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  1. Hello there! I'm just curious if there are any Easter eggs hidden in the game. I have seen Easter eggs in lots of games, so I thought what if there are some in Warspear Online too? I don't need the exact eggs, just a hint if it worth to search for them or not. (Easter eggs are small secret things, items, places or messages developers put in the game for fun. Nowadays most games have them.) Thanks!
  2. I make this topic dedicated to scammers, account sellers and cheaters. I will post screenshots, names of player, etc. This is rather for players who want to avoid unwanted incidents with these people, and not for game moderators. So, let it begin. NOTE: All screenshots are real not edited in any way. I post only facts, no self-opinion content.
  3. We have "post what you're listening to" topic. Here is the one with movies. How to post them? 1. Name of movie 2. Link to the trailer/to any scenes from the movie 3. Rate it on a 10 point scale 4. Some more info about the movie NO SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED! I will start. --- Star Trek Beyond --- Rating: 10/10 Directed by Justin Lin, Produced by J. J. Abrams Amazing movie, I got shocked how spectacular it was.
  4. The title says it all. Why do we have to walk so much in the game? Especially at the beginning of the game. From a two hour questing, more than half of the gameplay is walking between quest scenes. Tap, tap, tap. TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP. This was annoying, right? Well, this is why I literally hate questing in Warspear Online. Go here, go there, talk to that guy on the other side of the island, who will send you back here anyways, visit these five locations, kill a thousand monsters with no damn reason, struggle with collecting their stuff which is not even hundred percent that it drops, but most importantly: walk, WALK, WALK! Because we have no other goddamn idea! Walk and tap the screen! Tap it, I say! Please, consider adding instant travel to quest scenes. It will make questing a bit easier and much more enjoyable. It will take away the problem of searching for the quest area as well as the problem of reaching it. A LOT of MMOs have this feature, why leave out Warspear Online? Or if you are really stubborn and don't want to improve your game this much, then at least make teleport scrolls cheaper and usable for any areas. I don't see why didn't you do this in the first place. Thank you!
  5. This is a video I thought would be interesting to show you. It isn't a professional one, because I made it on my phone. Entirely. Nowadays you can get to Kamp-Gasphel with meeting noone, even if you choose to walk on the road, as I did. And there is noone in the city as well. Except some low level guys, who are not really enemies for me. I appreciate any feedback. Excuse me for my English, recorded the sound in one piece, and well...
  6. Soo. Once again I apply to a beauty contest. I'm not saying I am handsome, but compared to the photo from last year... I might look... better... I decided to do craft a Warspear badge for my shirt, since pieces of papers and phone screens are a bit mainstream. Yes, there is a concrete-mixer in the background. Our house is still under construction.
  7. Let's be honest: Warspear Online was way better when it had music. Nowadays you can only listen to the environment sound, which gets pretty annoying after a while. Bring back the music!! Not just the old ones, create an updated soundtrack with new tracks. Okay. I know it made the game laggy on some devices. SOME devices, and not all of them. Worked perfectly on PC for example and also on a lot of mobile phones. If you took music out because low-end devices cannot keep up to the developement of the game, maybe it is time to move on and raise the hardware requirements of the game? Also, you could announce a contest for making new music for the game. I would love it personally.
  8. Hey there! In advance I would like to apologize in case if my creation does not obtain your liking. Let me introduce him to you right away. He is... Well pretty much not where he is supposed to be. His name is [Ordinary gamer guy]. He has absolutely no idea how he ended up in the world of Arinar. At the moment he is in the tavern of Armor Cliff trying to explain the bartender what on earth an arcade machine is. Noone on Islernort has ever heard of such magic artifact, but based on what this wierd looking guy said it must be something awesome. [Ordinary gamer guy] wears a grey T-shirt with neon stripes on it. He has jeans and white sneakers. They are totally ordinary pieces of clothing probably from some mass fashion shops like H@M or C@A. He wears a gamer headphone, even now that he cannot use it properly. Well, at least it filters out the frightening cries of monsters. Bad thing he also can't hear what his mates tell him, so he always goes on his own ways... The heroes of Arinar often look down on him for he seems to be a bit... Wierd. He says he learned fighting in the world of Warcraft. What place is that? Are there any monsters like over here? Noone on Islernort has ever been there. ---------- I created [Ordinary gamer guy] hoping that he would get into the game. How awesome would he look, among every kind of fantasy characters, with his headphones and modern clothing! My data: • Character: Tatelan • Realm: EU-Emerald I really hope you like this guy. Even if he's not such a great creation. Feel free to comment! Ben EDIT: As promised, I created an [Ordinary gamer girl]. She is not part of the contest entry (I do not qualify her), but I thought it would be fair with the ladies if I created a female version, too. Enjoy!
