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Found 12 results

  1. Qual os possíveis tipos de Ban ou bloqueio que um jogador pode receber como punição ? Existe alguma regra na hora de banir em um caso incomum? Como por exemplo: Jogador X conhecido na comunidade, toma um ban de IP e ID, este jogador seria proibido de jogar warspear publicamente fazendo uso de outro dispositivo e conexão de internet?
  2. This is something that is going over the limit I do not know if this is a bot or an actual person But hes going on for an hour My friend has ignored 18 of his or hers chars Please ban this persons device or I.P or however it works
  3. Muitos jogadores tiveram problemas com suas contas banidas hoje. Podemos ter no mínimo uma informação?
  4. Racism in the game, committed by the player ironchma‼️🛴
  5. Ontem, 20/08/2018 comprei 200 moedas milagrosas sem querer e fui na playstore pedi reembolso, Na minha conta tinha 2353 moedas milagrosas ai pensei que iriam descontar os 200 coins e tudo bem, Mas ao entrar na conta ela estava banida.agora como resolvo isso ?
  6. Mudar para português My friend also had his account blocked, he emailed the supporter about her recovery, but the deadline expired and he had no answer whatsoever, what can be done?
  7. FAP

    Make silent

    Make Tywill block in interact. Silent him for buying acc
  8. Eu divulguei em meu canal no YouTube ( Raphone ), um site de compra de gold, ( Gamerusher ), a divulgação era feita durante alguns segundos no vídeo com uma imagem..., e na descrição do vídeo. De acordo com as regras de conduta do Warspear Online, a infração é dada de acordo com as regras, quando cometida dentro do jogo, minha divulgação foi feita fora do jogo, no vídeo dentro do YouTube. Alguém pode me dar alguma explicação sobre isso? Preciso do meu perfil de volta.
  9. Hello i was playing and this 2 guys started insult muslim and arabs without reason i said to stop but they continued insulting i hope the support do something to stop this bad behavior and offenses and insult without reasons, they names was (Healallelf and Grenlandia) thank you so much support i will be grateful if it stop. Server Eu Emerald (elf side) The server is Eu - Emerald (elf side)
  10. Is it Legal for Game / forum Mods to share personal info of players with other players they consider as "friends" in the game? :)
  11. Account sharers can spam arena 24/7 and win season easy. You should ban these cheaters from arenas long enough to give others a chance. Else fair players (the majority) will give up and you will sell less tickets and pots.
  12. Recently I was playing Warspear the android ... and after a while I started to play for my notebook because of lag problems ... sometimes comes out of the game in a pvp or tower farm boss lab etc ... then I am here to question how can I regulates the exchange of devices and we do not want to take ban by "multiple people using the same account" that is not actually more my friends already led ban the same attitude .. then how do I rectify all and we left happy
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