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Found 3 results

  1. A part of Arinar, there was a peaceful Kingdom that is being led by King Antipas. The King has four sons: Mardu, Ernie, Igris and Namtan. To be respectivelty. Time has come to transfer the throne of the King.. But the King itself knew that there will be a big cinflict between his sons. Therefore, he decided to divide the kingdom into four parts, the North, South, East and West. King Antipas passed away. The Kingdom remain at ease with the four sons. At first, the four sons lived together in peace, until one day.. Mardu, the eldest felt that things are being unfair, He should be the one who is next to his father, he wanted all, he wanted more than on what he had, he think to himself that he should rule the whole Kingdom and not only a part of it.. He wanted to change his fate.. Due to the eagerness and being self-centered of Mardu, he seek help secretly until he reached a place called, Irselnort. He heard humors about a book, a book that has so much knowledge and power and he know to himself, it is what he need to change his fate. Mardu had a chance to stole a page from this book. He used this as a spell to change him. "Ferocious, Powerful, Dangerous foe! Give all the power and magic that you hold! Stronger than one, stronger than ten, stronger than a hunderd men!" Right after the moment the spell had been casted, Mardu just disappear, leaving only the page on where he was.. The Book of Berengar is not used for greediness. Yes, Mardu had the power he wanted, but the book itself felt the greed inside the heart of Mardu.. In that so, it put a curse to Mardu. Mardu is now as powerful as he wanted, stronger than a hundred men. He became a devious Jerboa.. Thereafter, King Mardu has been long forgotten, feeling the regret and all, he began to hunt anyone who dare to go to his lair... Trivia: I did a story about Jerboa cause we all know that this little cute fella walking around the Irselnort, also had seen few people trolling around on world chat that they were calling people to hunt Jerboa, they wanted to have 2parties to kill it. Then I came up on an idea that this can be an entry for this contest. Why so? I may not have conducted bosses using my imagination but rather to pick something on game already. Let's try to give this one an importance, something that made it worthy.
  2. HISTORIA/ STORY: Many warriors in Arinar know this legend, but no one know that it is real, i will tell you everything but you have to believe, so now is the moment, let me take you to a great adventure. Many years ago, during the huge war, an old man from the east was about to die and his son listened about a lake that could heal every injury, but this place was protected by a giant beast called IGNIS and many dangerous places in the way, the young warrior knew this, but was ready to save his father, the next day he began the travel to the lake, he was always a brave warrior, but this time he knew that he needs help, so he went with some partners and they walked a lot, when finally the dark sky began to appear, our warriors began to look for a place to sleep, but there was a problem, they were in a desert, so they had to sleep in the ground, the next day in the morning the young warrior dissapeared and all the others were looking for him because he was the guider and nobody else did know the way back. The young warrior did wake up in a strange cave and he tried to escape, but he could not, so he began to look into the cave, 2 hours later the warrior finded a beautifull lake surrounded by some trees, and when he tried to get closer, a huge beast appeared and the warrior protected himself, the beast tried to kill him but he did not give up, after 1 hour fighting the beast finally killed the young warrior. One hour later the partners finally finded the cave and inside there were the young warrior dead, so they took the map from his bag and they ran away back to the town. When they did come back to the town, the old man was dead and they told the truth to everyone. The big problem with IGNIS is that he is hidden in the darkness waiting to kill and many people say that IGNIS is the son of the evil and born from the pure magma but we will not know never. Muchos guerreros en Arinar saben esta leyenda, pero nadie sabe que es real, te diré todo pero tú tienes que creer, así que ahora es el momento, déjame llevarte a una gran aventura. Hace muchos años, durante la gran guerra, un viejo del este estaba a punto de morir y su hijo escuchó sobre un lago que podría curar cada herida, pero este lugar estaba protegido por una bestia gigante llamada IGNIS y muchos lugares peligrosos en el camino, el joven guerrero lo sabía, pero estaba dispuestos a salvar a su padre, al día siguiente empezó el viaje al lago , fue siempre un guerrero valiente, pero esta vez sabía que necesita ayuda, así que se fue con algunos socios y caminaron mucho, cuando finalmente el cielo oscuro comenzó a aparecer, nuestros guerreros comenzaron a buscar un lugar para dormir, pero había un problema, que estaban en un