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Found 1 result

  1. i see you havent made more skills in a long time so why dont we forum members suggest some skills for classes to give them inspiration? ill start.... Rogue: Clone The rogue summons multiple identical clones of himself that walk right beside or in front of him. clones do nothing (except pretends to hit in combat). each clown disappears when hit or takes a certain amount of damage. Barbarian: Revolve the barbarian swings around at a rapid speed for a few seconds. anyone near the barb gets continous damage. the barb's resistance towards attacks is also increased. Necro: Resurrect the necromancer becomes paralyzed for a few seconds and loses health after summoning an ally to fight for a fixed amount of time. after that time is up, the revived hero will die again. **revived ally will have minimal health** Priest: Awaken the priest loses all of his power (attack and defense go 0) after reviving an ally for a few seconds. after the time is up, the ally will die again and the priest's power will be restored. **revived ally will have minimal health** Mage: Flare the mage emits a blinding light that immediately pushes all enemies around the mage far away (depending how close they are) and stuns them for a few seconds. ** maybe not such I good idea,i realised it is wayy to similar to chains** Paladin: Mystical Barrier the paladin surrounds himself and his allies in a fairly big energy field (4x4) where all opposing players and attacks are deflected away from whoever is inside. during this time, the paladin is unable to move or attack. Druid: Vines the druid summons a plethora of miniature vines around a small area (3x3). any player within that range gets their energy drained slowly during the time of the attack. *this skill does not stop opponents from moving or using skills like entangling roots* ____ all i can think for now. please add your skill suggestions and opinions for the devs to see , make sure its in simple format like this so everyone can understand!
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