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Found 1 result

  1. ~Point shooting, Ranger gains damage and accuracy while sacrificing ability to move. Make this an energy draining skill, and removing the movement limit. How can rangers use this if they have no tanking skills? ~Bitterness, something has to be done with skill. Either remove the fact that getting hit removes a stack, or give better buffs like crit and dmg aside from attack speed. ~Explosive trap, let this also stop enemy movement and rooting him on the spot, also disabling movement skills. The damage this skill deals also needs a buff. ~Hunters trap, make it so that an unlimited amount can be placed down, even at level 1. ~Bow stun melee thing, whos idea was it to make this melee? When hunters have literally the same thing, but RANGED. ~Cage, why does this skill increase enemy defence, if all, shouldnt it at least give a debuff to the enemy?
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