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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome all. So a new class came out, about which everyone said that it was not interesting and everyone would play for MC. I want to take the first step on this topic by proposing a new skill. Since I associate Templar as a Monk, because we have a Warrior of Light and this is a Paladin. I want to offer him a skill that is not so strongly tied to his "light power" and is more leased to swing towards physical damage. Temple wine: Ability type: passive. When you deal damage to a target (auto attack, skill), you impose a "strong brew" debuff on them for 4 seconds. When you deal damage to a target with this debuff, they light up and take physical damage every second for 4 seconds. Strong Brew - The target deals 5-10-15-20% less damage from auto attacks. Fire damage per tick - 30/40/50/60% of physical power. (Debuffs affect players for 2 seconds less).
  2. Gostaria de fazer um DK dano, a base seria essa: https://wsdb.xyz/calc/pt/203264 (Não usando esses equipamentos, é só um exemplo) As habilidades seriam: Espinhos da Morte 4/5 Emanar Escuridão 4/5 Escudo Sombrio 5/5
  3. Hi guys, I love daggers and i use them, i think that the skills in rogue, bd, ranger and hunter should be based in atk speed, because axes/xbow will always do more dmg, because they all have same dps (without count bonus speed in weapon), you can use math to prove what im saying. I can afford axes, but i want to use daggers, because they are faster. I dont want to do less dmg than a guy with same equipment and amp but axes instead dagger, i hate this, the same goes for a guy using bow. This is unfair.
  4. BREAK THE META! Go find builds which are just unusual! Not something everyone does! Rules You must point out what kind of pros and cons that build could have If you dont point out why you should use that build, your build is invalid trolling purpose can be a reason, but its not enough. I start: Priest DPS: Full dex for God's Help Full cd (isn't unusual, but to spam skills and make this build effective) Its designed for PvP, so Enchants can be resilence Skills: 5/5 Tear 4/5 Shield 4/5 Heal Those Expert skills: God's Help (Do you even know what that skill is? Its like Mage's Dragon Eye) Payback (Damage and last nuke) Valor Aura (Damage increase) Elusive threat (Kiting ftw) (Redemtption (CC is the greatest foe of an assasin)) Pros? Players would never expect a priest NUKING them Most of Priests expert skills are quite offensive, Why not use them Most of Priests basic skills are utility related Heal and Shield depend on your Magic(&)), so with the skills above its not a big deal Cons? Priests real purpose will be a bit offset Why should you use this build? Because, the priest has many offense skills, and why not use them?
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