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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this topic! As many of you obviously know, the update 7.0.0 gave us something totally new in game; I am talking about ( of course ) of the new classes! 1 each clan, 4 characters, now, per clan. However, I am here today to talk about one class in particular, the hardest ( In my modest opinion ) to build, in equip and skill wise; The Charmer. Among all, the charmer is the only class in game who is able to: -Wear Cloth and/or Heavy armors -Wear a staff or 1h Mace + Shield -Summoning Creatures Basic Skills ( lv1-17 ) At low levels, this class can be built in a totally different way. We know that charmer requires Magic Damage in order to be competitive in places like arenas, however, some players forget about it sometimes ( that might be a reason of why there are many low level players atm of such class. Or maybe because only 2 weeks have passed from the latest update, lel ). Let's take now its skills in Exams: Dark Prism: The common attack skill that everybody has. Deals a nice ammount of damage if the main build of the charmer is the Magic Damage. Nice thing of this skill is that is a ranged skill, so it will work as a ranged attack even while using a mace and a shield. Keep this in mind ^^ Warrior Healing: A weird skill, quite unique among all the skills healers have ( even though we can't really consider the charmer as a healer, just for this skill ). The skill itself is useful, but can ABSOLUTELY NOT be replaced to a necro heal or a shaman heal, for now at least. The skill's ammount of healing is quite low, even at high damage, and shall be used as an emergency skill in case another member in the party is in danger, except the tank. Let's say a necro who overused his skills, or a rogue who has got damaged by some mobs. Curious thing is that the Cooldown of the skill is egual to the time the healing buff lasts, so It will not be a bad idea adding some CoolDown items in a Charmer's equip. Weakness: A useful skill, very appreciated by people who are used to go in Dungeons or Questing. I would avoid anyway to use points on this skill if your target are arenas. Call: Overstimated skill, in my opinion. It's more likely the players have chosen to create a charmer just because "It is cool to summon a pet". This skill works depending on the physical damage of the charmer, and this is where the players fall. If a charmer uses a full physical dmg set up, just to maximize this skill, it will make as a conseguence the rest of the charmer's skills totally useless. Besides, in high levels the skill itself reveals to be quite useless, since mobs around the new maps insta kill them, or players in arena take 1-2 hits to kill the beast; the system sees the pet as a player,thus makes him not immune to the Opponent's Ferocity and Resilience. On the other hand, in low levels arena this skill reveals to be pretty op in certain situations. An arena charmer lv14, for example, reveals to be tricky to fight, cause his minions have got op statistics ( 1.5k hps and 150 damage for a mob is quite too op, for a player lv10-14 ). He is your best friend in Norlant Swamps, since it will be your loyal and cute Demon-dog that every Forsaken Child would love to have ( Do not even dare to cast Warrior Healing while you are trying to use the dog as bait in swamps! The Dark Showman reserves the right to say "Hah I warned you!" If you do it ). Note that, atm, the Minion summoned does NOT disappear once the summoner dies. I'm not sure if developpers did it on purpose or it is a bug. Oppression: . Useful skill to take some advantage if the enemy reveals to be quite too much strong. It is a ranged attack, and it works pretty much like Sharp Shadows, with the difference(s) that Oppression deals way less damage, and the stun can be Dodged/Parried/Blocked. As well as Sharp Shadows, it is a ranged attack, so make sure to use it at your advantage in case the situation becomes dangerous. Expert Skills ( lv18+ ) There is actually little to be said here. Charmer's expert skills consist in a range of AoE Damage Skills, Control and Support. They reveal to be pretty strong even at a low level, giving a good chance to lv18 arena players to be dangerous against their opponent. Let's have a quick look to its skills: Stone Curse: this skill works like Warlock's Stone Body, the only difference is, it is the enemy who's being Petrified. This skill removes the Fight Mode, allowing the charmer to either change equips or become Usain Bolt and running all around the arena and Healing himself in the meanwhile ( and why not, summoning also some dogs to slow down the enemy ) Otherworldly Blessing: Hybrid skill; Can be extremely useful for a tank ( raising his "Block" statistic ), and good enough for a charmer as well, although building a charmer with "Block" means sacrificing a caster equip to a tank one. Can be a good choice if you plan to make a physical damage build for your charmer, instead of a magic damage one. Knowledge of the Dead Man: Passive skill. Stunning skill. For a charmer is easy to spam skills against a player. I can't see such a powerful use in PvE, and can be very useful in PvP. Actually, in PvP is a must having it maxed. Overworldly Fire: An AoE damage skill, 3x3 large ( I might be wrong on this ). Deals a very nice ammount of damage even being at 1/4 ( of course if you use a Magic Damage set up ), can crit and stun as well. Levelling it up will