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Found 7 results

  1. Some discussion and some solutions maybe? Please discuss and tell me your opinion!! 2 VIDEOS FOR THE INTRO: Issue 1: XAMA's healing totem is OP when used together. Discussion: -The totem will heal only those who have low health, therefore, its effect occurs on those who have lost life. -The totem heals a total of 4x, one every 3 seconds. -The totem heals up to 5 injured players. -Can heal up to 1100(easy) When we have a guild with 20 Shamans, and everyone using the healing totem at the same time We have a cure of 20 (totem) x 5 (injured players) x 1100hp = 110000 healing every 3 seconds for injured players in the area. (Max of 22k healing in one player each 3 seconds) So, when we have that number of totems and players with high resilience, the healing totem area is so much that it is impossible to kill someone. This absurd area healing, added to the Chief's area damage and Necro's and Warlock's debuffs has created an huuuuugeee imbalance between the factions at war fights / Guilds vs Guilds. Suggestion for solution: Just as it was done in the Templar with its statue skill, place it so that the healing totem applies a buff (maximum number of buffs: 1) on each player it affects, and a player cannot be affected several times by this healing effect. This would fix the massive area healing that we see and is breaking the game balance. Issue 2: The Guild skill magic globe is useless against the Chieftain class. Discussion: -The Chieftain has physical and magical damage - Chieftain Area damage can be magical and physical (bleeding is physical) -The globe changes the magic parameter for physical and physical for magical. In the case of the chief, his set of weapons allows him to have both high magic and physical damage, so when a Chief is under the globe effect he can deal area damage equally, without being affected, and in contrast the sentinel classes will not be able to do any. So one of the best guild skills to control the enemy's damage has proved to be useless against the legion due to the CHIEF's arrangement. Suggestion for solution: Changing the way the globe works, causing it to reduce by 80% all the damage that enemy players can do. With the lag you can take a look how many totems, weakness and healing... Extra edit: weakness totem is also OP cus it can fully debuff the other team, as you can see in the pictures...
  2. Life Exhaust I don't know about this. Because once I use it, I don't really see if dot damage is dodge or block. Shadow Sphere This is a definite buff, but we've already received the damage nerf. But I think we can expect better damage to the new mechanism. Grimoire It's very sad that the extra healing effect has been transferred to this skill because I don't use this skill. Dev said he'd save the unpopular skills, but I don't think I'll use Life Exhaust because no more extra healing at Dark Seal. By the way I think its good for pve user Dark Seal I've used the Dark Seal - Life Exhaust combo before, but I didn't feel like I could guarantee a better viability. To increase the viability by this skill, must first use Hex and then use Dark Seal. And this applies only to one enemy. I don't think this is good for increase Warlock's viability. Because there's a lot of potential for resistance. Warlock needs skills to survive, not to be bound by resistance.
  3. Here is the problem about mobility! Now we have: The seeker who can walk faster The mage who can jump The paladin who can jump The blade dancer who can rush The rogue who can jump on target The barbarian who can jump on target Pay attention, we have 4 classes with mobility mechanics on the Sentinel side, and all those 4 do not require a target to gain Square meters of advantage when moving to an objective. On the Legion side we have 2 classes who do need to get a target to move forward. So during Guild vs Guild games if it's required to reach a point faster, even with the 30 seconds skill lock on the mermens trials, during the whole match, the Sentinel side will have a big advantage getting someone there first, always! There is no way if you have to walk 200 Squares into a line any class from legion be there faster than a seeker/mage/blade dancer/paladin! this is the problem, they will reach the position first, even if they get wiped as many from the legion, they will be able to reach the objective, fight again faster! this is not fair!!!! Legion do need more mobility just as Sentinels have! The lock skills at the start of mermens trial if very fair but it do not solve the imbalance we have when someone can revive and get back into battle faster then the other side!!!! Please take a note into that!!!
