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Found 16 results

  1. Hello Guys Ibuguru here ^^ Are you new in this game? Your weapons not glowing? You doing daily quest but not got enough gold? You want to farm but u can kill boss alone? Or someone already farm in boss spot? No worries here small tips from me. 1. Maliat Elves (T1 Ayvondil) This zone is the first zone at ayvo when we graduate from irselnort we can get quest to travel here the average mob in this zone is 21.so let start with the first mobs. Servant of the Filth This mobs usually always in group so as a beginner we cant afford to farm it since we have decent and early items so we cant withstand for longer farm especially if your class not have survivability skill like healing or dmg reduction, here i will show u where u can farm safely also no minion needed ^^ first you need to go there 1x up from rotting garden dungeon. there are 4 mobs in the area the green means is easy to kill (they are alone) the red is kinda hard if you attack one of the red circle mob the other one will attack you too. when u manage to kill the drop will look like this : Mobs can drop sign of filth ,honey, stale bun, and some gold Note : you need to take Sign,Gold, and stale bun. When your bag is full u can sell sign and stale bun at npc. Sign worth 20g and stale bun 6/12g (correct me if im wrong). Mutant of Cloaca this mob is kinda tricky the mob is not too strong but the real challenge is how you can go there, because to farm cloaca we must enter satrap cave and you know what? There are many mobs in the way xd so if u strong enough to kill 1 party filth mobs u can go there easily (must kill mob on the way), lesgoo to the next step. The purple circle is the mobs location. Remember to kill just 2 cloaca in left and right side. If you attack cloaca at mid the green fat guy will attack you so becarefull. This mob is dropped bar but not every kill u get bar so be patience xd NOTE : LVL 22 IS CAP FOR FARMING EFFICIENLY(the higher your lvl are the gold are decreasing, in cloaca case the drop rate become smaller when your lvl raise higher. 2.Tlaloc (T2 Zone Ayvondil) Well we have arrive at T2 this mob area is almost have same stat with T1 but it slighly stronger than t1. Fairtailed Predator and Cupacabra this mob come in group the firefox is protecting their cupacabra friends ^^ so if you attack one of them they all will come to you i recommended doing this farm with 2 ppl lvl 18-20 The is 3 fire fox in the area you must kill it all and take the dropped gold. If you level 20 u will get average 13g perkill so 13x3 = much gold. This is cupacabra thus mob dropped average 29g each kill also in this area you can party but remember max 3 ppl (max lvl 20 if party it would be good if your party full of lvl 18 amount of gold slightly better if your lvl lower than mob) NOTE: BETTER MAX LVL 22 IF LVL 23 UP ITS NOT WORTHY FARM THERE U GAIN LESS GOLD. ALSO 18 OR 20 ARE STILL GOOD IF PARTY 3. Flying Island (T4 Zone Ayvondil) now we arrived at t4 the mobs is more stronger and have high defense for beginner like me is hard to survive there if we only have low lvl equip and not glowing ofc. I only guided for 1 mob in this area lets check it ou Steel Bodyguard yes this is the one we gonna farm, this mob location is at engginer platform (raid boss area) thus mobs dmg is no joke so becarefull, also kill it one by one. There is 4 guard in the area and kinda good place since there is no other mob except them(not if raid boss alive tho) u can hunt them one by one(something bad might happen if vs 2 guard xd) my lvl is 30 so i got like 30-35g Ofc its kinda hard thanks to my barb skill i can survive but it take times to kill xd but u can party here 26-28 i recommended to make a party with your friends its easier and faster xd also u can chat while farming so u wont fallasleep ^^ if youre strong enough ofc u can solo this mobs. 4. SEA aka T5 Ayvondil Zone in sea for farming is kinda hard especially if u have low dps like me, also u need oxygen which is very important for long farming, having boots and wpn sea is gonna help you fsrm effieciently (i dont have sea wpn) Sea wasp its a jelly fishh the red one,here what its look alike, oh its pink xd What that pink jelly drop? Ofc its a gold here the pic Scyphozoan(Green Jellyfish) its the brother of pink jelly but more stronger and have cc too Is it hard? Yes but trust me it worth it, you can get good drop from just killing elite mobs! The green jelly will drop craft resource,gold,deff etc. They are in sea map u can find them easily but if u have decent gear go for safer farm area(less mobs). Here what i got from kill cute jelly Cyanea (Blue Jellyfish) Its the blueee jelly (im also blue xd) its basically same like the green but this jelly is blue also have lower hp than the green one. Blue jelly drop Sea Devil last mob is the sea devil, yes they usually at the deep of the sea they are elite mobs the drop rate is better than jelly (i think) when i kill them this is what i got This is the place when u can farm all of them (except green jelly) That place is good basically u kill all the mob in the area they all have good amount of gold and another items like bar, resource or even deff/dmg If i can do it you can too(you can inspect my character its weak xd) thank you i hope this gonna help some people who suffering from gold hunger xd Bonus :
  2. Hoje falei no chat comercial em Irselnort querendo comprar Gold via PIX, um player com o nome Sience dono do email [email protected] disse que vendia 100k por 10 reais, realizei o pix e ele não me mandou o Gold, queria uma ajuda da comunidade no que eu posso fazer ou se tem alguém que possa me dar esse suporte, pq n e qrendo ser clichê isso é 171 né
  3. bryan451


    com a nova atualizaçao da t5 muitos jogadores q dependiam das missoes da t4,agora com o nerf dos pergaminhos o valor delas despencou,isso ira ferrar muito com os free players,n por eles n quererem por coins,e sim por n terem como,muitos sao menores de idade,ou n tem dinheiro q sobre de suas dispesas para o consumo de coins,portanto venho com o humilde pedido para que retornem aos valores antigos os pergaminhos q os free players vendiam no npc para poderem se manterem no jogo,peço com humildade e carencia pelos novos e velhos jogadores,obg pela atençao jogador da imagem,n sou eu,apenas peguei foto no gropo do jogo,meu nick é renascente
  4. Hello, my character is onepunch from Eu sever mc side. Today some minutes ago, i trust a player named jcbreff to trade some items from eu to us server. After i gave him the items he scam me. I decide trust him the items because they were low value. No matter the item value scam is scam. I don't know if this will have repecutions to him, but at least i want to aware you in case anyone wanna try any bussines with him.
