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Found 6 results

  1. First of all I want say the new rebalance is good, but not for chieftain type "HYBRID", we getting nerf with this: Dual Wield Specialization Added a 30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand. With this we getting a nerf, I know about elfs saying we are very stronger in damage killing their partys in t4 and t3 quests, but this is totally using pvp set even they not, I am freeplayer and since this character was released I play it, I think this nerf of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." Is totally bad! is very hard to get much magical damage, this update is just for rich people that can amp +10, my chieftain at the moment have 850 magical damage with guild, ring greatness, cape craft lvl30 and lvl32 amulet horror %, and I calculed after update of game i just will have 700 of magical damage, now look in aspect "PVP"... PVP ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect just work using physical damage because in aspect "PVE" we are stronger for criticals, then eagle is 60% of magical damage, imagine I have 700 magical damage 60% is 420 dealing magical damage, now count that 420 with -45% for resilience of enemy, it is 231 magical damage now count defense of enemy... Normally is -45% with penetration of 15% we got reduction of 30%, then (231 - 30%)= 162 of magical damage dealed, ok I will count ferocity +45% of damage dealed then is (162 + 45%= 239), we can see with this a chieftain can deal 239 magical damage with eagle eye per tick.... Do you think this fair? now let's see this "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." ¡SO BEAUTIFUL! PVE ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect is so good... Why I say this? well, I delicately armed each armor of my chieftain to try to achieve as much as possible and to serve with my relics, and well it is so good, critical hits are going good and strongers by the critical damage of the guild and well, I just can say we are good damagers because criticals hits but in aspect "PVP" I can't say it for the resilience.... Here's the other problem... Change of magical power in two-handed maces and spears For all two-handed maces and spears the value of magic power was increased by ~18% This new mechanism is good... but.... I still thinking on the same thing that I told before, we got nerfed in the aspect magical damage of 2 weapons of 1handed mace so this is one thing for make we don't become angry? For be good damagers in this class being magicals, ¿Are we obliged to use spears and 2handed maces? So ¿Can't we be hybrids? ¿Is this serious? SKILLS REWORKS Rugged Hide Reduced the skill’s duration: from 6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 seconds, to 6 \ 8 \ 9 \ 10 seconds. Is necessary to reduce the duration of skill? We are already weak class and for tears of sentinnels we are being nerfed? Even them have shields of long duration and much reduction damage and they don't think on their nerf? Frenzy Reduced the skill’s damage: from 40 \ 45 \ 45 \ 50 % of physical power to 40 \ 40 \ 45 \ 45 % of physical power. The skill will now additionally apply the “Stun” effect to the target for 2 \ 3 \ 3 \ 4 seconds if it’s under the effect of the “Thrashing” skill. Im totally agree with this rework, I don't think -5% of physical is bad, anyway it does a lot of damage, and I like the new stun skill, it is so good but here I come again... before I was talking about hybrid class nerf, you guys just buffing chieftain in the aspect pvp but being physical, not magical, with rework of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." we are already more destroyed because we become low damage being hybrids for this reason many that likes magical need become full magical and stop being hybrids, so they are losing the new rework of stun for long time and the people that likes full physical damage but still was hybrids they become full physicals with this update and they become weaks in pve because don't have area damage? Is this nerf will be granted for next update I just think I won't play anymore, it really hurts me, I am a freeplay because in my country I can't buy miracle coins so I get all with effort and I have 10 months saving a lot of things and making my chief stronger, then I finally built my chieftain for be stronger and we get nerf? So you telling that I have 10 months of my life threw to the trash just because sentinnels are crying all the time? And sorry I don't want touch this topic of sentinnels but ¡is the true! all the time we get any buff or we are strongers than sentinnels ¡they just cry for all! I really think this things I told is bad get fix because is very unfair for freeplayers, you guys making this very very good game become to game type "pay to win"? No bro... I no want this for a good game... Greetings and I really hope fix this as soon as possible...
  2. COMPRO ESSAS LANÇAS LADO MC PARA DAR INICIO A COLEÇÃO DE LANÇAS. Lança LV30 Halloween Vampirismo Lança LV30 Halloween Atordoar Lança LV30 Natal Fúria Lança LV30 Natal Ataque penetrante Lança LV30 Primavera Crítico aprimorado Lança LV29 T5 Sea Hero Lança LV27 T4 Tec Hero Lança LV25 T3 Tree hero Lança LV25 Tecnocrata não sei onde fica Lança LV23 T2 TT Hero Lança LV23 Híbrido T2 TT Hero Lança LV21 T1 Garden Hero Eu pago um VALOR SUPERIOR para as armas das masmorras do mapa 4 pelo grau de RARIDADE, principalmente da T1, T2 e T3. PM Icarooooo no game! E sim, sou um cacique físico que usa Lança! Viva a diversidade.
