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Found 8 results

  1. Mantra of healing is a very good expert for gives support to weakest allies but is useless to help the tank or templar tank 'cuz not allow to use skills and enemy can't keep atacking the tank or can be used for trolling. I suggest this, 65%/70%/75%/80% damage reducction for 1,5/2/2,5/3 secconds and heals 3%/3,5%/4%/4,5% max hp of the target and slows 90%/80%/70%/60 and not make the ally or templar target invulnerable, also silences target while it last. Thanks for reading.
  2. I think this can be a good idea for new expert skill for chieftain note: I will write expert skill like Khrone, so I giving copyright Chieftain's Call Type: Active The Chieftain calls a herd of wild animals (Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Lion), each animal gives a buff to chieftain and chieftain's party. Buff's Bear: The Bear Buff gives a skin to the character (Or to the character's party) that increases physical and magic defense Wolf: The Wolf Buff gives some percent of evasion to the character (Or to the character's party) Tiger: The Tiger Buff gives attack speed to the charater (Or to the character's party) Lion: The Lion Buff gives some percent of physical and magic attack to the charater (Or to the character's party) Note: If any of the wild animal was killed the buff will disappear The HP of the wild animal and the skill duration is increased by upgrading this skill 1/4: The duration of the skill is 10 seconds 2/4: The duration of the skill is 20 seconds 3/4: The duration of the skill is 30 seconds 4/4: The duration of the skill is 40 seconds I hope you liked my idea and that it is added to the game. I was 1 hour doing this topic... ATT: Zedeght US-EMERALD Hypnop US-EMERALD
  3. Why after use poison shield it make acid rain delay 1s ??? Warspear_Online_2019-04-06-15-33-36.mp4
  4. I personally don't have a warden but I've seen this skill being utilized a couple of times in pve. So I've seen that it makes hero and opponent switch places and after that,warden's walking speed greatly deteriorates for a short time. So I'd like to know,what exactly it changes? Does it give a debuff to enemy too? I'd like some explanation. Thank you in advance
  5. Hey there! So I've been playing Warden since the release and now I'm at lvl22, and I think it was enough to figure out what it needed as the two remaining expert skills from my own point of view, might as well brainstorm some ideas, maybe it'd help to inspire devs in a way or another to create the new skills (If not done yet). First I'm gonna start with giving a general opinion about the class and its possible roles and aspects in the game. First of all, Warden is tanky af. According to the green bar that appears at the beginning of the process of making a new character, it has a full defensive capability, which by the way exceeds Barbarians and Deathknights, the only thing is that it has lower damage, single target and AoE control, and movement skills. With that much tankiness, it can tank 1v1 very efficiently and better than any other class, but I don't think it has a big role in group play, because it lacks the AoE control, further more, the lack of movement skills (Jump/Rush) and ranged disables, it could be kited forever and ever. And in dungeons, it deals way too low damage to be as useful as other elf tanks. Anyways, let's not make this topic too long as usual. In my opinion, Warden doesn't need any more defensive skills, it should rather have some more damage or AoE control to be viable in its alliance. Here are my ideas: **Numbers in all skill suggestions are subject to change of course** 1- Repulsive Jump (Active) : The warden rush-jumps to a certain place creating with his heaviness a strong earthquake pushing away surrounding enemies and locking their movement for a certain amount of time, enemies will still be able to use skills and attack. (The effect is similar to Mage's Illusory Chains) Cooldown: 20 seconds. Jump range: 4 yards. Push radius: 3x3 around the Warden. Knock-back distance and lock duration depend on skill level: 1 yard - 1 sec, 2 yards - 2 seconds, 3 yards - 3 seconds, 3 yards - 4.5 seconds. 2- Survival Rage (Active) : Warden enchants his weapon for some time increasing his physical attack and critical hit and increases the chance to deal a stun with each attack (The stun stat). Buff duration and amount increase with studying the skill. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Buff duration: 5/7/10/14 seconds. Buff percentage: +2% > +4% > +6% > +8% to physical damage, critical hit chance, and +2% > +3% > +4% > +5% to stun chance. 3- Deadly Path (Active) : The Warden casts an aura on himself, increasing his movement speed and periodically damaging surrounding enemies around the Warden. While the skill is active, warden's defense is decreased. The skill's duration increase with skill development, and the damage depends on the character's physical damage and skill's level. Cooldown: 25 seconds Buff duration: 2/4/6/8 seconds Damage: 5% > 9% > 13% > 17% of the character's physical damage. Warden's Defense is deceased by: 5% > 7% > 9% > 10% That's it.. Thoughts? Ideas?