desierto, así que tuvieron que dormir en el suelo , al día siguiente por la mañana el joven guerrero desapareció y todos los demás lo buscaban porque él era el guiador y nadie sabía el camino de vuelta. El joven guerrero despertó en una extraña cueva y trató de escapar, pero no pudo así que comenzó a investigar la cueva, 2 horas más tarde el guerrero encontró un hermoso lago rodeado de algunos árboles, y cuando intentó acercarse, una gran bestia apareció y el Guerrero se protegió, la bestia intentó matarlo pero este no se rindió, después de 1 hora peleando la bestia finalmente mató al joven guerrero. Una hora más tarde los socios finalmente encontraron la cueva y dentro yacía el joven guerrero muerto, así que se llevaron el mapa de su bolsa y huyeron hacia la ciudad. Cuando volvieron a la ciudad, el viejo estaba muerto y contaron la verdad a todo el mundo. El gran problema con IGNIS es que esta siempre en la oscuridad esperando para matar y muchas personas dicen que IGNIS es el hijo del mal y nacido del magma puro pero no lo sabremos nunca. INFO: damage: 650 Lvl: 30 hp: 1500000 energy: 1000 DROPS: Dropea armas lvl25, traje, catalizadores, esenciales y esferas. It drops weapons lvl25, custom, catalysts, essentials, and espheres. COMPORTAMIENTO/ BEHAVIOR: IGNIS lay in a cave surrounded by 4 towers that deal damage (100) to everyone who use skills so ignis always stay in the middle of the towers and if ignis go out of the towers area he will try to scape coming back to the area. IGNIS se encuentra en una cueva rodeado por 4 pilares, a la hora de batallar ignis se mantiene dentro del radio de los 4 pilares, ya que si se utiliza un skill dentro del area de los pilares estos realizaran un daño de 100 cada uno al objetivo que utilizo el skill, si ignis sale del area de los cuatro pilares este intentara entrar otra vez intentando escapar. HABILIDADES/ SKILLS: Threads of darkness (Death knight). Shattered stone (Mage). Elusive jump (Rogue).
  3. Story: As a high priest and a follower of the sun, Farov was devoted to serving Harad. Everything was going well until someone tried to murder Harad. Fortunately the assassin wasnt strong enough to slay Harad. With further investigations and confession from the assassin it came to light that Farov himself had tried to wage the murder. Deep inside his heart Farov had a lust of power and wanted to take over Harad's empire. Harad couldn't bear the bitter truth and handed Farov and his servants to the Tlalocs for their punishment. Tlaloc priests mummified Farov and his servants and placed a curse on him and locked them away in the depths for eternity. But whoever tries to wake him would be doomed by Farov and his sun and undead powers. Skills and Behaviour: Farov The Cursed as a sealed cursed mummy anyone who opens his tomb (touches tomb to spawn boss and adds) will receive a one time high physical damage of 2k from boss (can be reduced if player has high defence or shield or defence buffs skills on him). You will need b quest to farm the boss. 'Key to the tombs' is the quest item needed to enter boss area. The quest item is dropped by The Lord of the Depth (TT Heroic boss has a stack of keys on his waist) to all members in party with quest in quest book. Key gets consumed once player enters the tombs. Boss Level 30 1.75M HP 500mana pool 100 mana regen Spawn time 15mins after death Boss has normal melee attack. He attacks with a morning star and sickle each held in one hand. Physical damage 500 Magic damage 300 Penetration 5% Other defence and attack stats as per devs. Skills: Necro infection level 3 cd 30sec Priest valor aura level 5 cd as per skill Mage stone shatters level 5 cd 25sec Druid bees area 7x7 (locust swarm) level 3 cd 20sec DK Death Call level 5 cd 15sec 'Untouchable' (New skill) Duration 5sec, cs 70sec The boss emits a dark aura and anyone in a block directly next to the boss (including diagonally) will get a damage tick equal to 10% of their HP. Skill will have 1 tick per second for skill duration. Boss can drop Farov's costume (if devs can design). Drop rate as per devs (need to be as rare or rarer than faceless costume). Boss adds 4x called 'Farov's Servants' and look like white skeleton mage. Magic damage 200 15k hp each Spawn time 1min after death Mana pool 200 Mana regen 50 Penetration 3% Other defence and attack stats as per devs Skills: Lock fear cd 25sec Priest words cd 20sec They will attack anyone around them randomly after they spawn. AI mechanics as per TT heroic boss adds. Boss area description: Boss area is as big as TT heroic boss area in size but worm hole is in the center of the screen. Entry to boss area is from bottom of screen right in the middle just one door. Boss evades if tank reaches bottom row of screen. Boss spawn tomb is at top of screen in the middle. No player can exit the area once entered so as to mimic the situation of being trapped. Death by boss, adds, worm hole or use of teleport scroll are the only ways to exit the area. The boss area is a red zone (mc can attack elf and vice versa).
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