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Found 2 results

  1. The Beastmaster is really fun to play, it is a pet-summoning class that will be almost always seen with a strong jaguar by its side. We can't actually compare it with the Charmer, since the Beastmaster is a full damage class* while the Charmer is a bit of everything: damager, supporter and tank, the only similarity is the focus on the minions. However, this class' focus is higher, since almost every skill has something related to the Moon Monster, while the Charmer only has 2 skills related to the minions. *Some people could say the BM is support too, but the only skills that look like it are Blessing of the Moon and Proximity to Nature. I'll talk about these skills later. Note: In this post, i'll refer to Beastmaster as BM and Moon Monster as MM. Beastmaster Faction: Firstborn Armor: Cloth, Light Weapon: spear (basic), two-handed maces, two-handed swords, two-handed axes, staff Role: group support, range/melee attacks, mixed damage, control and weakness of enemies Basic Skills Moon Touch (active) The single-target damage is good (but still weaker than 1 hit of the Moon Monster) and the secondary effect is also useful. It isn't good enough to level up to 5/5, but it is pretty good at 3/5. Beast Awakening (active) Literally the main focus of the class, there is nothing more i can say about it. The only things i don't like about it are: It is a bit squishy even with the Healing skill (at least in my experience). But maybe that's how it is supposed to work, since the BM is a damage class and the aggro would be on the tank of the party, therefore, taking it from the Moon Monster. The 30 seconds cooldown is too high for a skill that is the center of 90% of the skills. But since pretty much every skill that would affect the jaguar will affect the character instead if the minion is not present (except 3 of them), it is kinda acceptable. Order to Attack (active) The damage is low (for comparison, Chieftain's skill increase the damage of the next auto attack by almost 200%) and the movement speed is ok. Healing (active) There is not too much i can say about it. It is a healing skill, it heals the minion with a single press of a button. Definitely would make it 5/5. There is only one problem with this skill: Sometimes, the Moon Monster has full HP while the player is at low health and needs to heal. It can be fixed by using Animal Rampage, but until that, you will face some problems. Suggestion: Make the player able to choose between healing itself or the Moon Monster. Chain Lightning (active) The damage is low if your predominant damage is physical and it only hits subsequent targets if you hit the previous one, so the AoE is kinda based on chance. Also, considering the damage decreases with each target, it makes the skill a bit less useful. I would let it at 1/5, unless it's a PvP build. In that case, make it 5/5. Expert Skills Animal Rampage (active) The buff for the minion is amazing and the side effect of healing the character makes it a perfect skill. In a PvE build, i would definitely make it 4/4. Soul Connection (passive) In theory, it sounds like a good skill, but there are better ones to level up, and also, the numbers are pretty disappointing. Let's analyze it in 4/4: You take 35% less damage when the minion is at full health, but i doubt it will stay at more than 80% health in a normal gameplay. Everytime you heal 10% of the minion's health (easily achieved by a 3/5 Healing), you heal 2.5% of your own. A character with exactly 6000 HP would heal 150. If it was in 1/4 it would be acceptable, but 4/4? Suggestion 1: Increase the damage reduction by around 50% and the healing to 100% (that is, double it) in every level. That would give 50% damage reduction and 5% heal in 4/4. Suggestion 2: Change the damage reduction effect to something like: Redirects 25% of the damage taken by the Moon Monster to the player. So if the MM would take 1000 damage, it would instead take 750 damage while the character would take 250. Forest Symbol (active) If you're PvE, 1/4 or just don't buy it at all, if you're PvP, 4/4. No other comments about this skill. Double Concentration (active) In lower levels, it has low numbers (except for the CD), so it is a good skill but definitely not the first one you would buy. Moonlight (active) It is not bad, it is not good. The effect alone seems kinda bad, in 4/4 it just gives 30% Slow for 10 seconds and 160% magical damage (in total). However, there is the mechanic that every auto attack of the MM refresh the duration of the Moonlight debuff. That is, even if the jaguar attack in the last second, it will reset the duration to 8 seconds. It is basically an infinite source of medium but periodical damage. There are better skills though. Aura of the forest (active) The damage is really good and the pet will always be the one to be attacked instead of the character anyways, so there is no reason to NOT use this skill. Blessing of the Moon (active) The only buff skill that can be used on allies, although you can also use it on the MM. The numbers are pretty high and the duration is long enough to make it technically an infinite skill in 4/4, so it is definitely a good skill. Return to the Roots (active) Like Forest Symbol, it's just a PvP skill. If you're PvP, make it 4/4 for the debuff removal. If you're PvE, 1/4 is enough, at least to make the MM come back to you. Proximity to Nature (active) The most controversial skill of the class. And i agree with all complaints about it. It just don't fit the whole skill set. The Beastmaster is a damage class, why does it have a Immunity + AoE Healing + Defense Buff? And if you calculate it, at 4/4 it heals 45% of the character's magic power every 1 second during 6 seconds. In total, it is 270% of the magic power in area. This is not acceptable for a damage class. Suggestion: Honestly? My opinion would be to rework the whole skill. There is no point in it. If it only healed the character and the MM while gave a weaker Defense buff to allies, or with a lower duration, it would be a bit less broken. Key Class Talents Resonance Perfect talent for PvP, but again, the same problems continues: if it misses one enemy, the whole chain breaks. Reunion A PvP talent for a PvP skill. It is great for the fact that it removes debuff from the character and now it gives 100% Resistance to the jaguar. Full Moon This talent make you able to use the skill on both you and the Moon Monster, so it is a great one, even with 4 seconds less on the duration. As i said before, the skill in 4/4 is technically infinite, so the duration reduction is not a big problem. Power of Nature The only drawback from this skill is not getting the full damage if the pet is not hit. This talent ignore this penalty and increase the damage even more, so it makes a good skill even better. Builds* *Remember that it is just my opinion, you can build the way you want PvE: Beast Awakening - 5/5 Healing - 5/5 Moon Touch - 3/5 OR Chain Lightning - 3/5 Animal Rampage - 4/4 Aura of the forest - 4/4 Blessing of the Moon - 4/4 OR Double Concentration - 4/4 PvP: Beast Awakening - 5/5 Chain Lightning - 5/5 Healing - 3/5 (or any other skill) Forest Symbol - 4/4 Return to the Roots - 4/4 Proximity to Nature - 4/4 And that's it, folks! I hope you liked this review and if there is something you don't agree with, i would like to hear your opinion.