  6. Enquanto esse tipo de situação ocorrer livremente me recuso a jogar. Diversas denúncias por email sem resposta ou posição cabível.
  7. Hello i believe i deserve a drop,from lower lvl bosses. Im lvl 28 and i cant farm islenort bosses to make quick gold. Im EXTREMELY TIRED OF PAYING FOR MCOIN
  9. What is the best way to grind on gold when your level 14 and up?What maps to go to?What area has the best drops?Anyone got suggestions?
  10. Os itens no server BR estão extremamente caros, tornando o avanço quase impossível sem o uso de Miracle Coins. Aqueles que já são fortes, continuam ficando mais fortes, mas quem é fraco não pode melhorar. Está parecendo uma monarquia, onde quem nasce pobre morre pobre.
  11. I'm at level 17 and I do not know a good way to get gold. Normally, the bosses of Irselnort have 2/3 people "trying" farm and none of them gives me pt even if I'm polite . Obs: all Irselnort main quests are complete
  12. my names yihar ima level 19 rogue. im a player who dedicates time to helping low levels or newbies/noobs or players who are just new at all. if u get stuck on a quest or u need help. this thread is meant to have comments from both players who wish to help noobs and comments from actual noobs themselves who really do need help.
  13. Olá gente, bom eu tenho uma ideia, eu gostaria que existisse no jogo algum lugar pra você guardar ouro com um herói e poder retiralo com outro, em qualquer servidor. Pois eu tenho um Xamã com muito ouro no servidor Us-Shappire, e gostaria de criar um novo Herói no Br-Tourmaline, e dar a esse novo herói ouro do meu Xamã do outro servidor. ----------------------------------------------- Como faço para que esta ideia chegue até os criadores do jogo? Obrigado a todos por ler! Tenha um lindo dia!
  14. Hi folks, is there any method to transfer gold? From a char to another char? Because I have a char on the Us-Shappire server and I want to create a new char on the Br-Tourmaline server. So I want to transfer gold to that new char! Thanks all for read! Have a nice day/night.
  15. I want to bump to this topic once again. Remember half a year ago I made a suggestion to renew the system of daily gifts? I rethinked it, tried some new games and here's what I made up finally. You may think daily gifts are useless, who need daily gifts and so on. But that's because you only play Warspear Online, where daily gift consists of a chest containing usually junk stuff that you can instantly drop after opening. I won't tell game names, but I played a game where there were four types of daily gifts at the same time. Did it make the game easier? Certainly not. But it made the game much more enjoyable and made me log in everyday. I suggest to renovate the system of daily gifts in a way like: 1. 7 day log in reward: Miracle Coins - In a 7 day period players would receive a small amount of Miracle Coins. Remember: SMALL amount. I don't want to make Miracle Coins worthless, but this way with a little patience, everyone could get smaller items from The Shop. This reward could be collected outside the game (in the main menu), to prevent multiple reward collection with different characters. 2. Monthly reward: Gold, items and more - Players would receive various reward on the different days of a month, increasing in value each day. Rewards could include gold (not bars); common, fancy, rare (and maybe unique) gear, weapons and accessories depending on the player's level and class; craft resources varying in value, potions, scrolls, spheres, [sign of Imperishability] and so on. 3. Weekly special discount - We get discounts on items from The Shop everyday, but what about a special discount for each player every week? For example I get a 50% discount on [sphere of Damage Enhancement III], while someone else gets it on [Crystal of Ferocity]. It would bring a twist to trading between people. With this gifting system you could encourage people to visit the game everyday, and obviously more people would return and play again. What do you think?
  16. Define me luck please. Me and my brother went to dungeon in total of 130 times. Both of us got a drop, a few essences, but the rest... crap. However, one of my friends went to dungeon only 2 times, and he got drop on both(!). He has pretty much luck, but it really made me think. We go to dungeon to profit from it. Well, let's calculate. Spending on 24 staminas counting with 5 500 gold each (this is the price we buy them for), is 132 000 gold. Plus a few sets of healing potions (counting only the used), is about 8 000 plus. Thats 140 000 gold. Now, what we got: A shield skin and a two-handed weapon skin. I equipped the weapon skin, but let's count it in anyways. The shield worths 7 000, the other 12 000, the two [Energy essence]s 5 000 each, and two [Energy catalyst]s, each for 4 000. That's 37 000 gold, only the 26 percent of the spent amount. It is ABSOLUTELY not worth to spam a dungeon, I swear. Also with Wickedora's chest. It doesn't cost money, but does cost time. Much time. I collected 20 of it, opened them and okay, got 3 [Mithryl bar]s and 2 gold ones and 4 [Copper bar]s. The others were... All [blackberry potion]s. One of my other friends opened 1(!!!), and got [Night Owl] from it. Really am I this unlucky? Because for me it seems everyone else has much luck, except me.
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