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Found 4 results

  1. Olá meninos e meninas, este é o meu costume para o evento. Um lindo vestido rosa feito com os mais delicados e raros tecidos da ilha abençoada, com as mais belas flores do campo, nas tonalidades de rosa, contém 2 acessórios de cabelo, uma roupa simples mas bonita, tenho certeza que os jogadores garotas do time de guerra que eles vão amar. Espero ganhar este evento, porque sinto falta de muitas opções de roupas femininas no jogo, especialmente na primavera, onde as belas flores se destacam.
  2. Voodoo Costume This costume mainly consists of natural vegetation found in Norlant swamps, It is a handcrafted wear. The necklace is made of Norlant Adamant and some Golden Wyvern's Skin. The Mask however has never been seen before, it is unknown what material it is made of, however legend say's that those who wear it instantly lose their minds. The Voodoo may appear injured at fight glance, however don't lose your guard as those are only minor battle scars.
  3. ALMANAUT Almanauta was born from the depths of the ancestral labyrinth, having lost all its race and remaining hidden for miles of years in the labyrinth. Now it has been strengthened and has been brutally killed in the war. Its main objective is to kill those who ordered to destroy their race, since they could create weapons to improve any statistics in the game, that is, they commit an error committed by their own nature. Almanauta has harvested a cane so powerful that it is capable of destroying it with a single blow. It is created by the divine water and the life of the dark blue life that is the main material of any powerful weapon and that is what allows us to create unique weapons that surpass statistics.
  4. English: Amid the chaos of the Arinar war, a man was loved by all, The Cook. He knew more than a thousand recipes with all kinds of herbs and beasts in the world, his food had the ability to be more penetrating than the sharpest sword or the strongest magic. Português: Em meio ao caos da guerra de Arinar, um homem era amado por todos, O Cozinheiro. Ele conhecia mais de mil receitas com todos os tipos de ervas e bestas existentes no mundo, sua comida tinha a capacidade de ser mais penetrante que a mais afiada espada ou a mais forte magia. Espanhol: En medio del caos de la guerra de Arinar, un hombre era amado por todos, El Cocinero. Él conocía más de mil recetas con todo tipo de hierbas y bestias existentes en el mundo, su comida tenía la capacidad de ser más penetrante que la más afilada espada o la más fuerte magia. Server: EU-Emerald Nickname: Nadiegol Class: Mage
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