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Found 18 results

  1. A great protector of nature lived hidden in the forests means of lrselnort, Lord Ladybug, uses his skills to save as creatures of the warspear world, his clothes show a lot of beauty and his nuclei bring love and happiness for all who use it. I need help from google translate, so sorry for the spelling mistakes Good luck to all the competitors and I hope you like my outfit NICK: SEILAAAJR SERVER: BR-TOURMALINE
  2. This guy has finally graduated from a local University, and now this guy wants to take his final Master's Degree which is the "Master of Warspear''. Its just a simple graduation suite and made original by the work of yours truly, me. I made this costume just for fun and just want to add some ideas if this costume is good for Warspear. This costume contains Mortarboard (head), Tie (for men), Hood (for women), Gown. This costume contain the element of Love and Success! Original maker - Rapagilaz (Bladedancer of Eu - Emerald)
  3. The main idea is a costume that hide armor without removing them. Cause some people just wanna run naked in arinar. And also this costume allow people to use their favorite haircut. Sorry for the bad edit this is my first post on forum
  4. Prototype knight x-1 Material-fine steel「t2 irselnort mc side 」 -mythril bar「chest,drop,swamp reward」 -gold bar「chest,drop,swamp reward,」 -hide and skin black phanter「t4 irsernort mc side」 *Costume that made from precious ore and exotic animal.its say its armor can take many hit without even scracth .The leather cloth is comfortable and durable too.its also equiped with radar thatll point faraway or invicible foes 「rogue,seeker,pot-er」乁( ˙ ω˙乁). Many people yearn for it.Rumor say its price for this costume so high as berengar tower.the downside this *costume its just prototype so vulnerable to magic attack is unavoidable... (Thanks @anreeneo and @Jcbreff for pointing my mistakd ╭( ๐_๐)╮)
  5. It was like just a normal day in the city of Altgard,the birds chirping,the hustling bustling noise of the market,the noise of an iron being hammered by the blacksmith,chatterings,jestings,laughters..etc.. but it was no ordinary day,a strange boy wearing a yellow jacket with a cap and with sunglasses walked down the street, everybody were so surprised,most people wondered who the heck is this strange weird looking guy,while some think he's kinda looking cool.The same question were asked among themselves,well,nobody knows,so they decided to ask him who he was and where he was from,he just answered," I am from the far future,of course none of you will understand what im talking about",then,he started explaining how he ended in the city,how his friend's time machine which was meant for a prank was spelled by something ancient,how he is trap in Arinar,but he doesnt seem panicking or sad,he is still cool as he is,just walkin the streets like its his world. The people cannot stop staring at him,of course some ladies started to like him.......... His jacket is of course made of cotton,and a little synthetic fibre,while,his cap is made of gold linen,gold threads and pure cotton,his pants is made of wool and cotton,and his sneakers are made of synthetic and a little magic to enhance walking,his sunglasses are made of...glass,you know,to look dope ,coolness,XD ,, [The W logo in the cap is removed at the updated image as it cannot fix as well as expected as the pixel squares are reduced] Well,thats it,i cant think of any other way to continue the story, i know its not that...... I hope you like my Costume ;) ,Thank you. Name: Renglalz Server: Us sapphire Note: The ones with the lesser pixels are the updated version.
