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Found 18 results

  1. Many have been asking for the nerf in the Seeker class for a long time, for the unfair damage compared to other classes. Now Aingrid has decided to give the strongest class in the game a talent that makes it even stronger. The seeker is now practically immortal, as before the class took 700-1k damage, now it takes 300 damage and then heals again, not counting its 55% damage reduction. The damage caused by the class that used to be around 1.2k, now exceeds 2k-2.5k easily thanks to the new talent that amazingly increases 40% of the character's strength. Would love to know what goes on in the minds of developers to do something irresponsible like it ?. Adjust the talent to something tangible and comparable to the other classes please. *Experience from Arena
  2. Hello everyone. I have recently started playing warspear again after a while and I have few things to say about recent alliance wars that I want to get off my chest. I haven't seen or read many related topics just because some people are not very interested in browsing or posting on forums. Sad to see but forums is not as active as it used to be in the past. It has already been a month, maybe more since some people have tried reporting necro's acid rain use in alliances wars on forums and there's still no official word or statement by the looks of it. If every aoe skill which dealt damage over a period of time to the flags were removed in the past update then I have no clue why acid rain is still working and dealing damage to the flags. Our legion players well know this fact and are using it to their advantage in wars by sending multiple necros to elf towns while war. And so far, it has been working out well for them as they are winning wars now mostly. Now from the legion's standpoint, they are not doing anything wrong as everyone else even elfs would have done the same. But, I feel like I am obliged to ask questions when I see something is broken and impacting not just only the war outcome but other events like merman gvg as well. Please do care to share your thoughts on the topic. Also attaching a video file of today's alliance war and others are welcome to share their related content. Screen_Recording_20221105_090829_Warspear Online.mp4 Namaste!!
  3. HEY Y'ALL!👋 Among most of Warlock players it is common to hear the same complain about the Stone Body expert skill once in the most scenarios it will just delay certain death. Even we know that defensive power is not the main role of this class the purpose of this topic is to discuss possibilities of adjustments and improvements to this skill as far as possible. Below, the current state of the skill: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health. Next, the latest changes in the skill(8.4.2 Release): Now after using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. The skill now restores health every 2 seconds of its duration amounting to 2-3-4-5% from maximum health amount. The skill itself has been improved a lot with these latest changes BUT the main problem remains, in the most scenarios in the game it just delays certain death. Considering the PvE content, it's of no use. Going to the PvP content: Arena : Once you use Stone Body you're a dead weight and -1 in your party ,but at least you'll restore a decent amount of health, right? WRONG! Besides that to recover a decent amount of HP the skill needs to be amplified, and that using it already leaves your party at a disadvantage, the Warlock becomes an extremely easy and predictable target on which opponents will be spamming their click with some control skill or massive damage(R.I.P). GvG and War: There's not much to say here, the Warlock provides a lot of group control in the area and it is very useful in these battles. But just for the record, if he has to use Stone Body, the result when leaving the buff is the same as the other 99% of the time: DEPLETED! Now, let's discuss what could change in the skill if the devs agree that there is a need: In the 9.3 Update Preview we can see that the incoming damage reduction is, to some extent, in the range of possibilities of the developers for Warlock, in the additional effect of Dark Seal. Dark Seal: Moved the effect of bonus health restoration by "Life Exhaust" moved to the "Grimoire" skill. Additionally reduces the damage the target deals to the warlock by 10-15-20-25% if it is under the silence effect of the "Hex" skill. Considering that the path the game is taking is not directed to 1x1, this INCOMING DAMAGE REDUCTION would fit perfectly as a post Stone Body effect, with duration and percentage of damage reduction increasing according to the skill level. This incoming damage reduction could be applied to any damage from opponents within a specific area of effect. Anyway, the new description and functionality of the skill would look something like this: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health.After using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. After Stone Body buff effect fades, the incoming damage caused to Warlock from targets within (certain area) is reduced by (certain percentage) for (certain seconds). In my opinion this would be the easiest improvement in the skill providing more survivability to the warlock and not changing too much the skill mechanics. I have other ideas, such as a Push effect to solve the frustating spamming(mainly from melee classes) waiting to the end of Stone Body buff, similar to the Templar Reverse Flow or a 3x3 blocks 1 sec Silence to players around the Warlock. BUT, honestly i don't know if it would be fair(and that's what I'm looking for for the game). There is an ideia to make Stone Body more similar to Mantra of Healing giving mobility too but I'm almost sure I read it in another Topic. For now that's it, I appreciate the attention and share your ideas!