  9. A lot of, and by "lot of" I mean huge number of people are tired of being deceived by being kicked out of guilds just before the end of guild tournament. This is a disgraceful deed by guild leaders that surely make them unworthy for their rank. Members of a guild work just as much or maybe even harder for success, so trwating them like this is damn unright. Maybe on other servers it's not a problem, but on EU it IS a REAL PROBLEM. Or to be exact, it's a problem on Legion side, in one guild, AoA. The commiter, the Satan of leaders is the one, Hassn, who thinks just because he pisses oil and poops oil barrels, he can do anything. Despite it's only a game, it's unacceptable what he is doing. He kicked a lot of hard working people because he had the mood for it, making those people lose the reward. I have personal experience, too, back in December (?) I was in AoA on a special tourney week, with over 10k gp. For some people it's nothing, but with school, study and family matters it was hell to me. On the last day of the tournament he came online and kicked some of us, even a player with 40k points. Asshole... I'm sure devs won't give a sh*t about this, afterall, Hassn (whatever his real name is) is their best costumer. And I can't blame them, why disturb a gold mine? (Or oil well, lol) And why do anything when this only happens in only one goddamn guild of the whole game? They'd say: Just don't join AoA. Don't join the best (best in developement, shitty as a community) guild on the server.
  10. Why do costumes in the arena vendor of lower level characters cost the same as the high level ones? Same for arena seal. I may know the answer: because higher level players will buy costumes and seals at low levels' vendors then. But why should players at level 6 struggle with getting an arena costume just because of a level 28 big guy who would use their vendor? I think you should config arena vendors so each player sees the goods appropiate for their level when meeting any arena vendor. Let it be on Godgorrath or Ayvondil. What do you think? EDIT: So, to make things clear. If I go to Godgorrath and visit the vendor there, I see the same goods as any low level arena fighter visiting it. What I want, is that if I visit that vendor in Godgorrath, I would see the goods of my own level, level 21-23, and if a level 18 visits it, they would see the goods from lvl15-19. And if this is implemented, it would be easy to set the prices of costumes and seals appropiate to the level of the fighter. Because let's admit: getting 10k arena points is a heroic job for a level 6 player while it's a relatively easy job for a level 28 one. I want to make chances equal.
