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Found 3 results

  1. The idea here is to add a curse system to equipment and weapons (it's inspired from Pixel Dungeon, a little RPG). Mechanic A cursed item isn't movable from equipment slot if you equip it, and it has a bad bonus (like -10% of accuracy for a weapon, and less defense for armors (it will be writed in red)...). New items This system includes new items : a scroll of curse removing (remove a curse on an item), and an identify scroll (identify if item is cursed). The first one is cheap (very), and the second one is not. Chance to get a cursed item The chance of getting a cursed item is high if you get it from a dungeon or a monster, low for merchants. For market, you can sell a cursed item (but its less cheap), an uncursed item will be cheaper. Description of cursed/uncursed item When you read item description, it will be writed "???" (don't know if item is cursed), "cursed" (if item is cursed) and nothing if item have no curse. Exemples of curses The basics : less accuracy, defense, attack... Others : can't add runes or crystals on item, low chance to get randomly teleported (on weapons only)... Horrible : unable to use a skill, less chance to get good stuff... I think you have many ideas to purpose... Hope you enjoyed read this ! Imagine it get realised !!!
  2. seria bom se tivesse mais slots para as habilidades, pois são muitas skill e tirando as skills seria bom ter espaço para botar algumas coisas necessarias, como pot de hp ou pot de mana, isso ajudaria muito, a pala solar labs e em missões principalmente seeker que tem pouca mp, seria bom aumentar os slots(espaços) de habilidades ativas também pq ajudaria ao lider ativar as skill de guilda quando necessário, enfim isso ajudaria de diversas formas, e também seria bom ter a opção de selecionar qual botão vc quer selecionar para aparecer skill, se quer numerico(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) ou se quer por mesclado(1,2,3,4,5,q,w,e,r,t)
  3. Book of Knowledge is an item that once consumed apply a buff that last about 12 hours on you that allow you to speak the language of opposed factions enabling you to talk, trade or maybe even form Party's thou you are only capably of speaking in personal and area chat even if you can speak and trade with opposed factions they are still capably to attack and kill you and same goes for you i feel this item will change the market Prices drastically because it will allow us to exchange items with the opposed factions and trade items that a faction might have a lot of but the other don't or items that maybe useless to people but useful to people in other factions
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