increase the damage and the stun chance. Eye of the Darkness: Here another hybrid skill, although many might see it good in PvP only. It allows to see camouflaged enemies ( Rogues/Seekers/Funny people under Ink buff in war ) and raise the def of the character. Nice thing of this skill is that can be casted on allies too, increasing the defence and making it useful in PvE too. Maybe one of the skills a Charmer should not lack of, either if it is PvP or PvE built. Help of Chaos: . This skill allows the charmer to summon another creature ( Bird of the Night ) which will help him, or an ally, healing his wounds and fighting an enemy. The more this skill is upgraded, the more the bird stays onto the battlefield. Moreover, this skill finally gives the charmer a reason to choose a staff, since the bird's attack and its healing exclusively depend on the charmer's magic damage. Energy Manipulation: This skill allows the charmer to steal some energy from the opponent, recharging, as a result, the charmer's mana by the specific ammount stolen. Can be very good in case the charmer lacks suddenly of mana or simply want his enemy to burn reserves of energy faster. Available Relics for a Charmer This part is maybe the thing that disappoints me on a charmer. Although it is designed as a support class, the charmer lacks of Useful relics which defend himself in a PvP . (Relic of immunity - Great relic of Curse Removal ). Does not lack of Relics which can increase the Resistence and the Endurance of the character ( Relic of Unprecedent Health - Great Relic of Energy Efficiency ). Nice thought giving the possibility to the Great Relic of Inacessibility to be added in Oppression. . For this skill, the rare relic can be added depending on your way of playing. My Personal advice is: Relic of Inefficiency -> PvP/ Relic of Magic Weakness -> PvE What to say about Dark Prism? Empowering relics like Great Relic of High Mastery or Great Relic of Punishing Ablity or again Great Relic of Indomitable Blow are fo sure the most liked and used in game. But please do not forget that there are a lot of possibilities and combos who might reveal to be op on a charmer, however you can absolutely feel free to use any relic of the Up mentioned ones. In PvP, i might take in consideration to purchase a Relic of Overwhelming Ability if I were you, in order to give this skill a stunning ability ( since Charmers haven't got many, ah? ). My Personal advice here depends on levels: Great Relic of Sudden Strenght + Relic of Overwhelming Ability -> PvP ( Useful in level 6-16, not advised for higher level brackets ) or Great Relic of High Mastery + Relic of Overwhelming Ability -> ( Works pretty fine on high Levels ) / Any Empowering relic + Relic of Magic Weakness -> PvE Although I rate it as a Overstimated skill, Relics which can be added to Call are pretty nice for this skill lovers. Consider to use Great Relic of Continuous Effect Here, since it will be funny to see people being annoyed by dogs for a quite long time ( would be hypocrit not to admit it ) or i would not dislike a Great Relic of Punishing Ablity either. I am not sure, however, how rare relics should work on these dogs. The most plausible idea is Dogs with a chance of triggering relics every time they hit the enemy... please, correct me here If I am wrong. Here my idea of this skill Relic-build: Great Relic of Continuous Effect + Relic of Slowing -> PvP / Any relic you like + Relic of Physical/Magical Exhaustion -> PvE Relics available for Weakness are not so bad either. In fact, we can choose a good combo or even 2 different builds who can be useful either in PvP or PvE. The skill itself is not that bad either in Dungeon vs bosses or in Hunts or quests. My idea here is: Great Relic of Concentration + Relic of Wild Thrill -> PvP /Great Relic of Continuous Effect + Relic of Awkwardness -> PvE Last but not least, Warrior Healing Is the only healing skill of a charmer ( for now at least ), and that allows him to have a one of the best relics for healers, Great Relic of Refreshing. Please, avoid using Great Relic of Salutary Healing because it depends on the ammount healed to your ally, and since the heal of a charmer is not very high, you might not get the best from it. My advice for this skill is: Relic of Unprecedent Health -> PvP / Relic of Dexterity -> PvE There are also many other relics which can be used to create a nice build for your charmer, I've only told you the ones I'd use. There isn't "The best Build". Just customize your character and have fun with it. Charmer's PvE Equipment/Skill build As a Forsaken, the charmer burns a lot of Mana ( this is why the +3 more energy regen is not a passive skill to understimate ), Thus the Mana and the Energy Regen is something I would focus on. Once you decide your Charmer must Support in PvE, you'd better make sure it is ready for every kind of challenge your team mates want to face! So, what would I use to make sure my charmer is ready? Here is my personal idea. I will post Several Versions of PvE build, keeping in Mind that some players would love to stay "low level" in order to get drops from a certain type of Mini Bosses ( lab for example ). Charmer lv18, PvE Build (NOTE: The charmer class has not been implemented yet, unfortunatly, so you won't be able to see the result of the statistics. I hope this is not a too big problem for you guys. Besides, all the builds made are for a guildless charmer; if we were in a very high lv guild, we