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Found 3 results

  1. Abi

    Abi EU-Emerald

    Hunter Hunter is a Legion Mountain Clan ranged class that specialize in Damage Dealing and Area Control Attack Defense Control Difficulty Pros and Cons Pros: One of the best DPS class in Legion and in game. Has the ability to control enemy’s movement and limit their fighting capability. A great class for mass fights and events “Guild vs Guild”. Cons: Lack of survivability and defensive or escape abilities. Lack of burst “high damage in a short amount of time”. Difficult to control in terms of positioning and play-style. Skill information Here you can find all the information about hunter’s skills as well as demonstration. PvE and PvP Builds PvE As mentioned before Hunter is one of the best DPS classes in legion and they play the part of the party/guild damage dealer. In terms of build there are two main builds that we will discuss, Single target and mass. Single target mainly played for dungeons and Raid bosses that require a lot of single target damage "Mythical sea" and "Mythical nadir" dungeons are great example to use this build for. Basic: Expert: Mass or group damage build is mainly played for dungeons or events that requires a lot of group damage Castle dungeons are a great example for this build. Basic: Expert: PvP: Hunters are a great class when it comes to PvP, they deal a good amount of damage while also having a helpful crowd control abilities. In terms of build there are two categories that we can divide hunter builds into, Arena and GvG/War. Arena build can split into three options based on the situation or your play-style The standard Offers a lot of damage while also gain a lot of stuns/control This build works really well against opponents that rely too much on their skills whether for: Healing Dealing Damage Control Keep in mind that some classes have abilities that grant them Resistance which can ignore all control skills for few seconds making this build weak against: Mage Blade Dancer Barbarian Chieftain Basic: Expert: The Dodge Similar to the standard build in terms of stuns/control however it shifts more into surviving or withstanding damage by filling up your Dodge stat while also having a bit of Damage reduction. The idea of this build is to avoid as much damage as possible even against characters who has Accuracy boost as it forces them to spend extra skill points into their accuracy skill making them lose points in other important skills thus lowering their damage or their fighting capability. Even though this build focuses more onto leveling Dodge and Damage reduction skills rather than damage it can still deal a decent amount of damage. This build works really well against opponents that deals a lot of burst or DPS such as: Blade Dancer Seeker Warden Mage Rogue Chieftain Barbarian Warlock Reaper On the other hand there are some classes that have the ability to increase their Accuracy which lower the chance of attacks being Dodge making this build a bit weaker against: Mage Ranger Barbarian Chieftain keep in mind that you cannot Dodge Skills effect you can only Dodge the damage for example you can Dodge Barbarian Shield strike Damage or Mage Shattered Stone damage however you cannot Dodge the Stun duration and it will still Stun you even if you Dodge it. Basic: Expert: The damage focused This build focuses on dealing an insane amount of damage and being a threat to almost anyone against you. This build is generally good against all classes however it works best against opponents that are hard to kill or lack defensive skills like: Warden Ranger Death knight Hunter Keep in mind, due to the fact it lack any sort of stuns or defensive stats this build leaves you extremely vulnerable against opponents who has mobility skills such as: Mage Seeker Blade dancer Barbarian Rogue Chieftain As you've noticed this build has a lot of counters and is hard to play so if you're planning on playing it I recommend having a support class as your partner to make sure you don't die too fast like: Necromancer Shaman Charmer Building a lot of Steal Health also works well with this build. Building Resistance could also help by avoiding stuns or control skills. Basic: Expert: GvG/war This category consist of a one major build that is very effective and can be shifted between damage and control Hunters work really well with other control classes allowing them to setup their group damage skills easily. Hunters also work well together due to hunters being able to stack "Hunter's Mark" for each other but keep in mind the