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Found 4 results

  1. Here's my tought: I see you guys (devs) made Templar and Chieftain to balance (and create) some problems between factions, but with this, you leave another problem: Elves and Undeads now only have 4 classes, while Humans and Mountain Clan have 5. I don't know if you're already planning the new classes. If Yes, then just ignore this post, if No, my idea is: Make a Contest. How it will work? People will make posts on Suggestions with the tag "New Classes Contest", for it to be approved, it needs: • Name • Race (Elves, Firstborns, Undeads, Forsaken, etc) • Usable Weapons and Armors • Role (Full Tank, Tank/DMG, Healer, etc) • PvP, PvE or "Neutral"? • 5 Skills* • 5 Expert Skills* • Reference Image (for the Novice Costume) OBS: Make a class related to the Faction. What is the sense of a Firstborn Demon or a Forsaken Fairy? *For the Skills to be approved, it needs: • A theme (for the name, icon, visual effects and sounds) • Description (percentages, time of buffs, debuffs, cooldown, mana cost/consumption, etc)* *Doesn't need a exact description, just don't make it overpowered XD Some time after the Contest start, the top 3 (or 5, 10, idk) suggestions with more Reactions will be announced on a Poll, and the Class with more votes IF the developers like it, will be put on the game. Q: But no one uses the forum, do you really think it will work? A: My man, it's a New Class Contest, do you really think no one will try to make or vote in a new class? Q: What the winner will win? A: I don't know, maybe... a new class? Well, they can receive a XP Pot and a Novice of the class that they did, i think it's good...? Q: Why? A: The player themselves will know what is in need on the Faction (like a Physical Damager for Forsakens, Magical Damager for Firstborns, etc). The phrase "the developers don't play this game" will not be true anymore
  2. Hey! Is there any word on those new classes? @Higgings @Nolan @Khrone Let us have a spoiler.
  3. FACTION: Firstborn NAME: Forest Guardian FUNCTION: DMG WEAPONS: Spear and two-handed maces ARMOR: Cloath and Lightweight CLASS DESCRIPTION: the Forest Guardian is a damage class, with hybrid status, having both physical and magical damage in its construction, it would be a class balanced between single target damage, air damage and survival. also having a useful area debugging skill. your skills are focused on placing plants on the battlefield, and hitting your enemies with powerful blows with nature spells BASIC SKILLS: Wooden Blow CD: 7s RANGE: melee EFFECT: deals magic damage to the target, the damage of the skill depends on the character's magic power Spits Thorns CD: 20s RANGE: 3m EFFECT: placing a plant on the battlefield, which attacks an enemy in an area of 3 meters (7x7), only one prickler can be placed on the battlefield at a time. spitting spikes attacks only 1 target at a time, dealing magic damage to the target PLANT DURATION: 20s at all skill levels PS: this plant has life, and can be killed, plants are immune to any negative effects, including those of control. the plant inherits the offensive and defensive attributes of the forest guardian Poisonous Cacti CD: 15s RANGE: 2m EFFECT: places a poisonous cacti on the battlefield that causes physical damage to enemies within 1m (3x3), whenever poisonous cacti causes damage it has a chance equal to the character's critical strike value to poison enemies causing physical damage over the time. Only one plant of each type can be placed on the battlefield at a time. PLANT DURATION: 12s at all skill levels PS: the poisonous cacti causes damage every 3s the poisonous cacti is not a pet, it is considered a totem like those of the shaman and paladin, it cannot be destroyed Invigorate CD: 15s RANGE: this skill cannot be used on allies EFFECT: instantly heals the character based on% of his magic power and attack damage Wild Charge CD: 16s RANGE: 5m EFFECT: makes a charge against the target, moving towards it and inflicting physical damage to enemies within 1m (3x3). PS: the skill needs a target to be used, but deals area damage EXPERT SKILLS: Toxic Mushrooms CD: 35s RANGE: 3m EFFECT: place toxic mushrooms in the selected area (5x5), the mushrooms put a debuff on the enemies every 5s which reduces the damage caused by them and the healing received. only one toxic mushroom can be placed on the battlefield at a time PS: mushrooms are considered totems and cannot be destroyed PLANT DURATION: 15s at all skill levels DEBUFF DURATION: 2s-3-3.5-4s Sticky Swamp CD: 20s RANGE: 4m EFFECT: creates a sticky swamp in the selected 3x3 area, the swamp causes cumulative slowness to enemies in it. every 1s a slow debuff is added to enemies, with 3 debuffs enemies are stunned for a few seconds. SWAMP DURATION: 5S STUN DURATION: 1,5-2-3-4s this image is another game, the swamp could be in this style, but with some roots for the concept Nature Protection CD: 25S RANGE: 4m EFFECT: puts a protection on an ally, the protection reduces the damage taken by the target, and increases the resistance parameter based on the target's missing hit points PS: the damage reduction value is fixed, the resistance value increases based on the target's lost life Power of Nature CD: 20s RANGE: 2m around the character EFFECT: removes a negative effect from the character and deals magic damage to enemies within 2m of the character, with the development of the skill the number of debuffs removed and the damage of the skill increase PS: the number of debuffs removed is 1-1-2-3 Poisonous Sting CD: 18s RANGE: melee EFFECT: deals physical damage to the target, and has a chance to poison the target for a few seconds causing physical damage PS: the ability deals increased physical damage to the target, and has a chance to poison it at launch these would be the skills of the class, in the future receiving other skills to improve their gameplay, and cover possible difficulties that the class could have in the different scenarios of the game.
  4. SakKiimil

    Npc Rank

    Hello I have a lot time playing warspear, but the first my archivements, can see i have complete "Bloody harvest III", "It's time for cleaning III" and "Easy job III" for this archivements need kill: -Monster Elite class -Monster Strong class .Monster Normal class My question is. How i know which is a Elite, Strong, Normal, Miniboss and Boss npc? but only know what the stun skill no have effect in boss.
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