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  1. One of my friend stoped playing or died even because he left the game without saying anything and he was my guild leader too and im the only member in that guild that still plays the game and its been 112 days🥱 .. what will happen to that guild .. will i ever became guild leader ??
  2. A ideia da proposta acredito que seja algo bastante simples, que ajudaria em ambas facções em ter a informação atual de quantos players estão online em suas respectivas guildas É algo bem útil para um líder ou herdeiros verem se alguém desconectou em algum certo momento Fiz uma pequena demostração de como poderia ser, ou terem uma ideia de como funciona, através de uma imagem que eu mesmo editei. Gostaria de um feedback dos players pra saberem oq acharam ou até usar minha ideia como base para fazer uma melhor ainda Obs: Cobri os nicks dos players
  3. In the way inactive player's names are freed up, could it be the same for inactive guilds ? More than 1300 guilds (in eu server) are at 0 guild points for many months, so it can be useful for devs to free space and for us to have cool guild names which have already been taken by these inactive guilds. I wish you a good day.
  4. So, unfortunately, this has recently happened in the US server-Sapphire. It happened to the Deep Impact guild under the leadership of Deeznutsss. He was kind enough to allow a lower level player (Necrofilia) to join. It seems like the player Necrofilia only joined the guild for the sole purpose of stealing everything from the guild vault once he reached a high enough level to be promoted. The only thing that remained was the gold, which has a daily cap of 50g per day, so couldn’t be emptied all at once. I am a current member under the name of Meriska-a level 15 charact
  5. Here is the problem about mobility! Now we have: The seeker who can walk faster The mage who can jump The paladin who can jump The blade dancer who can rush The rogue who can jump on target The barbarian who can jump on target Pay attention, we have 4 classes with mobility mechanics on the Sentinel side, and all those 4 do not require a target to gain Square meters of advantage when moving to an objective. On the Legion side we have 2 classes who do need to get a target to move forward. So during Guild vs Guild games if it's required to reach a point faster, even w
  6. Olá jogadores de warspers online. Gostaria de saber se há alguma guilda que atue mais pela noite (00: 00+) ou no período da manhã (especialmente eventos). Os horários que normalmente como guildas atuam é! 8 a 22 (justamente horário que eu e muitos jogadores trabalhamos t.t
  7. Dear friends of Aigrind, I now issue a big cry for help. At dawn on 24/04/2020, we, members of the xELITEBRx guild, of the Brazilian server, suffered an attack by a hacker who stole our leader Ridesh's account, and transferred our level 9 guild to a low level account called Rideshxxxx . We kindly ask you not to listen and help us to recover our beloved guild. It was 2 years of dedication, effort, apart from the money spent on the development of our guild. We have proof of payment of coins and we can prove that the guild was from its creator Ridesh. We love playing warspear and we didn'
  8. Make a suggestion that can benefit the dynamics of the guilds within the game and discuss the existing ones.
  9. Hello! I was thinking about how costumes are quite rare and very expensive. So why not add guild costumes that guild leaders can design for their members? One example is that more "plain" costumes can be for newbies while more "ordnate" costumes can be for heirs and guild leader. The guild leader can set the color and design any time
  10. Hey there😀, I wanted to suggest some improvements to the game. Please make sure to let me know what u think. AND always give legit arguments why something is a good and bad idea, thanks. 1) CASTLE WARS Castles are awesome for the guild. The fear of losing and fighting for it, good thing that warspear has added it. BUT the wars for castles are really bad. At a Castle war day, a guild who controls a castle has to wait 1 hour for an attack in the castle! And what if no one is attacking? It will be a waste of time. This should change. Let members of a guild atleast jo
  11. Romulobr


    Recrutamos jogadores ativos lv20+ Interessados entrar em contato cmg ou com os herdeiros.
