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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, Today I'm going to talk about Chieftain's "Bear's Stamina" that works wrong. Lets put its definiton here; Instantly restores character's health in the amount of [%A] of the characters magic power and adds [%B] of the character's missing health. I tried it several times, recorded a video to see what it does. And I've found that its second hp filling works after the first. Let me explain; Lets think a chief has max 5000 hp, 1000 magic power and A=100 . When its hp reduces to 2000 and he uses the skill, firstly 1000 hp is restored as normal, no have any error here. After that, think B=10, it should restore more 300 hp because chief's most reduced hp was 2000 and max hp was 5000 (3000 missing health), but it restores 200 hp because computes after the first hp restoration. Second work of the skill is really useless in that way, also if u restore critical in the first work, the second one's effect is really getting bad. It will restore 100 hp in the example above. Thats all that I will say. Thanks.
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