increased received damage is based on your Mark's level not the character who applied it. Basic: Expert: Keep in mind that these builds are merely favored and can be changed or modified based on your preference or play-style. Itemization Having the correct Gears is very important, the combination of the stats items grant could amplify your hunter potential whether when it come to dealing damage, surviving or straight up enabling whatever build or play-style you have in mind. When it comes to Itemization we have two categories, PvE and PvP. PvE For PvE it's important to have the right gears that will grant you the best/highest amount of necessary stats to output the most damage possible while also still having some defensive capability to not get one-shotted. In terms of itemization we can split it into two categories Early game and Late game. Early game The idea of early game gears is to have cheap available gears to use until you finish your late game build while still allowing you to finish dungeons and quests at your level. The following stats are the ones you want to focus on, try getting them as high as possible. Critical hit Attack speed Penetration Stacking some Defensive Stats as well as some armor amplification can help you survive a bit more so its recommend to get: Life Steal Solidity In early game there are many options and combinations of gears that works well but I would recommend the following build as it offers the best stats in terms gears availability and cost. I would recommend going for the crafted Crossbow or the spring Bow for they offer the best stats. crafted Crossbow offers more damage and penetration. spring Bow Grants more Critical as well as Attack Strength. Here you can find the stats and calculations of the build Late game In the late game hunters tend to shine the most with the help of their skills and combined with merman gears they can show their maximum potential as damage dealers. The following stats are the core stats these should be maxed out. Critical hit Attack speed Accuracy Penetration In the late game after having your Core stats maxed you should start filling your other offensive stats that could add up to your damage like: Critical hit Strength Skill Cooldown Attack strength Piercing Stacking some Defensive Stats as well as some armor amplification can help you survive a bit more so its recommend to get: Life Steal Solidity I would recommend going for the crafted Crossbow or the spring Crossbow for they offer the best stats. Crafted Crossbow offers more Speed. Spring Crossbow offers Attack Strength. Here you can find the stats and calculations of the build PvP When it comes to PvP you want to have as much impact as possible when it comes to dealing damage or control while also withstanding damage and not be a weak target thus having the correct items will aid you in doing your job to deal damage. The following stats are the core stats these should be maxed out. Ferocity Resilience Attack speed Accuracy Penetration after having your Core stats maxed you should start filling your other offensive stats that could add up to your damage like: Skill Cooldown Attack strength Piercing Stun Stacking some Defensive Stats as well as some armor amplification can help you survive a bit more so its recommend to get: Life Steal Resistance Keep in mind that incase you decide to use a different Crossbow than the Arena one it is not necessary to have your Ferocity maxed out, however you should at least have 30% Ferocity From enchantment else your damage will drop significantly the advantage of using different kind of Crossbow could be to boost your other offensive stats which could be more useful in different situations. I would recommend to either use the standard arena Crossbow or the Crafted Crossbow Arena Crossbow offers more Ferocity. Crafted Crossbow offers more Speed. Here you can find the stats and calculations of the build: Buffs and minion Buffs and Minions are generally used to aid you in your battles from amplifying your damage or stats to supporting you with extra damage or control. We will split them into two categories PvE and PvP PvE PvP It is also advised to always carry some essentials as they can be useful in almost all situations. Greater Life Potion: Restores 60% of the character's maximum health. Life Scroll: Allows you to resurrect your Hero in case of death. Courage Scroll. Allows you to resurrect your Hero in case of death during a castle attack and guild battles. Tips and advice For newbies When you’ve just created your hunter and you’re level is still low it’s not a good