  12. Boua tarde! EStout com dúvida pois eu era dono de uma guild e na guild a tinha 2 a 3 herdeiros, porém eu fiquei um tempo sem jogar com o char, aí qnd eu volto a jogar eu perdi a liderança da guild... O cara que tá com a liderança não fica online.... Noobpve druid (18) server BR... voltei a jogar antes do halow... Só eu logo na minha conta então isso foi um bug... aguardo respostas
  13. Hola soy paladín lvl 8 de ememald, soy full Tank juego activamente y me abono.
  14. Hi guys! I started a new guild called "Hispania" in EU server (elf side), im looking for high lvls and active players. We only need GP i have enought gold and usigns to lvl up a lot of lvls.. U are welcome. U can find me in game at any hour by my name: Spanishboy
  16. SELAMUN ALEYKÜM KARDEŞLERİM İnşallah iyisinizdir, yeni başlayan, bir süredir oynayan veya uzun soluklu oynayan kişiler Türkçe foruma hoş geldiniz. Ben 5-6 yıldır bu oyunu oynuyorum bazen ara verdim bazen hiç durmadım. Toplanmak, yardımlaşmak, sorular sormak, veya şu forumu da birazcık canlandırmak için buraya toplanın :) Yakın bir zaman sonra oyuna döneceğim, hali hazırda bir loncamız da mevcut. Birkaç arkadaş elf tarafında oynuyoruz. Yabancılarla oynamak bazen sorun oluşturduğu için, gece vakitleri saat 1'de oyunun günlük görevleri yenileniyor. Hiç beklemeden Ayvondil haritasında ki 85k/
  17. Dearest GM, I would like to suggest you to change the Guild Points reset time in our Guild, please make it same as the Tournament ending time. This is very helpful for those Guild Leaders to kick those who didn't make the minimum Guild Points required on the said tournament. Please i think this suggestion is very needed, i know many people also wants to change this Guild point reset on guilds. Thank you GM !
  18. Cynosure (cy·no·sure) noun noun: cynosure; plural noun: cynosures a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration. "This guild was the cynosure in the eyes of all" Guild Updates: Pushing towards level 2, currently sitting at 41k+ GP. Any new members that join and stick around to gain 700+ GP I will provide boosts for, including knowledge pots and Unity pots. Lets go! Fresh ACTIVE progression guild, looking for new members
  19. So I've looked around, found a few Discord servers, but most of which were poorly managed, almost empty, poorly created, and disorganized. I've been using Discord for quite a while and am very familiar with it, so I took the liberty of creating a server that will not only be aestheticly pleasing, but also very user friendly and opposite of the aforementioned negative traits of the other servers. My server, as of now, is more geared towards the US-Sapphire community. I may implement expansion to other servers depending on how this one turns out. | The Goal | -
  20. Hi im looking for interested players to join my guild its lvl 2 currently im looking for mates to go to nadir dg lvl +18 above im not strong or rich just trying to start my small group of friends or guildmates if interested u can contact me
  21. Benevolent Guild is recruiting memebers.
  22. So, years ago i was left in charge of guild ( Oblivious ), the one who made it is Skitzer ( haven't seen him online for ages ). For past years i was rarely online, since i don't play this game any more, anyways when i was online another guy that i knew for years asked me for guild leader. He's known as LordBasil ( known for sharing his Acc info with other people ), he told me that he don't share his info anymore. Apparently i was stupid enough to believe him and try guess what, he got scammed along with the guild. I don't try to blame anyone for my stupidity trusting the guy that i knew fo
  23. A lot of, and by "lot of" I mean huge number of people are tired of being deceived by being kicked out of guilds just before the end of guild tournament. This is a disgraceful deed by guild leaders that surely make them unworthy for their rank. Members of a guild work just as much or maybe even harder for success, so trwating them like this is damn unright. Maybe on other servers it's not a problem, but on EU it IS a REAL PROBLEM. Or to be exact, it's a problem on Legion side, in one guild, AoA. The commiter, the Satan of leaders is the one, Hassn, who thinks just because he pisses oil a
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