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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I would like to report a bug in the templar skill, reverse flow under the use of "Guild blessing". The skill is pushing enemies away even though there is supposed to be no interaction with enemies while blessing is on. This bug is already causing a major impact in all GvGs and Territory wars. In the sapphire server during the last war, elves charged into legion town under guild blessing and templars used this to clear the center of the flag so they could free attack. Sadly I don't have the video for this. Please watch the video below. There was a similar situation where mages and paladin could freely attack with guild blessing on and it took months to fix resulting in many losses to one faction. Please look into this situation and do the needful at the earliest in order to avoid misuse of this scenario. For example, the territory war is in 10 hours and this situation can cause 100s of players of the a particular faction to lose out. @Holmes@snorlax@Peony@Nolan@Akasha@Higgings@Jcbreff
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