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Found 8 results

  1. As it was done before for guild action log, I think it is time to add a "Castle warehouse log " , so you can see who and what put or claimed from castle warehouse.
  2. Hi, I am from Sea Pearl Legion Side, If you are interested in joining sea pearl server legion side and looking to level up and farm to your heart's content then reply below Guild Name: Yakuza Legions Guild Level 10 Lvl 3 castle available We are looking for enthusiastic players who are looking to fight for glory. (I'd like to make the Sea Pearl more active, so players from other server are welcomed. But beware, it's a server for tough players only. You need to have the mindset adapt to the current environment of server. Hopefully few years later we have more player. Reply with your IG sea pearl name if you wish to join.
  3. Ive read news about castle sieges defensive side rework and i would like ot mention some point about castle gates hp. in all castles the gates hp are 250k.. even though the number of people that participate gets higher in every castle. its different to have 20min to destroy 250k hp gate with 30 people (t1 castle) than having 20min to do the same which is destroying 250k hp gate with 70 people (t5 castle). last week week we had to defend our castle with 250k hp gates vs 70 people (even though we handled that for 18min lol) but we were x10 stronger than the opponent still we had really hard time doing that. so im suggestion to increase the hp of gates depending on the castle to be fair for the defensive side.
  4. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I have noticed not too long ago that, in order to repair our Castle Buildings we may go for the hard work (Symbols, Essences, Gold) or choose the "light path" by paying 299 coins OR using a new item, the "Building Repair Scroll". Quite Elementary here (Watson!) The thing that I found not really Elementary is represented by my following question: -Why am I supposed to pay for Resources even when I decide to embrace the light and lazy path of the warrior and pay the repairing works with Miracle Coins/The Above mentioned Scroll? Wouldn't it be logic not to use any kind of resources to repair the building, once we selected one of those other 2 options? The current thing that Paying Coins and Scrolls do is just speeding up the repairing process (Instantly), which gives you no effective bonus, since you had to Pay for that; I'd rather, in few words, waiting few days in order to repair it, or not repair it at all, more than just spending resources anyway and using those buildings instantly. So I am here to suggest to our beloved Developper's Team to remove the resource ammount needed to repair a Castle Building if we decide to use another way than the normal one in order to repair it, or at least to decrease its cost to... I don't know, maybe 60-70%? From my point of view, right now, I see no use of those scrolls and the Miracle Coins Option, if their effect is just "instantly decrease the time needed to repair a building" Thank you for your kind attention and I wish you a very good day!
  5. How could a player heal and barskin the castle throne? I saw people could shield it as well. ( priest skill) When me and my guild tried that, it didnt work.. so how could anyone heal, barskin and shield the throne?🤐
  6. Hello everybody, Ladies and Gentlemen! It is a while I am personally wondering this, asked sometimes in game but no one was actually able to answer me properly. So, today I am here asking the same question but to a larger community 😄 Does levelling up the castle also mean (In defenses matters): -More strenght to NPC guards -More hps given to our gates/doors during a castle siege -More NPCs guards available to defend our castle ( But since we are level 3 already, and I saw nothing like this, I guess the answer is "no" ) Or if it is "No" to every question, are you guys planning to implement a way for us to enforce our defenses? Thank you for your kind attention and have a nice day!
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