  6. Chocko is a chocolate bar Everybody loves chocolate... Dont say not! Sweeeeeeeeeeet
  7. A long time ago a child was born were the HUMAN, ELF, ORC, and even the UNDEAD they were fighting for their own live. When the day come to end of the war the no one know who win A good blooded Blacksmith ORC found a child the First born with the blood of the ELF AND HUMAN. The ORC raise the child to be blacksmith and a strong warrior were they fought for survival … the young child grow up making it own weapon armory ORC teach him well. He made his own equipment a good one. With silver plated, light blue cape and Violet of dead armor. And helm of two eye. but he want more power. He journey to unknown word. Finding a stone of energy for him to amplify that to his equipment he had many relics, potion. To make the strongest of itself. When he never know that all what he put in his armor are acquiring. his body Changing him to be evil he is know. Hungry for blood killing anyone. Winning a war He becomes immortal. But a after a hundred year he has been captured by the group name the keeper . A group of A HUMAN, ELF, ORC, and Even UNDEAD to stop the suffering of their very own world. Stop the madness, wars .. They seal him in unknown island that no can reach.. But his Equipment was separate from him. They seal his equipment in a cave of the strongest dungeon that only the strongest survive. Story of the WARLORD. The Legendary lord ( VORG ) * use app Microsoft paint only
  8. Hi everyone! So I just have finished my skin - Prophet of Moon. Gender - male. Race - Garou Anzu-ihri Werewolves. It is said that Moon is their 'religious' symbol. So I decided to make something relating to it. That's how the concept of 'Prophet of Moon' crossed my mind. Description: A werewolf wearing a cloak, a hood and blue metal plate chest-armor. Also, there is red gem details on hood, hands and on belt. Bellow the middle red gem (bellow waist) the Prophet wears a blue skirt-type pants (like nomads used to wear (in real world)). In addition to the 'skirt', werewolf has a wide piece of blue cloth with ornament stretching down from belt to lower part of the skirt (between legs). He doesn't wear gloves or footwear so you can see his bare hands and foot. However, there is a few bandages around his ankles and red bands on wrists. On shoulders - dark blue metal plate figures with cyan gems on top of them (representing moonlight). The cloak and the hood are in white and blueish shades. (Perhaps a Garou or Moon symbol could be added to the cloak). The eyes are green. (Since this werewolf is a prophet, it is safe to say that he handles powers of the Moon which have dyed his eyes in glowing-green color.) Everything was made by me (except werewolf's face, I had to copy it from the game :(, but I changed few details) using GIMP and a screenshot from avatar select screen from the game (was used for proportions and sizes). Here is a 3 to 1 scale Here is a 24 x 36 pixels size Here is the original size I made Thanx for reviewing! Good luck to others ;) Epikden --Edit: Added side, back, 3 perspective view.
  9. Fire breather made of fire combination of lava and magma makes fire breather he lives in volcanos of lava and his food is fire Made Of Fire The Fire Breather
  10. A skeleton with beast skull and two ashy horn Two sharp bones out of his shoulders He has two red eye And he covered with torn black cloth A torn red cape And a part of ribs can be seen
  11. - Mysterious wizard who is the mercenary. People recruiting him for helping them, ofcourse not for free. He is strong, brave and elusive. He's also unsociable, he travels alone. You can find him always in the tavern drinking beer alone. - He wear heavy armor with cape and Hood. He won't show you his face!. He have the golden choker at his neck and ruby ring on his right hand. He also has a purse with gold on his belt. - His armor is made from titanium and his cape is made from silk. - Elements of his armor: Hood, cape, boots, chestplace, pads, belt. Well i think that's all. I never did pixel art and i need to tell it was fun! I made it on mobile but i think it's pretty cool aren't it? I wish i win this it would be a nice gift for my bday because the results are near my bdays. Yeah hope u like my first project and good luck to others! ;) Server: EU-Emerald Name: Baxffykp
  12. -Emerald Queen is the most important queen of all gems. She is friendly, likes everything what has green color. You can easily find her sitting on green, spring plains. If you want to find a best friend, always look for her when spring time comes. -She wears an crown with emerald stone inside it. Her breastplate is made of green cloth mixed with emerald. -Elements of Her armor: Crown,Pendant,Breastplate,Boots Welp, this is my first pixel art made for contest, I wonder what ya will guys think 'bout it. Have fun! Server EU-Emerald (thats not the reason why she is emerald) Name: Darkrivien
