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Found 7 results

  1. They are powerful guardian entities tasked with protecting the timeline, it is said that they created the World Creation Clock and they know all its mysteries They are very devoted to the Laws of Time and have avoided many parallel lines that can cause catastrophes such as the Apocalypse or the Ripping of the Universe. Lately with the knowledge of portals and time travel, they detected that someone caused a timeline that could guide Arinar to the Apocalypse and the End of Time, they have to quickly find the culprit before this great tragedy happens. Every time a parallel line is created, another new dimension is created, they catalog it as T-Dimensions if the Apocalypse occurs in some of these it can harm the original timeline or if the End of Time occurs the parallel dimension disappears and can cause many other T-Dimensions to disappear just like the original line. So that these catastrophes do not occur, they are supported by the hand of other entities and create infinite loops, these protect the disappearance of those dimensions, and it does not affect the original line. One of the writings of these entities said: "The time is like a tree that grows and when a parallel line is created branches arise, these affect the growth of the tree or its slowdown..." Game Size
  2. Kyrai

    Sun Wukong

    Sun Wu-Kong, known as the Monkey King, is the protagonist of the classic Chinese epic novel Journey to the West, based on folk stories dating back to the Tang dynasty. (Game Size)
  3. Kyrai

    Jiang Shi

    Jiang shi (in Chinese, 僵屍 or 殭屍 | Cantonese: Geung si | Mandarin: Jiāng shī | Japanese キョンシー: Kyonshii, literally "stiff corpse"), known in the West as Chinese Vampires or Zombies, are known as corpses turned into life. The oldest references to these creatures date back to the 12th century. The jiang shi are usually people who have died violently, or unnaturally, or whose soul has not found rest at the time of death. Their bodies have not decomposed and their hair and nails continue to grow as if they were still alive. Wikipedia Spanish Translated to English. (Game Size)
  4. Всем привет, поиграв в игру и поняв, что я ни разу не проходил нуба избранных, решил это исправить. По некоторым причинам прохождение за мага, жц и иска отпали, соответственно остались пал и храмовник. Кто играл или же знает про этих персонажей просьба написать про них основную инфу, что бы я сделал выбор. Понимаю, что я и сам могу это найти, но я искал, и не нашел. Всем, кто ответил по моей просьбе спасибо большое.
  5. I see some character with op status on level 13 and he had so much gold
  6. Quando vai ser a próxima promoção de recuperação de personagens excluídos a mais de 6 meses? 😥
  7. There is a character glitch going on, this also can happen in lab, if many mobs attack you (Lyzois only showed how this bug works he didint abuse it/use it unfairly) Video:
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