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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! Im here to say that MC side in every server being not that strong, WHY? Because elfs have skills so much interesting, at all, (bd with resist in 4 stuns [IMORTAL]). (Druid with many heals/Stuns) (Mage with op Buffs and area dmg/stun for fights with group is opiest class, an exemple is BR server [ANCESTRAIS] They are full mages/palas and rape everyone in events/gvgs/wars cuz his crazy skills. (Rangers with op dmg stuns, simply best dmg class, u can see in Phalanx, full of OP Rangers and they are really immortal and OP). (Wardens tanking like that we never gonna see in MC side, simply immortal with his op defense, they dont need use healers in elf side). (Priest with many buffs, op for support) (Seeker is insane, his new skill is LIKE THE OLD NERFED SKILL "COUNTER ATTACK" FROM THE BLADE DANCER, but 2.0 VERSION, broke 50x More, have many videos of seekers soloing Hard tech (even some wardens cant solo tank without healer there). MCS Guilds in ALL servers are fragilized cuz elf side really immortal, elf side had years of op class and op skills, many peoples from mc side leave to play there, cuz they know its alot more benefits, how to solve the problem of MORE PEOPLES in Elf side then MC Side in All servers? Honestly with my gamer vision, and that all i've studed about warspear, Elf side HAD so many benefits at long of the game, winning all wars, winning all gvgs etc, In every server have many lvl32 new itens mermen only for elf side, EVEN DROPS in elf side are easier then MC side (in eu emerald, all these weeks, only had 1 book speed dropped in that weekly ratings, that gives speed book in all dgs, ONLY 1 PC IN MC SIDE). and many at elf. HOW TO SOLVE? Simply, like u have did at long time, leting elf side be much more stronger, now its time to Mc side be king, dont understand me bad, but for numbers be balanced, MC SIDE NEED INTERESTING SKILLS, TO MAKE PEOPLES INTERESTED TO COMES. should give sovereignty a time to mcs, This would lead to more players in our favor, and perhaps balance the battles, because unfortunately, on all servers, its like 1 Mc for 4 Elfs. Its a Fact. Im not attacking aigrind, im Just giving a suggestion, and dont look me being arrogant, cuz its the only way to balance this game in my mind, all what mc side needs now, is NUMBERS, and reworking skills nerfing elfs, and giving good skills for mc (make mc side lil strong) will make mc side have more PLAYERS, and is thst what we need. (I Dont want to elf side gets like mc side being nowdays, but need to balance it, its a true, elf side so much better then mc side, in everything, speed runs dgs, etc, i dont want to disturb Elf players gameplay, but i just want balance to fight head to head, to elf side, and this makes the game more funny, i know many peoples that dont join wars/gvgs cuz knows they already gonna lose, cuz elf strongest now, ITS A FACT!). I Still have hopes that mc side gonna back being strong any day, years ago being always same. Atleast in BR server and EU Emerald (that i watch everything nowdays, and i be active on notices). Thank you guys.
  2. Ranger is too overpowered on my opinion. So i went pvp cave a ranger had placed explosive traps and he literraly 3 hit me to death with them... Also in arena a ranger did the same and hit 1.2k damage normal and 2.2k critical (On a tank char) like holy f**k ranger seriously needs nerf i dont know any chars that manage to do that much damage that fast :D
  3. Всем Привет, в этом видео мы вместе с вами окунемся в незабываемый мир игры Warspear Online
  4. Dear elfs, I Karleusa I want to help them how to be stronger and how to u soon perijodu winning wars spears !!!! Here are some tips that will give you: 1. Select only one character with whom you play and you have to fight. (It is easier and faster progress if you take just one character and you spend your time on it than to have two) 2. doing out regular blue quests (dnevvne kuesc) because so quickly level up and get more money. 3. Do not allow your mobs killed. When you think that you will lose a life, go to the side and fill your life (HELCOM) 4. MOST IMPORTANT! You must help the elves elves who are lower level than yours. Help them to cross the DG. Help them if you have more cash on hand, buy them something, stimulate male elves to advance faster and to go level up. 5. All the elves have to go to war, because if we win we will have extra bonuses that will help everyone to be strong.
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