  11. WARNING! This suggestion has a heroic length of introduction. To see the suggestion itself, turn all the way to the bottom of this post. Yes, yes. Low level again. And to settle things: I DON'T do these suggestions because I have low lever characters and want to get them stronger, but because I think it's kinda unfair what's going on here. Remember my suggestion about costumes at arena vendor? Well, it didn't get as much support as I expected. And you know what? Costumes are only for fun and outlook, they don't actually influence statistics. What I am going to show you now, is much more... important. Resilience. According to the description, it increases your defence towards monsters, the chance to avoid critical hits, and reduces incoming damage from enemies by the given percentage. This sounds pretty cool actually. Until as a low level arena player, you discover how much resilience percentage arena gear contains. I took the time to look up two sets of arena gear, one of the low level "Beginner Sorcerer", and one of the 21st level "Lord's". Here is the set of the "Beginner Sorcerer". And here is the set of the "Lord's". The very first thing we can see, is while the "Lord's" has the item level of 21st only, the "Beginner Sorcerer" has item levels of all from level 4 to level 8. Why is that... Nobody knows. If we add resilience percentage together, at "Lord's" set we get a total amount of 12,5%, while at "Beginner Sorcerer" we see only 4.8%. For the first look it's perfectly normal, but if we think a little bit, we discover how unfair it actually is. Effects with steady stats equally adds the given amount of stat to every level. 300 physical defence is the same on the 1st and the 28th level. But effets with percentage, well... not exactly. They COMPLETELY rely on the player's statistics. 10% magic damage bonus is only 15 at a low level character with 150 damage, but it's 45 at a level 21 character with 450 damage. And it's alright. But not if the bonus the low level gear offers, is even lower. As mentioned earlier, percentage bonus completely relies on the given character's stats, so it would be just fair to give equal percentage bonus to everybody. Why should a low level player have only 4.8% defence bonus while the 21 level can have 12.5%? Lower levels already have lower statistics, why should you lower their percentage? The chance to avoid critical hits? Same with ferocity. It increases damage towards enemies, right? Level 9 [Enchanted Spear] has 6.5% ferocity. 6.5% damage bonus towards enemies. Level 21 [Gladiator's Gizama] has 15.4% ferocity however. Why should lower level characters have less bonus for their less damage? Critical hit is the other thing. If a level 21 player has 25% critical hit chance, in average every 4th (!!!) hit of them will be critical. Lower level characters can't even reach that much percentage! Why should lower level characters have less chance to hit critical with their less damage? Huhh... Tired of much typing. So here comes the REAL suggestion. >> Since percentage bonus completely relies on the given player's statistics, make ALL percentage bonuses equal. Remove ALL crystals and runes with percentage bonus and make ONE type with the same attribute suitable to ALL levels. Seems radical, but it is how fair it is. I hope I could convince all of you. Feel free to ask anything related to the suggestion. And please avoid things like "shitty idea" or "duck this". Come up with a better idea if you can, or talk nicely and with respect. Peace out there
  12. Todays video is also a call for a challenge. Try to kill Granite Guard or the leopard-murderer (on Sentinel side it's Genie the Bloody Fire and Fire Cougar), and let's see who will be the best! (Not me for sure) I appreciate any feedback.
  13. Is it intentional that there is no option to login to Google Play Games? Is it permanent? I hope not, I already miss the convenient option to log into your other account in no time.
  14. Having forgot to take screenshot... Permanence potion effect ended a few minutes before I reached the NPC to turn quest in. Although the effect was over and I should've gone experience point for the quest, it still showed among quest rewards I wouldn't receive experience. As I said, the effect was over already for five minutes by that time, so it should've shown xp amomg rewards too. In the end I didn't turn it in, not to accidentally become one of the poor guys whose work was ruined by a little mistake. Anyways, I would like to ask: Would I have received no experience point for turning in that quest, or is that a bug that still needs to be fixed to prevent accidental level ups?
  15. I want to bump to this topic once again. Remember half a year ago I made a suggestion to renew the system of daily gifts? I rethinked it, tried some new games and here's what I made up finally. You may think daily gifts are useless, who need daily gifts and so on. But that's because you only play Warspear Online, where daily gift consists of a chest containing usually junk stuff that you can instantly drop after opening. I won't tell game names, but I played a game where there were four types of daily gifts at the same time. Did it make the game easier? Certainly not. But it made the game much more enjoyable and made me log in everyday. I suggest to renovate the system of daily gifts in a way like: 1. 7 day log in reward: Miracle Coins - In a 7 day period players would receive a small amount of Miracle Coins. Remember: SMALL amount. I don't want to make Miracle Coins worthless, but this way with a little patience, everyone could get smaller items from The Shop. This reward could be collected outside the game (in the main menu), to prevent multiple reward collection with different characters. 2. Monthly reward: Gold, items and more - Players would receive various reward on the different days of a month, increasing in value each day. Rewards could include gold (not bars); common, fancy, rare (and maybe unique) gear, weapons and accessories depending on the player's level and class; craft resources varying in value, potions, scrolls, spheres, [sign of Imperishability] and so on. 3. Weekly special discount - We get discounts on items from The Shop everyday, but what about a special discount for each player every week? For example I get a 50% discount on [sphere of Damage Enhancement III], while someone else gets it on [Crystal of Ferocity]. It would bring a twist to trading between people. With this gifting system you could encourage people to visit the game everyday, and obviously more people would return and play again. What do you think?