  13. A long time ago, Acorn was living in Melvendil with his big brother. One day his brother was chosen as the Mayor of Ilhor the capital of Melvendil. He had no time for his little borther anymore. Acorn became jealous as his brother was always busy with keeping the island in order and had no time to play with anymore. He became bitter. One day he felt like no one needed him anymore and decided to move to another Island. He remembered that when he was very young, his grandmother had told a story about an island where everyone were friends together and no one was left alone. He went to the harbour, took his little vessel and started the journey. Not too long after leaving the harbour, huge storm appeared out of nowhere. His small vessel broke and he couldn't steer it anymore. He was adrift at sea all by himself. He went to sleep. When he woke the next day he realized he was on the shore of an unknown isle. There were trees and flowers anywhere he laid his eyes on. Everything was beautiful, he was sure that this was the island his grandmother had told about. And it was, the Blissful Isle. The costume is made from the finest fur from chimpunks that live in Melvendil. Zurp - Eu Emerald
  14. Hello My in game name is Yalibe (same as the forum name) server BR-Tourmaline Here is the sprite i made for the costume contest, and all details about it : Norlant Diving Gear Sprite Art: Description: This diving dress is made with different materials. The helmet is made with copper and have openings for watching outside while the rest is made with leather cloth and grease for waterproofing. Lore: The Norlant Diving Gear were developed by a mysterious engineer and it was made to explore Norlant's cluster of islands underwater. Many of the manufactured gears were destroyed by the attack of savage creatures and today there are only a few gears remaining and the Chainless League keep them secretly hidden somewhere at Zeneth Haf. How to acquire: The costume would be obtainable by completing missions in the Swamps of Norlant with the same drop rate as Set Items, and to make it easier to get i suggest the parameter "Equipping" so you can trade with other players.
  15. So Yeah , This is my own costume Sargulath is teach anyone how to break line of enemy's and strategy Sargulath story's : 1 Million Years ago many evil dragons wanted to kill all of the people in the world . One day , one of the people in the world dead and the man went to the hell , because he was really quilty. This man met Sargulath in the hell and he called for Sargulath boss for help. Sargulath went back to the world (without the man) Sargulath killed the dragons and all of the people were grateful to him. After this , Sargulath went back to the hell and helped the people went back to the world. That's all I hopefully u guys enjoy :) Server: Eu-Emerald Name: Pepperonis
  16. Hello All! I will try my best for this contest https://m.imgur.com/F9y7tOi Dark Storm Mage This costume is not just an ordinary costume. If you use this costume, you will get very strong aura. What aura? You will get dark aura from this costume. And from this costume you will get dark power of storm. And the glove have lightning power. The costume created with red colour and dark grey because the costume have dark power. The glove have Blue colour because in the glove have lightning power. I pick red and dark grey colour because I like this colour, it looks cool, i like. And, the costume have blue colour because the costume is like having power of lightning(in my opinion). Sorry if my English bad And I can't make description, so I just made my best . Thanks you for reading . I create costume use Pixly app in Android
  17. Ayvondil - The Eternal Forest is polluted by the filth! Many have already fallen and been subjugated by the filth. Many brave heroes of Arniar have succeeded in conquering over the filth and the raid boss Spawn but many have failed to the toxicity of the enemies alone. Engineers of Technopolis have been researching and developing an anti-filth suit that will protect the heroes of Arinar from the toxicity of the enemies and focus on conquering the filthy enemies with sheer power. The engineers came up with the Hazmat Suit as a defense against toxicity. The Hazmat Suit is made up of ground breaking Technopolis technology. The materials used are synthetic polymers which do not allow any toxic materials to penetrate to the skin. The suit also has a breathing mask to protect against vicious fumes and a pair of radiation resistant goggles to allow a good scope of vision whilst providing protection. The Hazmat Suit comes in two stock colors, white and yellow but can be ordered as per the color chosen by the wearer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my original idea after playing in Malliat for so long and I hope you all like my costume idea. Costume created using https://www.pixilart.com/draw#. Please vote for me! Thank you. Cheers!!! Psyborg - 28 Bladedancer (US Sapphire)
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