idea to level Combat stance first as you don’t have enough mana regeneration early to maintain it so I would recommend leveling your other skills first and leaving it for last for when you gain more mana regeneration. Getting the group damage expert skills first once you're level 18 can help you finish quest faster as they provide more value in terms of damage compared to stats skills As I mentioned before hunters don’t have the ability to tank damage without dying and they can easily be overwhelmed by mobs or getting caught by an enemy assassin, so it’s always a good idea to have a healer with you in your party whether a minion for dungeons or a friend who plays a support class for arena or both. Necromancer are great partner when it comes to dungeons as they provide a lot of damage boost and healing. Shaman on the other hand are a great partner for arena and battles as they provide consistent healing and damage reduction. Charmer can also be a great support partner if they adapt the staff build they can provide some consistent healing and also a lot of stuns/control. Hunter’s can sometimes steal the aggro from the party tank which can put you in a tough spot so always watch your damage and your party tank aggression skill to not get yourself killed, it’s also a good idea to get Tranquil Potions which can reduce your damage aggro Hunters can be really difficult to control and play as they rely too much on positioning but once you get the hang of it hunters can become a really fun class to play. This is the end of the guide I hope it can be of use to others and shine more light into hunters, if you have any question or if you've spotted any error or inaccurate information feel free to let me know Abi Eu-Emerald
  2. ESTE É UM GUIA PARA QUE OS NOVOS JOGADORES E OS ATUAIS JOGADORES CONHEÇAM O CAÇADOR PRODUZIDO E AUTENTICADO PELO JOGADOR KUSANAGI DO SERVIDOR BR-TOURMALINE Provenientes dos clãs das montanhas, os caçadores passam a maior parte da vida em florestas densas nas montanhas aperfeiçoando suas artes marciais, os caçadores são ágeis, explosivos e preferem manter distancia de um combate corpo a corpo, eles utilizam armaduras leves e utilizam arcos ou balestras! Caçadores tem uma enorme facilidade em ferir gravemente seus adversários, além de conseguir atordoar seus adversários com maestria. Suas Características básicas Possuem um alto índice ofensivo com danos rápidos e explosivos, além de danos periódicos Possuem um baixo índice defensivo devido ao uso de armaduras leves e a ineficiência no combate corpo a corpo Possui um médio-baixo índice de suporte/controle, que equilibram os pontos negativos da classe ORIENTAÇÃO AOS NOVOS JOGADORES Como na montagem de qualquer outra classe, recomendo que, se você não possui um considerável número de recursos disponíveis ($), não invista precocemente na classe, invista o necessário para sobrevivência do personagem dos níveis 1 até o nível 28. Nesse percurso do desenvolvimento de preferencia ao uso de consumíveis, tais como elixir do conhecimento, lacaios de suporte, equipamentos voltados para sobrevivência, aproveite dos atributos defensivos (HP, REGENERAÇÃO DE MANA, DEFESA FISICA), invista também na aquisição de skills de especialista voltadas ao aprimoramento e dano do personagem, sendo elas: Flecha guia, marca do caçador, tiro enfraquecedor, sabre toxico, instintos das montanhas. Veja abaixo uma lista de consumíveis, equipamentos e skills de especialista disponíveis! VANTAGENS DA CLASSE Atualmente é um dos principais causadores de dano da facção dos legionários, possuindo a vantagem de combate a distância combinado a mecânicas de dano, controle e atordoamento o que torna a classe muito forte e útil! No PVE (JOGADOR x MONSTRO) a classe possui uma mecânica de dano combinada, sendo essa mecânica citada como: Dano por segundo rápido, Dano periódico alto, Dano explosivo rápido. No PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) a classes é uma das mais fortes devido suas mecânicas de danos rápidos, controle e atordoamento, além da vantagem de combate a longo alcance! Nota-se que é uma das classes com maior potencial e facilidade em adaptabilidade em situações de combate devido as habilidades disponíveis no seu arsenal. Sendo no PVE (JOGADOR x MONSTRO) uma das classes mais requisitadas na facção, além de ser requisitada em massa por guildas competitivas! DESVANTAGENS DA CLASSE Desvantagens no PVE (JOGADOR x MONSTRO) Devido a obrigatoriedade de diversos parâmetros ofensivos tais como acerto critico, dano critico, precisão, penetração, velocidade de ataque, recarga de