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Found 9 results

  1. Ola a todos sou o Warbio tudo bem com vocês? Comigo esta tudo bem. Este tópico tem como objetivo que os moderadores, jogadores e administração vejam que existe pessoas que querem melhorar o jogo e assim todos podem tirar proveito deste meu trabalho e talvez trazer ideias e novas mecânicas para o jogo. Quero compartilhar este tópico com todos para obter opiniões construtivas e ou sugestões para este tópico e assim este conteúdo ficar mais enriquecido e ser ainda mais util para o lança de guerra. Do fundo do meu coração espero que gostem, pois trabalhei muito para isto.
  2. O shama precisa de uns tornem onfesivos e so ler na descrição da classe nela fala que ele são os feiticeiros do clã das montanhas causados até mesmo terremoto no caso seria um tonte que ataca opnetes que se aproxima e o druida precisa de habilidades novas uma sugestão seria ele pode vira um animal tipo um urso ou outro e nessa forma ganha mais resistência física e e saúde ou mesmo causa dano físico com sua garras porém Pederam algumas coisas como velocidade de ataque e sem ideias por resto da pedas kk e ele precisa de uma passiva de cura em grupo ou apenas do usuário tipo exemplo o druida abso
  3. BTW, i play as Charmer
  4. Warspear is a very good game but aigrind is taking the issue of Well (Sentinels / Elves) and Evil (Legion / Mcs) to be a balanced game, but it seems that the balance is thought more for the Elf side and believe this weight just helps them! I do not believe I'm going to give you 10 reasons why this topic 1 ° if you ask in the servers what class nerfada the answer is only one ROGUES. 2 - Do you know the best heal of the game? Good is an Elf, DRUIDA has a skill that in mine is in the opinion of many is the best cure of the game The "secret link" Heals in a matter of seconds and heals pr
  5. Hi! I'm a newb on Warspear, and when chosing my class, I searched about the ones I liked more (Rogue, Seeker and Hunter), but all the posts I could find were many months old, and I didn't know ir they were still trustable. Can you help me here please?
  6. Wenioo


    as classes são muito mais importantes para o nerfa esta classe quero stun no elfos também NOS SOFRE PRA GANHAR A GUERRA SÓ GANHAMOS PORQUE OS MC TEM POUCOS
  7. Is there coming anything big in near future, like new classes? One new class in every faction...? It´s being a while since you (Aigrind) added new classes. I know it´s hard to make e.g. skills to them... But you can think about to make new classes... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Players will come and say: "Bad english, noob" They will nevah to add new classes, noob" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Hi, this is my first post. I was thinking you probably could allow to mc inv and elves in party and viceversa only in dungeon areas in Ayvondil. If that player leaves the dungeon area, automaticly leave party. In this area all clases can chat in area chat only in dungeon areas or party chat if theyre in the party. I tough is a good idea because is a common enemy from elves and mc. If you have anything to modify in my suggestion i'll be glad to heard it.
  9. I've doinked around for awhile and tried a few classes out. While fairly effective, a few skill kits simply do not synergize at all with themselves. A Hodge podge of skills that seem neat that ultimately do not flow together as a cohesive set. I'm still making a full list, and the reasons why they become disjointed in game play. Been playing MMORPGs for a bit over 15 years so this is just a personal irritation. Making thread now to update tonight with the list.
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