  16. Aren't you TIRED of not knowing HOW MUCH TIME do you have left from the POTION you used? Aren't you tired of having to worry about HOW MANY QUESTS can you complete before the permanence potion you used RUNS OUT and you accidentally may LEVEL UP? This is a really useful feature many of us had a huge desire for for a very long time. A separate menu window showing the time left for each potion, card or other effects influencing you. It is time to stop releasing massive updates, it is time to polish the old ones and it is time to deal with these small but absolutely useful issues. There are a lot of like this one. What do you think?
  17. So. I read that Kreml accepted an anti-terorism law that would enable the government to fully overwatch all its citizens' call log, internet history, personal data, statistics, etc. Plus, internet providers and phone providers would be forced to store every data for years. At first sight it doesn't seem too bad, since US government does these for eg., however, the costs to implement this law rises to the sky. To store the data of all people of Russia requires an incredible amount of space, which can be obtained via huge server updates. To cover the costs, all net related stuff is going to become more expensive. Much much more. I ask: since Aigrind is aRussian company, will this or would this in any way affect Warspear Online? Sorry for the typos.
  18. Alright. I don't think I am the most handsome man on Earth, still it's fun to enter these contests. And to be honest, the possible prizes are also promising So, here's the the picture. Good luck to everyone! (But mainly to me) Ben #voteforme
  19. Dear Everybody! First of all, congratulations to all the winners of the Let's Play contest! Not seeing my name among the winners fills me with a little sadness, a few coins would have come handy to me as a complete FTP player Good job, Zeus, Julia and the others as well! Use your money wisely! Now that the things turned out like this, it is time for me to say goodbye to the world of Arinar. Here I would like to say goodbye to some of my good fellows, and would like to explain why I decided this way. Well. I must say Warspear Online is one of the best mobile games I have ever played with. Its graphics, the gameplay, the people, the ideas are awesome! I liked it so much, when I got the opportunity to travel to Germany and Italy last year, I was up until 2-3am, and I played Warspear Online everyday a bit. I liked the events also, although I had bad luck with them, they were still funny and entertaining. And the people I got to know here... I would like to say thanks to Huboycsabi, who became a friend of mine in game and we also met in real life. We played a lot together. he was the one, who literally introduced me the game. He explained everything I asked, and it was an epic work with a 50 character limit private chat Unfortunately he has quitted the game a long time ago. Huskinhead, on elf Gintessne, who played the traitor in my video for the contest... To be honest, I don't even remember how we got to know each other, it was so long ago. Bro, you are an awesome guy, keep it up with being this cool! Julie aka Xbluebirdx is someone I got to know here on the forum. She was my first friend here. We unfortunately play on a different server, but sometimes I visit US-Sapphire and we chat a bit Farewell, Sis! Veracuz brother. I heard you are barely online nowadays, have you quitted the game? How's our faceless poet? Will miss the long conversations we had Roland, you are an epic-cool admin here, a worthy representator of your bosses. And you are really a funny dude! Mecha Bro, and Xylia Sis, you are my ingame parents! You picked me up to your guild! You showed me the Lab, I got the opportunity to defeat Kronus, and you were good talking partners, too! Haven't seen you in a while, but hope one day you will also return! Now... Why do I quit the game? I will be fullly honest now. Everything is because Warspear Online has become fully profit orientated. Everyone knows that. Look at an ordinary FTP player of level 26, and then inspect a Dubai guy. The difference is so huge, it doesn't even worth to PVP or to go arena for instance, because it takes so many sleepless nights of farming mobs and then demanding arena fight to finally acquire an equipment that actually worth something. All because you get together with these guys. I don't know where is the problem, but the last weeks everyday I demanded arena, I got together with spamming gold asses. I lost a lot of fights, but I still barely got together with anyone I could match up with. And other people already have all new costumes, all new weapons from arena vendor, while I am left with almost nothing. After you finally recieved an eliglibe piece of equipment, you still need to amplify it. Many of you may ask where is the money I got from Hassn for my suit