should have created the charmer on a different way, as a conseguence, to make it as more balanced as possible. If for some weird reason links do not send you to the site directly, just copy and paste them to your Browser: It should work!) Staff build: http://ws-db.ru/calculator#22961 Mace Build: http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23940 -There are obviously way better items for a charmer than the ones I put here, but this is maybe one of the best ( and cheap ) sets available in game. Some of these items can be obtained in Swamps or Normal Tower. The ammount of Mana and Energy Regen should Grant you to carry on spamming skills, without dodging them too much, thanks to the balanced ammount of Accuracy given by this set up. The staff I've used was actually chosen for the statistics it has; you can feel free to use any you like there, but in my modest opinion, I'd choose something with Accuracy and CoolDown. For the 1h Mace lovers, instead, I rather for now using a Physical damage mace, since the current skills do not let a 1h magic damage mace to be utilised at his 100% of its strenght. A physical damage mace also allows to empower our doggies, which will reveal to be good allies in damage matters. I've used a heavy belt in the Mace build, cause both the mace and the shield add nice defensive statistics, so i thought, why not adding more? Of course, If you have a particular love for lv18 characters and you have no financial problems, then here my personal Idea for a Lv18 maxed PvE charmer: http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23935 . ( Staff ) http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23933 ( Mace ) Skill build here requires a good balance as well. Make sure you choose wisely here! Here what I thought: Basic Skills: Warrior Healing 5/5 Weakness 5/5 2 points left* Expert skill: Eye of the Darkness 1/4 * Now depends on what kind of charmer you want to have: if you rely on physical damage, then Call skill is the right option! Charmer lv22, PvE Build Staff Build: http://ws-db.ru/calculator#22964 Mace Build: http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23939 -I found a charmer lv22 way easier to build than a charmer lv18. All the equipments I've put there have been chosen mainly for the Mana and the Accuracy they give. Skyfire rings cost around 40k each, and are very useful even at high levels. Also they will compensate the lack of Hps of the amulet and gloves, so that all the mix will result Balanced. The story for the staff is the same even for lv22 characters: use the one you like the most. The one I've put there is just for the statistics it has. Same story for the mace, I liked its statistics and found it cheap enough for this build. But if you have something better, feel free, as always, to use something different! Only quite expensive item present here, is "Golden Dawn Boots". In EU-Emerald, they worth around 200k atm. Thus, feel free to change them with any item you like the most. Here as well, if you have enough currencies, I will post another nice enough set I thought: http://wsdb.ru/calculator#23936 (Staff) http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23937 (Mace) Gears, mostly, change here. And, of course, the amp level . Basic Skills: Warrior Healing 5/5 Weakness 5/5 2 Points left Expert Skills: Eye of the Darkness 2/4 Otherwordly Blessing ?/4 OR: Help of Chaos ?/4 2 points left* *Depending on your build. Choose wisely! Charmer lv26+, PvE Build Once you plan your charmer must be high levelled, it is hard to talk about "Making a cheap but good Build for Dungeons, Solo Hunts or Questing with mates". After having clarified this, let's go ahead, Ladies and Gentlemen! Staff Build: http://ws-db.ru/calculator#22967 Mace Build: http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23941 -As you can see by yourself, I tried to keep as many items as possible, so that you will be able to spare some gold for gears. The technocrats staff has got many nice statistics there, as well as a bit of Penetration. Also I've put a lv24 Sky Sorcerer's baldric, available by hunting Pteriks ( you might drop it, if you are lucky enough ), or another good choice is the lv24 belt from the Xmas event, the one with Accuracy which replaces Hps. Maces in lv 26+ are either with magic damage as first statistic, or without magic damage at all. So I took the one which looked like good enough for now ( i know, there is the crafted one.... don't worry! ) Here what you could do with some currencies! http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23927 . (Staff) http://ws-db.ru/calculator#23942 (Mace) This time I have chosen caster set more than heavy, for the good statistics' sake xD. There is also a little change on expert skills. May it be clear, that these builds are only ideas you might use . Assuming we are lv28, this is the build I would make Basic Skills: Warrior Healing 5/5 Weakness 5/5 2 points left Expert Skills: Eye of the Darkness 3/4 Otherwordly Blessing 3/4 1/2 points left * *Depending still on your build! All these advices come from me, directly. It is what I've experienced and I wanted to share. Everybody who wants to leave some advices too are more than welcome here! You know, I am always looking for people who love to conversate. See you all, and thank you for your attention! Ah, the post might be of course updated in the future, as soon as new stuff come, so stay tuned
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