  4. The new talent turns seekers players better in defensive - damage stats. Now they makes a lot of dmg, thing what developers shouldn't add to them. + Attack strenght + penetration + increased dmg and more with this talent. Abussive like elves killing everthing with 1 insane combo DMG/DPS skills. Now they can't die, is hardest using shields and this dmg reduction. The talent works better than Rugged Hide and Blood shield from Chieftains and Dks. BDs are very outdated with that dmg increased with better defensive skill(shield)-talent(dmg reduction) to arenas. Why not better remove that shield basic skill? They literally no needs anymore. Let's make a Priest shields usefull and stop develop sentinels in immortal classes! The skill should be reworked including talents. And this is my opinion Adventurer Decreases damage incoming from enemies 25/30/35/40/50% Duration 3/4/5/6/8 seconds (Balanced for PvE and PvP) Every hit incoming from enemies increases dmg, maximum number of buff: 10 Active skill (If you forgive use skill and die well stop be thinking you are the tank) Is like Blood shield from Dks but basic skill. Good working for starting maps, and looks like a tank class. Talent bonus Adventurer+ Increase effect damage reduction 5% or 8% Stupefying Pain The seeker ignores all critical hits from enemies and receives a bonus status Skills Cooldown 15 or 20%. CD for use again your AoE skill. More fastly. Is absurd add more dmg. Idk why developers nerfed attack strenght in the last balance to give them it back with +DMG? For that people who says: "Why?" Because looks reasonable for PvE and PvP, seeker class don't have dodge or parry skill bonus. So I added dmg reduction. Remember: Chieftains and Deathknights are not immortals, and you can use your 100% HP and Vampirism again. Because seekers players are exploding that HP parameter now.
  5. Hi, While we were doing some testing for AOE skill damages, we came across this bug in the warlock skill. Pool of darkness ( Side note: Probably one of the weakest AOE skills in game) does not seem to be working as it is supposed to be. When the skill is used in a crowd of large number of players, it only procs 1 tick of damage instead of 5 ticks. We tested it with a lower number of people and it seems to be working fine there. But since most of the scenarios in game consists of mass battles, there's bound to be a large crowd when the skill is used. From our understanding of the testing, It seems to stop working when there are more enemy targets than the maximum target limit of the skill. After the nerf of warlocks at the last update, the class has a painfully low number of useful skills it can use in GvGs before dying; with pool of darkness being one of them. I don't know how long this bug has been there for but it's very easy to discern since no one checks visuals during mass battles. Do check if this is the issue or if there are any other underlying issues that's causing it to proc just once. I'd also like to request that this bug be addressed and solved promptly instead of a 6 or 9 month delay. Kindly look into it at the earliest and get back to us. Please acknowledge. @Nolan @Holmes @Hedfuc @Higgings@Jcbreff
  6. Saudações, eu venho através disso, trago sugestões de mudanças importantes no cavaleiro da morte. Atualmente o Cavaleiro da Morte está muito fraco, ele está muito fraco no PvP - Arena; embora a classe tenha dano médio, ele não é capaz de usar este dano, ao entrar na arena o dk morre facilmente, mesmo antes de poder usar qualquer habilidade, isso se deve a sua habilidade insuficiente de defesa (suportar dano). Eu destaquei o PvP, mas a classe é fraca em vários outros aspectos, como a incrível impossibilidade de realizar tarefas e masmorras na zona 5, e o nadir mítico, existem inúmeros jogadores com ódio dk por causa disso, a classe não aguenta dano, leva hitkill e morre facilmente em certos lugares. Minha sugestão para atenuar esse problema