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Found 9 results

  1. How it works:- Heirs can put price on items in guild storage, you can't withdraw items without putting gold or paying for the priced items like exchaining with players system You can add a button for switching on and off
  2. Hi, I am from Sea Pearl Legion Side, If you are interested in joining sea pearl server legion side and looking to level up and farm to your heart's content then reply below Guild Name: Yakuza Legions Guild Level 10 Lvl 3 castle available We are looking for enthusiastic players who are looking to fight for glory. (I'd like to make the Sea Pearl more active, so players from other server are welcomed. But beware, it's a server for tough players only. You need to have the mindset adapt to the current environment of server. Hopefully few years later we have more player. Reply with your IG sea pearl name if you wish to join.
  3. Castles are desired by many guilds for their buffs, potions, scrolls, and relics. Yet very few has the strength to even take them. So I thought about what about guild Islands? What would they being to the game? Guild Islands would bring new items that can be used to level up certain structures and even the citadel and even new consumable items like pots and scrolls, though they will still be weaker than the castle versions. The islands can even have unique decorations, defenses, and even npcs. But why did I mention defenses? Every once in a while the islands can be raided but only by guilds around your own level but this is only opt in. Raids will only be rewarded with unclaimed gold, materials, scrolls, and potions. Maybe even unique crafted costumes and gear. There are multiple different types of defensive structures. one is Arcane Pillars, these are similar to the ones seen in Demonologists dungeon but has a variety of types from debuffing to pure damage. Another structure is Barracks, it summons warriors of various levels to hinder the enemy, although the classes depends on the guilds alliance. Barricades are set on the field to prevent attackers from passing, although it can be broken if enough damage is done. Guild NPC are the most unique of the features as they are limited in numbers but are intended for defense of the guild as, in a sense, bosses to allow the defenders to prepare for the enemy. They are the only npcs to be able to wear armor and have it's stats and use in game classes, including experts that is set by the creators. The guild leader can set who creates the npcs or do it himself. If the creator leaves said guild the npc will be deleted, gear put back into the guild storage, and the slot will be returned. Guild islands "skins" The Island can receive textures by either buying from npc, earning in dungeons, crafting at the island itself, and so Aigrind can be happy, buy from Mcoin shop or obtained via event chests, or dropped from raid bosses
  4. TheForlorn is recruiting active players on US Sapphire In-game tag is Drakoslayd
  5. Hello , me and my friends made a new start by reuniting in one guild at elves side. I would like to invite players to take part at our journey , if you are looking for active friends from Europe to enjoy the game , send me a personal message and i will try to respond as soon as possible. Its not necessary to be full equiped with high amplification , most of us are not either. We are friendly , 2-4 hours active per day , spending time to farm emobs, doing lab or hunt bosses. We are from Greece but don't let this fact stop you from joining us, most of us speak English . It would be very helpful for the guild if you are experienced and around 20 lvl or more. If not , let us exchange opinions, make different builts and help you get stronger ! I look forward for your messages( my character is named Tymoros ) We created a Discord server for the members. Add me if you are interested TntGameplay#5427.
  6. Hi! If anyone reads this I'm Fluezee. Believe it or not I just recently found this game on the iPhone app store of all places, and recently switched to playing on PC now. I come from Neverwinter on the XBOX one but WS is slowly becoming a new favorite. So far I've gotten my Ranger to level 10 and now I'm trying to find a guild. NA would be preferred and another note; I am more of a PvE player. From what I've read on the forums that's a good thing since I picked the hunter but I'm hoping to find some good people to hang with, run some dungeons and learn more about the game itself. Always appreciated if you took the time to view this, peace.
  7. I made a guild recently, and am really enjoying it, but I have found there are a few problems for me. 1. I am not a very rich player, and well, guilds are kinda expensive to run. 2. I really would like to give guildies who make loads of gp the ability to use the xp skill, but can't trust they wouldn't abuse the power of being heir. My solution is companionships. (Or you could call them companys, fellowships, etc, the name doesn't really matter). To make a companionship you must be lvl12 with 30k gold and a unity sign (exact same as a guild). The main difference would be that there is no 'leader'. In a companionship, all members are (sort of) equal. Each week, ones rank in the companionship is decided by how much 'Companionship Reputation' (cr) you make. The 'Head' (mostly the same as leader for a guild) of the companionship is whoever earns the most cr. Other ranks are automatically set like so: Deputy (heir) - 2000cr Explorer -1000cr Member (Newbie) -100cr Note that here <100cp = auto kick. Having the possibility to add more ranks would also be cool 🙂 Any changes that the head thinks should be made can be suggested as 'motions' and when >50% of the companionship agree on a motion, it is passed (the suggested change is approved). Such customizations would include: What rank one must be to activate skills How much CR is needed to earn each Rank Whether the companionship is open/closed Note: An OPEN companionship would allow anybody to join, without invitation. A CLOSED companionship would require invitation from a companion with Explorer rank or higher (Same as guilds) To upgrade a companionship, members would donate unity signs/gold to whatever skills or level upgrades they wish. It will be up to the guild head or deputys to spend the gp when the gold/unity sign requirements are met. To earn Companionship Reputation: Earning 1 guild point = 1CR Donating 2 gold to a skill/level up = 1CR Donating a unity sign to a skill/level up = 1000CR The basic idea is that everybody in a companionship is motivated to improve it, and nobody feels like they have to do more than the others. Also, one problem with my idea that I cannot think of how to solve is what happens is a companion goes on a short 2-week holiday and can't be on the game or whatever. Thanks for reading!
  8. Hy how u know in menu we have guilds and guilds rank, watt i want is simple thing wen u press on name of a guild pres actions and see all his members of that guild is same sistem as inspect player but here is for inspect guilds inclusive wen a guild lvls up i want press on it and see all his members inclusive to can inspect members too!or mambe he change name i want see his members!
  9. En la guild:Lostcanvas, reclutamos +14 para unirse a esta guild solo enviarle pm a Sadeterno, Drackman,Yaoihard y Humgaroo
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