habilidades, força de ataque, fúria, e a necessidade do parâmetro defensivo vampirismo para um bom desempenho da classe, o caçador apresenta deficiência em alguns atributos básicos que são a saúde máxima (HP), o alto consumo de energia (MANA), e o parâmetro defensivo robustez. Observa-se que no PVE (JOGADOR x MONSTRO) a saúde máxima dos caçadores é baixa, e na maioria das vezes eles correm o risco de levar danos altos ou ate HITKILL (MORTE) em masmorras dedicadas ou em Bosses Raid devido a deficiência dos atributos defensivos citados acima. Devido a necessidade do uso de acessórios e equipamentos com parâmetros ofensivos o caçador se torna uma classe de alto custo de investimento ($), dita na opinião de quem faz uso da classe a 4 anos como uma das mais caras do jogo! Desvantagens no PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) Por ser uma classe de equipamentos leves, sua defesa torna-se razoavelmente baixa, levando em consideração as demais classes, ao entrar em combates corpo a corpo a classe se torna muito vulnerável devido o baixo valor de defesa do personagem e deficiência de saúde máxima que a classe apresenta! (OBS) NOTA-SE QUE POR SER UMA CLASSE DE LONGO ALCANCE A CHANCE DE BUGS VISUAIS É LIGEIRAMENTE ALTA, ATENTEM-SE A ESTA DICA! COMO PREPARAR SEU PERSONAGEM AO CONTEUDO PVE (JOGADOR x MONSTRO) DO JOGO! Como um personagem focado em dano físico bruto, é necessário investir em atributos ofensivos. Os atributos necessários são: * ACERTO CRITICO * PRECISÃO * PENETRAÇÃO * VELOCIDADE DE ATAQUE * FORÇA DE ATAQUE * FURIA Veja exemplos dos melhores equipamentos PVE (JOGADOR x MONSTRO), relíquias e uma boa build após as últimas atualizações na minha opinião! EQUIPAMENTOS SKILL SET 32 MERMEM OBS: ALGUNS JOGADORES OPTAM PELO USO DE EQUIPAMENTOS COM CONJUNTO DE BONUS FÚRIA, MAS NAO SE ENGANE, SE VOCE NAO POSSUI O LIVRO DE ESPECIALISTA (SEM CLASSE) ''FÚRIA VELOZ'' ESSE É O MELHOR SET! RELIQUIAS PVE (JOGADOR x MONSTRO) MINHA BUILD PVE COMO PREPARAR SEU PERSONAGEM AO CONTEUDO PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) DO JOGO O conteúdo PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) requer uma boa noção e conhecimento da classe, como dito anteriormente evite combates corpo a corpo, opte por danos rápidos, controle e atordoamento e sempre busque a sobrevivência! No conteúdo PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) também é necessário o investimento em atributos ofensivos, porém é necessário o investimento em atributos defensivos. Os atributos necessários são: OFENSIVOS * PRECISÃO * PENETRAÇÃO * VELOCIDADE DE ATAQUE * RECARGA DE HABILIDADES * FEROCIDADE NOTA-SE QUE ALGUNS ATRIBUTOS OFENSIVOS TAMBEM AUMENTAM O REPERTORIO E DANO DO PERSONAGEM, SENDO ELES: * FORÇA DE ATAQUE * FÚRIA DEFENSIVOS * RESILIENCIA * ESQUIVA * HP * RESISTENCIA * VAMPIRISMO Veja exemplos dos melhores equipamentos, relíquias e uma boa build após as últimas atualizações na minha opinião! Atente-se aos 2 equipamentos de raridade diferentes introduzidos: · Equipamentos PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) adquiridos com pontos de arena · Equipamentos grandeza adquiridos com imperiais da grandeza · Além de acessórios únicos e exclusivos EQUIPAMENTOS PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) PARAMETROS OFENSIVOS E DEFENSIVOS RELIQUIAS PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) MINHA BUILD PVP CONSUMIVEIS PVE (JOGADOR x MONSTRO) CONSUMIVEIS PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) LACAIOS PVE (JOGADOR x MONSTRO) LACAIOS PVP (JOGADOR x JOGADOR) FINALIZANDO O CONTEUDO GOSTARIA DE DEIXAR ALGUNS LIVROS DE ESPECIALISTA (SEM CLASSE) QUE POSSUO E AGREGA MUITO NA MONTAGEM E RESULTADO FINAL DA CLASSE! Não irei citar a mecânica de cada um dos livros de especialista “sem classe” presentes no meu personagem devido a brevidade necessária do guia! Em outra aba do fórum já existe um guia disponível sobre livros raros “sem classe”! Conteúdo produzido a partir da minha experiencia em game e conivência com jogadores experientes. Ressalvo que não é necessário a montagem da classe de acordo com este guia, recomenda-se jogar de acordo com sua criatividade, interesse e divertimento para com a classe e o game. Aqui descrevi como é a minha experiencia e como tenho orientado os novos e atuais jogadores desde então! Guia produzido pelo jogador KUSANAGI do servidor BR-TOURMALINE! Aos leitores que chegaram até aqui o meu sincero agradecimento!
  3. I want to know about the best hunter skill build (20lvl) for both pvp and pve . Thanks in advance
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