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Found 27 results

  1. When the war between two factions heats up the air of the Ayvondyl, a mythical strange energy is felt by the mages coming from north of the island. A group of priests discovers the source of energy is a monster itself . They named it "Devourer". The born of this beast is still unknown to the whole world . Skills:- HP : 300000 Degenerative aura : when invaders are above 3 in number , devourer's energy decreases their hp by certain percentage. Deeper wound : Has a chance to deal double damage (near 45%). Enrage : Devourer frightens his enemies , decreasing their attack speed . #NOTE : As I am new in this game, I do not have much idea about the game story . So if anything goes wrong, I beg sorry for that . Thank You.
  2. Hello dear friends, here is my entry. I used Illustrator on this one, only black and white. I draw it using mouse so it’ll be messy at some point (I don’t have a graphic tablet). Anyway, guys I hope you like it. I’ll do update him as much as I can. Regards Anima the Eternal It started long after the White Wanderer created Arinar and after the War of the Spear that left thousands and millions of lives taken. There was something that the mortal world never sees after the Spear was shattered, divided the world into many. It was the result of hatred and greed and that brings this war to its never ending demise. It was the birth of one of the vilest creature Arinar will ever see, the consequence of the continuous killings and massacres, Anima the Eternal was born. Thousands of years have passed and brave warriors discovered its existence because of the sudden and unforgiving twisted events that happened, it almost wiped the entire mortal beings. It was Anima the Eternal whose purpose was uncertain other than to destroy and slaughter. Brave warriors fought Anima and defeated him, but those brave warriors were not able to tell the tale on how they managed to defeat the vile creature. Those brave warriors were history right now, neither the Sentinels nor Legions didn’t ever know the true story behind those events. No one knows but maybe some, or someone knows. But those events will hunt us again, Anima the Eternal has returned. He feeds into the death of others, he lives into the death of others. He was resurrected because of the countless deaths of others. He’s one with death, from the smallest of creatures to the largest of creatures. We can fight him many times and defeat him many times, but still we can’t stop him from coming back. One thing is for sure, as long as there is death, there is Anima. Is he a god? Did Someone send him to stop the war? Or he’s just the fruit of greed in the power Spear? …….. Anonymous of Ayvondyl oOo Boss Details NAME: ANIMA TYPE: RED CROWNED BOSS ATTACK: MELEE TYPE/CLOSE COMBAT ASPD in SECONDS: 3.0s NORMAL HEALTH LEVEL / 1.5s CRITICAL HEALTH LEVEL (HEALTH below 30%) CHANGE TARGET: YES RESIST: STUN, SLEEP, FEAR, BLIND and other disabling skills. MOVEMENT: VERY FAST RANGE of AGGRESSIVENESS: 5x5 Yards / 5x5 Cells SKILL USAGE: HIGH HEALTH: C/O AIGRIND ENERGY: C/O AIGRIND LEVEL: C/O AIGRIND SKILLS: ACTIVE SKILLS FORCED STEALTH – uses stealth skill even under contact by player/s. HEAL – randomly uses higher rating heal to self. WIDE POISON – poisons surrounding player/s. BLESSING – very short duration buff to itself. High % chance of dealing damage twice in a row. PASSIVE SKILLS LIFE STEAL – recovers HEALTH based on the portion of damage dealt to player/s. SILENCE ARMOR – high % chance of disabling skill usage of the player/s who’s in contact with him. WIDE STUN – % chance of stunning surrounding players around 6x6 cells/yards. FORCED PENETRATION – % chance of ignoring the player/s PHYSICAL DEFENCE. GREATER DARK SHIELD – Passive Level 5 Dark Shield. OTHER DETAILS: C/O AIGRIND …………………………………………… RECOMMENDED PARTY: 3 TANKS 2 HEALERS per party / 1 TANK 1 DAMAGER 3 HEALERS per party Minimum HP requirements for Tanks: 4000 It is highly recommended that Healers will only focus on supporting tanks and damagers. It is not advisable to attack.
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