of Elm, well.. 90% of it went for amping, and I still don't have everything maxed. The chance of positive amping is so low, and the Sign of Imperishability is so damn high priced. It cost me 800 000 gold only to max my mace. I didn't max all my stuff, I gave only little money to my brother, I didn't buy any costumes nor open hundreds of chests, but I have not a piece of gold from the 5 million left. The game just eats up money. Why did I try so hard to amplify? Because I have no chance of doing anything without highly amped equipment. Have everything maxed, have everything new, that's the law of the game. It is very nice from you to implement new updates in the game regularly, that you colour the gameplay with constant events. But everything you do is only for the high level, for the rich. The Kronus update, the Elm update are only for the rich. You add so much new stuff that many get maxed in so short time... I am sorry guys, I just cannot keep up with this. I posted a numerous of suggestions here on forum that helps the newbie or adds some cool feature to the game, but never received any official answer to them. And I am not alone. I barely see any officials' post in the suggestion menu. the new arena system was also only done, because so many people were demanding and complaining about the previous system, also after years of waiting. You guys are not opened for any new stuff, and you don't even let us help you. I would give all this year's events and updates for one update that finally FTP guys can also enjoy fully. Let's admit, as a poor Middle European nobody guy I just cannot afford any paid content in the game, and without it I am really a nobody ingame, too. I am not from Dubai where 12+ men get $2000 monthly without doing anything. Playing with Warspear Online has become a struggle for me. It causes a huge addiction, but I am really tired of playing yet not being able to develop my characters normally. Back then I started playing with this game, because I hoped I found a game that I can finally enjoy playing. I don't want to farm long hours for little gold, I don't want to beg others for some stuff, I don't want to get destroyed in arena inmediately. I want to ENJOY the game. Unfortunately, under the current circumstances, I am not able to. I don't say there shouldn't be any payment opportunity in the Warspear Online, since that's the main income flow of the company. However, opportunity should stay opportunity, and not become a "pay or struggle" option. and THIS IS MY MAIN PROBLEM. I am really sure these words of mine will just not interest anyone. Maybe not an official will read this. I am just sad that I had such hope and fun at the beginning, and now it completely died out. What I would like to ask you, dear Reader, if you read this topic and agree with any part of it, please show it by liking it. Maybe a huge number of them can call the attention of the Gods up there. Thanks AIGRIND for this epic nearly three years, I hope I can ever return. But not now, that's sure. Farewell! \(°o°;) Benjamin
  20. Warspear Online is a multiplayer game, where players interact with other players, they make friends, chat, etc. What if you want to go on vacation, but don't want to be kicked from your guild? Simply write your status "On vacation, don't kick", and it's sure the others will see it. Or if you have birthday and want to let people know it, update your status "I have birthday today!" So you can let others know what's up with you. In a simple way. This function would be really useful, I have missed it for a long time, and hope devs will add it to the game someday. Another idea is the mail. Do you want to say something to your friend but he/she is offline? Leave a message! They will get your message as soon as they get online again. Hope you like it, feel free to comment on the ideas!
  21. Alright. Although I sent it via email, too, I'd like to post my video here also, with a few details. Everything seemed to be fine. I came online to go dungeoning with my friend. He was never late, but today... Suddenly, Arahbel messaged me. She just got the message that the elves know about the gold supply of the Legion, and that I must find who is the traitor. She told me to meet someone in the tavern of Armor Cliff who can tell me more. Accepting the quest I headed there. Moniccha told me there, that the man I am looking for is not else, but.. my friend. After being sent to two other places, I could finally meet the traitor himself. It was really him! I got mad, fought him, and defeated him. Ten minutes is a really short time, if you like this little movie, I may create a detailed, longer version. Excuse me if it's not perfect, the trimmings are sometimes clearly visible, but this is my very first creation in the genre. Also, excuse me for my English, it is simply wierd for me to talk to myself to a microphone Anyways, enjoy!
