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Found 2 results

  1. Archelaos Lets start from day one, a man named Macedon who lived with the Chosen. Macedon was different from the other chosen, he caught on to the teachings of magic spells a lot faster than other students. He would learn the most difficult spells in just a couple days, When it took others Months to learn. Jealousy grew amongst the people of chosen, even teachers envied him. Other kids became distant by avoiding him, as time went on Macedon only grew in hi asceeding power, as he spent most of his life alone. Macedon promised to protect the chosen no mater what even if he was look at different or looked down on. He would practice his craft far from his village, where he could be most alone. This was Macedon's sanctuary where everything was peaceful. One morning, while Macedon was at his place of sanctuary, an attack took place back home, but because macron was so far away he didn't here a thing. When macron returned, he had seen the reckoning. He was so sorrowful and the people of the chosen blamed him . In result of a such an event, chosen outcasted macron forbidding his return. Macedon went on blaming him self for week, saying it was his own fault. He stubbled on a dark place on his weary journey, a place known as the Forsaken. there he found new family, where he was loved by everyon. People were fond of his powerful skills in witchcraft. After so long of feeling sorry for himself Macedon grew angry. From there on out Macedon sought to seek revenge for his out cast at such a young age. he Changed his name from Macedon to Archelaos a name with a lot more meaning than his old self. he studied every spell he could possibly learn, and developed his own wizardry. then the day came where he went own his journey to go back to the Island called Chosen and slay everyone. With Archelaos newly developed wizardry he took souls of the people that ever tried to appose or stand in his path making him more and more pwerful. .... As of this day no one know where archelaos is except that he was last seen in the cave of the pontifices..... chosen has to long prepare for the boy they turned their backs on.... Behavior: Archelaos is filled with rage very aggressive, will attack if with in 10 spaces of his area every 4 magic attacks he does physical damage by hitting the targeted hero Skills: Fetters of Justice: Blind all the enemies, in a certain radius, around Archelaos. They cannot move or use their skills, and their damage is reduced. Harad's Tear: hits everyone that is targeting him no matter the distance for instance- if u hit archelaos and your health bar blinks showing ur in combat when he activates his tear u will be hit no matter the distance Exhalation of Darkness: bewitches the hero's weapon in order to deal increased magic damage during the next common attack. The target will be stunned for a few seconds. Sap- Sapped header causes reduction of enemy's damage and attack speed. Calling: Summons 3 siprits spirits stats health 5,000 def 2,000 mdef 1,000 Damage 400 physical Archelaos stats : Health 1,000,000 defense 3,000 magic resist 2,000 magic damage 500 physical damage 300 should drop costume that looks just like archelaos also a staff skin such as the one archelaos weilds The last pick is what his ghost minions would look like :[ Hop you guys like the concept like my boss please vote and thank you very much
  2. Hi my name is Gary i play on server US Sapphire. My hero name is Kingzi and this is my boss with a short story hope u guys enjoy vote for my boss if u like the idea of a small secret get away map from nadir and i may upgrade my drawings and maybe do a sketch in pencil too LOCATION - To reach the Skull Demon boss you have to go to north nadir where a ship of the damned will be waiting to take you over to the Dead Citidel where the Skull Demon resides in the great chamber of this new tiny island. Hundreds of years ago Berenger crafted a truly [diabolical staff of power] which was so powerful he feared it would consume him so what he decided to do was to take this new staff to the top of his tower and lock it away in a hidden chest but on that same night his tower was under attack by an enemy faction from far away named the Damned. The leader of this disgusting army of the dead was named the Skull Demon who had found out about the all new powerful staff from a spy who works along side the chainless league. The battle lasted almost 2 days and as Berengers gaurds all came to the aid the army of the damned was pushed back till there was a handful of soldiers were left then suddenly the Skull Demon pushed hard off the ground into the air and his wings spread out carrying him higher into the sky where he noticed a glimmer come from the top of the tower in one of the tiny caged windows. So then the Skull Demon tucks in his wings and dives towards the window then a giant magic blast casted by Berenger himself whizzes past the skull Demons head then a second blast from the Skull Demons staff hits the tower opening up the tower wall revealing the room that the staff resides in so then suddenly the Skull demon swoops in and grabs the shiny chest unlike no other and flies off into the distance over the sea along with the newly crafted staff inside the chest. The Skull Demon now uses the staff of power for his own and has been consumed by the power within and now he wants to show the world of Arinar what he can do with it so he sends his ship through Irselnort to the shipping port of north Nadir so you new challengers can reach him and battle. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed the story vote fr my boss if you like the idea of a boss just a boat ride away from Nadir. BOSS SKILLS SLEEP -multiple targets/random targets like 3/5 of the party. FORCE BLAST -pushes all attackers back 3 spaces even casters stood further away from the boss. WINGED SHIELD - wraps his wings around himself and recovers 1000/2000 HP lasts 5/6 seconds. BLOW OF SILENCE - disables all skills for some time. BEHAVIOR The Skull Demon will be central to the map he is in and if he is pulled/blinded or moved in any way he will just teleport back to the centre of the map and also every now and then he will randomly teleport to a random target and hit that target just once then will teleport back to the centre of the map and return to the original/previous target. BOSS HP /Defence/Mag. Defence etc. ( whatever the Devs make it cos they know best) : I know its a bit last minute guys but as i have been looking at other peoples designs for the boss competition i have finally designed some minions to go along with my boss i hope you guys enjoy the new sketches and im gonna leave it upto the Devs to make it better because like i said already they do know best .
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