  3. Português: Olá, gostaria de falar sobre um assunto que venho pensando que poderia mudar a jogatina de muitos jogadores, que seria a adição de moedas milagrosas diária. Tive uma ideia de como poderia ser e que eu acredito, não influenciar nas compras de moedas milagrosas. Seria praticamente assim: Todo dia, um jogador recebesse 1 ou 5 moedas milagrosas, acredito que essa quantia de moedas milagrosas não influenciaria na compra, por causa da quantia que é pouca e jogadores não teriam paciência para juntar mais de 100 moedas milagrosas, fazendo assim, eles gastarem dinheiro, claro, se outros jogadores tiverem paciência, irão conseguir suas moedas milagrosas, porém, iria demorar. falo dessa quantia, por ser muito boa, pois com apenas 1 moeda milagrosa, podemos comprar uma bolsa extra, e se juntamos da pra comprar mais, e além disso, não iria influenciar muito nas compras do jogo. Obrigado pela atenção até aqui, se pudessem avaliar minha sugestão, agradeço desde já. English: Hi, I'd like to talk about a subject that I've been thinking could change many players' gambling, which would be adding miracle coins every day. I had an idea of how it could be and that I believe does not influence the purchase of miracle coins. It would be practically like this: Every day, a player would receive 1 or 5 miracle coins, I believe that this amount of miracle coins would not influence the purchase, because of the amount that is small and players would not have the patience to gather more than 100 miracle coins, doing so , they spend money, of course, if other players are patient, they will get their miracle coins, however, it would take time. I'm talking about this amount, because it's very good, because with only 1 miracle coin, we can buy an extra bag, and if we join to buy more, and besides, it wouldn't influence much in the game's purchases. Thanks for your attention so far, if you could evaluate my suggestion, thank you in advance. русский: Привет, я хотел бы поговорить о предмете, который, как я думал, может изменить азартные игры многих игроков, которые будут добавлять чудо-монеты каждый день. У меня было представление о том, как это могло быть, и что, как мне кажется, не влияет на покупку чудо-монет. Практически это будет примерно так: каждый день игрок будет получать 1 или 5 чудо-монет, я считаю, что это количество чудо-монет не повлияет на покупку, из-за того, что сумма небольшая, и у игроков не будет терпения собрать более 100 чудо-монет, делая это, они тратят деньги, конечно, если другие игроки будут терпеливы, они получат свои чудо-монеты, однако на это потребуется время. Я говорю об этой сумме, потому что это очень хорошо, потому что всего за 1 чудо-монету мы можем купить дополнительную сумку, и если мы присоединимся, чтобы купить больше, и, кроме того, это не сильно повлияет на покупки в игре. Спасибо за внимание, если вы могли оценить мое предложение, заранее спасибо.
  4. I think this can be a good idea for new expert skill for chieftain note: I will write expert skill like Khrone, so I giving copyright Chieftain's Call Type: Active The Chieftain calls a herd of wild animals (Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Lion), each animal gives a buff to chieftain and chieftain's party. Buff's Bear: The Bear Buff gives a skin to the character (Or to the character's party) that increases physical and magic defense Wolf: The Wolf Buff gives some percent of evasion to the character (Or to the character's party) Tiger: The Tiger Buff gives attack speed to the charater (Or to the character's party) Lion: The Lion Buff gives some percent of physical and magic attack to the charater (Or to the character's party) Note: If any of the wild animal was killed the buff will disappear The HP of the wild animal and the skill duration is increased by upgrading this skill 1/4: The duration of the skill is 10 seconds 2/4: The duration of the skill is 20 seconds 3/4: The duration of the skill is 30 seconds 4/4: The duration of the skill is 40 seconds I hope you liked my idea and that it is added to the game. I was 1 hour doing this topic... ATT: Zedeght US-EMERALD Hypnop US-EMERALD
  5. Nesses vídeos eu mostro build das duas Classes Cacique e Templario, qualquer dúvida deixa aqui nos comentários
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