  2. The Reaper is... let's say, not what i expected. And i think a lot of the Legion players feel the same. It's not bad, it just feels confusing to play. While the Beastmaster is pretty simple to play (use skill on minion, if it's not present, the effect goes to you instead), the Reaper has to remember the new effects of a lot of skills. Also, i don't think we should compare it with what people would say that is its Sentinel counterpart, the Blade Dancer, because the two classes are totally different. Reaper Faction: Forsaken Armor: Light, Heavy Weapon: one-handed swords (basic), one-handed axes, daggers Role: damage-dealing, melee combat, physical damage, weakness of enemies Basic Skills Evisceration (active) Basic damage skill, there is no need to level it up more than 3/5. The damage is good, but there are better skill to level up. Demonic Appearance (active) Hate (passive) In PvE it is an amazing skill because of its huge amount of healing, in 5/5 it is almost the same as Barbarian's Combat Fury. I hope this is not a bug, because without this skill, the Reaper has no sustain. However in PvP, it is basically impossible to use Demonic Appearance, and i think that is because of the passive that doesn't let the player reach the necessary amount of Hate to transform before dying. I could give a suggestion to give more ways to stack Hate, but that wouldn't help that much since we already have a expert skill for that. Otherworldly Boost (active) This skill without the effects of Demonic Appearance is useless. It's just AoE Slow. Also, the description of the Bleeding effect says you can apply "several effects to one opponent" but its duration and the skill cooldown won't let you apply more than 1. Suggestion 1: Just add a new effect to this skill. Damage, shield, defense reduction, anything. Suggestion 2: Stacks 1 Hate for each enemy hit with this skill, up to X. Suggestion 3: Bleeding would be applied even without the demon form. During the effects of Demonic Appearance, applies 2 stacks of Bleeding. Not my favorite suggestion, since 2 stacks would make the damage too high. Indulgence of Chaos (active) Pretty straightforward skill, there is nothing i can say about it. Chains of the Underworld (active) It is a simple skill, totally focused in PvP. The range during Demonic Appearance sounds pretty good though. Expert Skills Exaltation (active) Amazing active skill for a damage dealing class, and the demonic form effect matches the Attack Speed > Skill Cooldown mechanic, since you'll use skills more often. Delayed Death (active) In theory, it sounds bad. You'll absorb damage but it will come back and hit your face in the future. However, in practice, during these few seconds of advantage you could use HP potions, a support could heal you, etc. I wouldn't make it 4/4 though. Annihilation (active) Probably one of the best skills of the Reaper. In 4/4, the buff to critical damage is 56% at full Hate stacks. Hand of the Underworld (active) No comments about this skill, besides the fact that the demonic effect of this skill is really good. Unwavering Will (passive) A lot of people complain about this skill and i thought they were wrong, but then i realized how the skill really works. Basically, after ignoring 3 debuffs, you ignore the 4th, so theoretically, you ignore 25% of debuffs. During demonic form, you ignore the 4th and the 5th, so 40% of debuffs. Honestly, i don't know what to suggest. Explosion of Chaos (active) This is a pretty good AoE damage skill, and if the penetration of the demonic version of this skill stacks with the one of Exaltation, it is 20% penetration. Do i have to say more? Approach of Madness (active) It sounds good, but i don't think you should spend points just to get 1/2/3 more Hate and 2/4/6 seconds for using the skill. There are better skills to level up. Revenge (active) Is it supposed to work as Blade Dancer's Counterattack? Not a good skill, not a bad one. Just leave it at 1/4. Black Mark (active) It is the weirdest skill of the class, and honestly, i don't know what to say about it. Key Class Talents Essence of the Devil So if you have the maximum of 16 Hate, you can stay at demon form up to 18 seconds. Not that amazing, to be honest. Devastating Flash It technically turns a PvE skill into a PvP one - with a drawback: You'll have to wait 18 seconds again to use Demonic Appearance. Kinda situational. Rise above Death To be honest, i don't know how this talent really works since it was bugged in the test server, so no comments about it. Wide Scope 35% of 200% is still 70%, so no complaints about this talent. Builds* *Remember that it is just my opinion, you can build the way you want PvE: Evisceration - 3/5 Demonic Appearance - 5/5 Indulgence of Chaos - 5/5 Exaltation - 4/4 Annihilation - 4/4 Explosion of Chaos - 4/4 OR Approach of Madness - 4/4 PvP: Evisceration - 3/5 Demonic Appearance - 5/5 Chains of the Underworld* - 5/5 Hand of the Underworld - 4/4 Unwavering Will - 4/4 Approach of Madness - 4/4 OR Delayed Death - 4/4 OR Devastating Flash** - 4/4 *Note how even in PvP builds, the skill Otherwordly Boost is useless. **For mass PvP events And that's it, folks! I hope you liked this review and if there is something you don't agree with, i would like to hear your opinion.
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