é a mudança nas seguintes habilidades: Proteção do sangue: Esta habilidade é inútil, devido ao seu pouco tempo de efeito, proponho a seguinte alteração, para a habilidade 4/4. seria importante tornar esta habilidade passiva ou com consumo constante de energia, ainda sugiro uma chance adicional dessa habilidade de curar 70% da saúde do personagem de acordo com seu roubo de vida%, quando sua saúde estiver abaixo de 40% do valor máximo . Reservas secretas: Esta habilidade é ruim devido ao seu cooldown estendido seria muito interessante se esta habilidade se tornasse ativa e tivesse seu cooldown bastante reduzido. Escudo Escuro: a redução de dano dessa habilidade é insuficiente, pois depende da alta amplificação do equipamento, em alguns casos ela só reduz o dano eficiente se a armadura estiver cheia +10, algo bastante difícil porque há muitos jogadores livres. uma boa melhoria nesta habilidade seria substituir sua "chance" de redução de dano por uma porcentagem exata, ou mesmo usar a porcentagem de defesa existente do personagem como um fator para reduzir especificamente uma certa quantidade de dano. Respiração de silêncio: o death knight, não é muito útil em gvg e war, pois falta um pouco no controle da área, esta habilidade poderia ser bastante útil, mas afeta apenas um oponente. silenciando e envenenando vários inimigos, essa habilidade tornaria o dk um pouco mais útil em batalhas PvP em grupo. Formulei essas sugestões através do meu conhecimento e experiências com a classe Death Knight, e também do feedback de vários outros jogadores, por favor, dê uma boa olhada no Death Knight nesta próxima atualização. Obrigado! @Hedfuc @snorlax @Cardeal@Nolan@Holmes
  7. 1- The story in Warspear need really big improvements like small cutscenes for quests(if someone doesn't like it just give them button to off cutscenes). 2- The arena update that gives Disadvantage stats for using arena gears isn't necessary, like why we need to wear new gears to battle other players? I remember how good was the game in past while we use same gears for PVP and PVE now we get ganked by Other faction and die easily while doing normal quests outside of arena cuz they wear PvP gears while we are battling bosses with PvE and it's just pointless and waste of time like i have to get 2 sets in every character for PVP and PVE, please remove the disadvantages of using arena gears in PVE. 3- Warspear need some way to change character's server, when I created character in past we had no events and no war the game suggested me to use US-sapphire while i live in EU-EMERALD time zones, now War time and Events time all at very late time like 2am 5am 6am in my region time. 4- Classes and both Elfs and MCs side aren't really balanced even tho you are doing your best to improve it why making different classes for each side? Here's an idea: -Rework Classes, both sides can have same classes and when players reach lvl 20 they can choose between 2 classes ex: im lvl 20 assassin i can choose Rogue or Seeker as an advanced class. 5- Add a black market that let both MCs and Elfs use that has higher deposit cost than normal one, but same discount on profit %10 like normal market. Let mobs give exp after killing them, many games did that and add a lock setting for level if someone doesn't want to level up. 6- Give costumes luck stat depending on Name colors category like: if im wearing costume with purple color name that give high luck rate than gray one. 7- Add Swamps 2: new swamps map for higher levels. 8- Please do something about Signs for amplifying armors and weapons either make them more obtainable as free to play or increase amplifying rate(like something noticable). Hope warspear get more love and care!
  8. @Higgings @Nolan @KitKat @Akasha We've been getting short bursts of disconnections all the way today. It's been disrupting Dungeon runs, guild events. Is something being done about the issue? Please look into it. Thank you.