  22. There are a lot of types territoties/biomes in the world of Arinar. Snowy mountains, elven land, island of darkness, a place of volcanic activity, a dangerous alien word, a fairy world, and so on. One thing is really missing from Arinar: the magic world of the Orient. My favourite one. Oh, the enchanted Orient with its crowded bazaars, mud-brick houses, mosques., deserts and oases. Why doesn't Warspear Online involve the Orient? Would be awesome! Monsters such as scorpions, lions, crocodiles... And not on a separate island, no! It could be an expansion to Islernort. Every player finishing Berengar Towers could get the storyline quests, which would lead to a new boss at the end. Bazaars could contain a brand new type of trading, which I will include in another, extended version of this topic (working on the details atm). What do you think? Do you have anything to add?
  23. By watching Zeusxelie's videos on YouTube came to my mind how awesome it would be if I could PVP him sometimes. At the current state it's impossible to do it, since I am from the EU realm, and he plays on US-Sapphire. Why not make a cross-server? A server which operated just like as the test server, everyone can get on, explore, fight, quest, and so on. Logging on this server would not affect your real gameplay (because that would make things really complicated), again, it would operate just like the test server. Territory wars would of course be kept, but I guess guild tourny should not be included. Please make this dream possible to become true ^-^ Or if it is currently not an option, then if you read this, Zeus, next time on test server I offer you a PVP fight. Search me on EU, my hero is Tatelan. May have heard of him
  24. Define me luck please. Me and my brother went to dungeon in total of 130 times. Both of us got a drop, a few essences, but the rest... crap. However, one of my friends went to dungeon only 2 times, and he got drop on both(!). He has pretty much luck, but it really made me think. We go to dungeon to profit from it. Well, let's calculate. Spending on 24 staminas counting with 5 500 gold each (this is the price we buy them for), is 132 000 gold. Plus a few sets of healing potions (counting only the used), is about 8 000 plus. Thats 140 000 gold. Now, what we got: A shield skin and a two-handed weapon skin. I equipped the weapon skin, but let's count it in anyways. The shield worths 7 000, the other 12 000, the two [Energy essence]s 5 000 each, and two [Energy catalyst]s, each for 4 000. That's 37 000 gold, only the 26 percent of the spent amount. It is ABSOLUTELY not worth to spam a dungeon, I swear. Also with Wickedora's chest. It doesn't cost money, but does cost time. Much time. I collected 20 of it, opened them and okay, got 3 [Mithryl bar]s and 2 gold ones and 4 [Copper bar]s. The others were... All [blackberry potion]s. One of my other friends opened 1(!!!), and got [Night Owl] from it. Really am I this unlucky? Because for me it seems everyone else has much luck, except me.
  25. Have you ever played World of Warcraft? Then you probably know the "LFD" (Looking For Dungeon) system. It basically works in the same way as the arena queue here; collects people awaiting for the same level dungeon. Now. We'd need something similar in Warspear Online too. I'm personally pretty tired of searching people for dungeons by crying out in World Chat for hours. Let's develop a system, where people can see if there is someone else searching for a party for the same dungeon. Example: I want to make a party for heroic Termitary. I go to Menu>Society>Dungeons, and see if there is a request for that level dungeon. If not, then I click Menu>Create new request, where I can set that I want players for heroic TT, what level and what class players I want. I click "Send", and my request for a party will be available for anyone. Now. If there is a player who fits the requirements, can click on my request. Let's say he's a necromancer. I will be informed by system that someone wants to join me, I can decide if I want or not. If I accept, the player will join my party. Inmediately, the slot for necromancer will be marked as full, so now necromancers can see that I don't need more of 'em. If the party gets full, the request gets marked as full, but it stays among the requests until the party enters a dungeon this is for the case if one of the members leave or get kicked, so it is not necessary to re-create the request. See? It is a pretty convinient feature that makes dungeoning better and easier. I have created a little program in C++ language that simulates this. Not too diffucult method. So? What do you think?
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