  6. just a little question about expert skill slot. for example im a lvl 22, that makes 3 Expert Slots in all. so if i want to have another skill added regardless of replacing an old skill or by leveling up, then i should use mcoin to buy a slot right? i get to have 4 Expert slots if i buy with mcoin. then it says another slot will open at hero lvl 24. so if i lvl up to 24 am i gonna receive another skill slot? that results to 5 Expert Slots in all with the bought slot? or am i gonna buy again and again to have another added slot? anyone know? hope we understood what i meant.
  7. So i got this wicked idea for a new mage skill, here it goes: Metamorphosis -Type: Active It would be a self buff skill, sort of like Overload, and it would work on a similar principle. Once the skill is used, it provides the mage with a buff that gives every attack a chance to effect your enemy. So any dmg caused to the enemy, has a certain chance to apply the effect, while the buff is active. And now the fun part which makes Metamorphosis both interesting and effective, The Effect. (ram pam pammm) The actual effect of Metamorphosis would be the following: When the enemy gets hit by the skill, it turns them into a Jerboa!!! Why jerboa you ask? Well it doesnt have to be a jerboa, can be a rabbit or a bird as well, i just like the word ''Jerboa''... I don't mean make the enemy 1hp, but make them incapable of hitting or using skills for the certain amount of time. I leave the chance and duration to devs, to implement values in balance with rest of the game, but my idea was that each skill lvl increases chance and duration of the effect (Jerboa metamorphosis, for example lvl 1 skill has 10% chance and enemy is jerboa for 2 sec and lvl 4 skill has 25% chance and enemy is 5 sec a jerboa). Since mage is lacking a proper stun, that would lock skills of our enemies, like root or blind or fear or some such (i am not counting the ridiculously low chance of fear from fireball+blazing ground), and as much as i love mages lets face it, we are paper even at +10 def (mage handles bd as well as butter does a hot knife), some such skill would be nice. Of course, if such is possible to make in the game, that part i leave to devs. I'm eager to hear your opinions, both from players and staff members, what do you think about such expert skill for mages? Should something similar be made, thus giving mages a proper stun? Maybe have some way to improve my idea? I'm open for suggestions
  8. i see you havent made more skills in a long time so why dont we forum members suggest some skills for classes to give them inspiration? ill start.... Rogue: Clone The rogue summons multiple identical clones of himself that walk right beside or in front of him. clones do nothing (except pretends to hit in combat). each clown disappears when hit or takes a certain amount of damage. Barbarian: Revolve the barbarian swings around at a rapid speed for a few seconds. anyone near the barb gets continous damage. the barb's resistance towards attacks is also increased. Necro: Resurrect the necromancer becomes paralyzed for a few seconds and loses health after summoning an ally to fight for a fixed amount of time. after that time is up, the revived hero will die again. **revived ally will have minimal health** Priest: Awaken the priest loses all of his power (attack and defense go 0) after reviving an ally for a few seconds. after the time is up, the ally will die again and the priest's power will be restored. **revived ally will have minimal health** Mage: Flare the mage emits a blinding light that immediately pushes all enemies around the mage far away (depending how close they are) and stuns them for a few seconds. ** maybe not such I good idea,i realised it is wayy to similar to chains** Paladin: Mystical Barrier the paladin surrounds himself and his allies in a fairly big energy field (4x4) where all opposing players and attacks are deflected away from whoever is inside. during this time, the paladin is unable to move or attack. Druid: Vines the druid summons a plethora of miniature vines around a small area (3x3). any player within that range gets their energy drained slowly during the time of the attack. *this skill does not stop opponents from moving or using skills like entangling roots* ____ all i can think for now. please add your skill suggestions and opinions for the devs to see , make sure its in simple format like this so everyone can understand!
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