) Fix this server crashes! GIVE BACK OUR STAMS AND UPOTS WE USED WHEN THESE SERVER CRASH HAPPENED WHILE IN OUR DG SPAM. Fix your server connections. You're making your players mad!
  4. Hey, I'm pretty sure that you've heard of these lags already but just in case you haven't, we've been experiencing some rather radical server lags on EU servers lately (for past few days). These lags have already taken a rather big effect in the recently released guild events for example, not to mention all the other smaller activities that have been going on during those times. P.S Wasn't sure where to write this since the "report bugs" button is still unavailable in game and official site doesn't have a bug report function either, therefore I thought that this would be the most suitable place for such report. "If something is broken - you're in the right place"
  5. My internet is fast but i dont know why im still lagging at warspear, it always lag without any reason. Im the only one using the internet and only using warspear, but it still have lag. Is this warspear's problem ?
  6. Normally it would take 3-15 seconds before the game would respond when logging a character first time during a session but now the lag is infinite (stopped waiting when the game wouldn't respond for three minutes). This happens only on the first character I log in, but now I can't even log another character because I can't log out the first one without closing the game. Edit: And now, right after posting this, the lag's back to 3-15 seconds.
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