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Found 5 results

  1. I think this can be a good idea for new expert skill for chieftain note: I will write expert skill like Khrone, so I giving copyright Chieftain's Call Type: Active The Chieftain calls a herd of wild animals (Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Lion), each animal gives a buff to chieftain and chieftain's party. Buff's Bear: The Bear Buff gives a skin to the character (Or to the character's party) that increases physical and magic defense Wolf: The Wolf Buff gives some percent of evasion to the character (Or to the character's party) Tiger: The Tiger Buff g
  2. Allow Expert Skills to use Attack and Defense Relics. Why not Enhancement and Group? Let's see: Attack Relics: They usually have a chance to decrease some enemy statistics. Some cause debuff, example: Chance to stun, poison, etc. Defense Relics: They usually have a chance to increase some statistics. Some also cause debuff, for example: It leaves a buff on itself. If an enemy attacks you, your magic damage is reduced. What about the Improvement and Group Relics? Enhancement Relics: They usually give some a
  3. Hello! This is DarenLOG from EU-Emurald and let's just go straight to the point: New expert skills have been realeased, some are good, some are overpowered, and some are a huge disapointment sadly, and here I'm just laying down my thoughts and suggestions on what the DEVs should have done instead so here we go. ●Starting with the Legion side and Forsaken fanction : -Death Knight : After a conversation with a particular player who happens to be a death knight we came accross that the both of us were on the same page, its new expert...Not gonna lie, it is kinda meh,
  4. It's the first time I start a topic in that area... well, all classes have seven expert skills, but, the new classes only have five expert skills. will they earn two more expert skills?
  5. Just a few questions, no need to answer if you can't disclose such information right now. Will there be future expert skills? There are 5 basic skills so it seems logical to stop at 5 expert skills too. If not... Have you already decided on what the future expert skills will be? or are you still open to ideas? From the leaked pictures of test skills it looks like you have decided on them already. Can you clarify? Will you be modifying any basic skills in the next update or the near future? Excluding future expert skills and additions to the game, are you planning on chang
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