  9. so , with 90% chance this Topic gonna be ignored by Developers , but i will still write it down coz i hope on that 10% chance that i get answer or it get fixed ok i would like to say this to Aigrind that your Match Making in this Event is Extreamly bad , coz its like 90% of the time you meet the same guild over and over and if you dont win , then you cant enjoy new contents at all just because the other guild is stronger , and you can never defeat it , so as days goes by they get stronger while you stay still and wont grow , i hope you change the Mermen Trial Match Making like if you meet a Guild this week , either you lose or win, you wont meet them for next week this will give a chance to all Guilds for Having A chance to grow , not only giving up on events i play in Sea Server witch is most unpopulated server in whole game , and there are only 1 strong guild in elf side , and one in mc side and elfs outnumbered mcs in there , so we just keep meeting them , loosing , meeting them again , and YEAH we can join a lower level guild to try mermen dg , buuuuut we looe loots of buffs from guild , we lose castle buffs as well , so if you even care to read this event (Moderators or any Developer , please atleast give an answer)
  10. Fix your servers! We always having lag in Main Menu and Character Selection (Forever connecting) Fix this server crashes! GIVE BACK OUR STAMS AND UPOTS WE USED WHEN THESE SERVER CRASH HAPPENED WHILE IN OUR DG SPAM. Fix your server connections. You're making your players mad!
  11. Why do you try pushing skills that act as counter balance on dks? Saturation for life steal. Secret reserve for hp regen. You give us two skills that cannot be simultaneously built considering vamp takes every regen slot and vice versa. (excluding shield and rings respectively) Why the special injustice purely to dk where the skill that doesn't get a specific 'GEAR' build is completely useless. Saturation without a vamp build is useless and the same goes for secret reserve and hp regen. Comprende you got me till now. Now i go on to stating that saturation... Meh... I can work with it. Gives a good 4% vamp..with a hp sacrifice.. Somewhat.. Good skill. Secret reserve on the other hand.. Boy... You gain massive hp regen (Sarcasm) when you're about to die and you get a physical def increase that won't change the outcome of the fight! Seriously?! You tried the hp regen ticket before using saturation and it wasn't at all even remotely useful. Why push the skill again but with saturation as a counter balance and it only activates when your hp is low. Like seriously. You're almost dead and the regen helps at all?????! That too when in agro and it halves?!!!? The physical resistance isn't even a percentile. You're just adding extra def that bearly increases maximum damage resistance. This isn't at all fair. The amount of restrictions on the skill. Please take into consideration a better change to either the survivability or the heal factor.
  12. Dear GM, Please fix the area bugs in Kronus and Techno Dungeon, where it shows some delay and differences of the position of our character from the real position. Our skills is getting delayed because of that, even though we doesn't have any lag. It shows that we are standing near our ally, but it still takes time before the skill activated to the ally or to the mobs. Please fix this ASAP Thank you GM.
  13. i just wanna say pvp is get very unbalanced i suggest to back weapons bonus in arena weapon to resilience and keep ferocity like crystal ONLY that will give char more def and less dmg some Hope you dev think about this fix
  14. this just my opinion 1. Make weekly ratings for elf and mc is different. 2. Its should be a lvl for each category like 1-5, or 6-10 , this suck when lvl 26 want to be first rank on completed quest because low lvl can do yellow quest but high lvl only can wait quest on the next day. pls reply
  15. Dev please fix this crystal who going use it in wepons ??? damn its just mistake to use it it should be used in other equip
  16. The haloween dg chest stays closed for the party members who were outside the dg when the boss was killed. E.g I and twerk had been outside the dg when the boss had died. After we made our way to the drop the chest remained closed.
  17. Hello, I was wondering why whenever I try to make a purchase by sms says that to review the message, always have tried on two cellular and two accounts in my and my cousin what's happening? and I have credits in both phones.
  18. GM, Please add Name Change Scroll and Unbind Scroll ! thanks, And Add more Graphics please
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