  4. hello to everyone. I am writing this post because many people have asked me why I quit the game despite the fact that I like it so much and I play it from the very beginning. I think you all agree with me that the game is getting worse. The creators of this game listen to the wrong people, and as you know, a large number of players are just children who, as soon as they see that they are trying to weaken the profession they are currently playing, get furious and take to the forum and the changes that the game developers want to make to make a balance are almost impossible. Children are not constructive and many players who play this game lose their desire to just quit the game, or those who don't want to part ways create a character on the opposite side to have some fun with the game, although it hurts the side they played even more. U-speech in balance between MC and forsaken vs elves and chaosen. Currently, the game looks like that only the elves win wars, events and they only get stronger and the opposing side loses players who simply do not have the strength and nerves in this unequal fight. Warden who does not have enough healing while blocking, additionally has a skill that is hard for him to kill and he is hit very weakly, which in the end ends with the warden standing afk and no one can kill him. A warden who doesn't have enough healing while blocking, additionally has a skill that is hard for him to kill and he is beaten very poorly, which in the end ends with the warden standing afk and no one can kill him where the death knight if he hits the warden, the death knight will sooner die than warden and the same is with anyone who tries to fight a warden I mean rogue hunter where the death knight falls in a moment the same is with other tanks except warden. I don't understand why, despite the fact that the warden has blocking healing and a skill that reduces damage, he got a new skill that reduces enemy damage and increases it to the warden. no tank has aggression which additionally heals just old professions have the same skills as new but worse. the death knight got a lot of weakness but warden when the game developers proposed that blocking healing should be energized, the children fell into tears and the game developers withdrew the change. Do you not see what the game looks like? it just can't be played if it is played on the mcc side. The next profession that requires changes is the mage. He has a shield that lasts quite a long time and if you break it, he can turn on the next one. A meditation that restores the mana to its fullest is a joke. As a result, magicians who have huge hits put penetrations into the rings and critical ones into the belt. I've tried to do bosses with my friend recently and on bosses the mages just beat themselves bosses because they are so strong. When I tried to kill him with my friend and both of us were heavily upgraded (+10 weapons and armor) it ended with the mage left with full life and we both got killed. why the mage, despite being so strong, got another skill that removes positive skills from the enemy? Such a skill would be more appropriate if a warlock got it. The lack of mages getting under penetration, critical and cooldowns have a shield of a lot of stuns can weaken the tank by removing its dark shield when it comes to the dark knight or healing healers. The game on the elven side looks like the mages, warden, ranger and bladedancers themselves are created. Nobody makes paladins and other classes because they are unnecessary since the warden does not need healing and the mage. the druid has lots of stuns and a lot of treatment. no one makes paladins. We will never do dunegon merman on the mcc side if nothing changes because a team of warden and mages will fall and kill everyone without loss, because the warden will have full health and the mage has shields and after hitting the teleport which deals strong damage if he additionally chews comets that give the next strong injuries a lot of people will kill and eventually finish off with an attack and in addition chewing stun simply nothing can be done. the next thing is new skills like resistance. I do not understand why resistance is not added every now and then so that stony sometimes do not sit, you just need to turn on the skill that sometimes has or wait a year for special armor. It's strange that a much lower level can repel a high-level player just as much. If resistance was added automatically without requiring special armor or upgrades and skills, the tank would have normal chances and professions that beat at a distance would have to think sometimes. I am sad when I see what is happening with this game now, but if this is how the game should look like and if entering the game is to mean unnecessary nervousness and frustration because I will meet elves who will sweep me around or someone will leave the game or go to the elves' side. why play it. Look more closely at the developers of the game and stop listen to the children. I don't care about weakening the elves by some significant ones so that the elves are very weak and about some leveling of chances, looking at old skills and balancing them instead of adding new ones. Increasing the cooldown of stuns for each profession, Resist should grow as well as solidity Increasing the mage's shield cooldown and healing for blocking an attack would take mana or instead of healing it would have a positive effect or reflect damage by some percentage
  5. I would like to suggest a rework on either of the 2 skills mentioned below: 1. Saturation: It would be better to reduce it's health consumption rate. Basically, Dark Knight players without a good amount of steal health can't gain enough health to tackle it's side effects. Imagine a player with bare amount of gold uses this skill as a hope to farm and earn some gold. Not only them, all dark Knights will become much more reliable without having them to have +10 equips. I mean, why not? If a medium amped warden can do it, why can't we? On to the next one, as I said reworking on either of this skills will like bring back life with smiles on the legion side. It's all about balancing of the skill between the two oppositions. 2. Secret Reserves : Literally a skill which got nerfed into being nothing. It's good in PvP on 1 on 1. That's literally it. Making it 4/4 is another rip off. I mean that reactivation time of a PASSIVE skill is way too much. You will die within the long run, no jokes. It would be better to rework the skill either by removing that sure dead reactivation time or you could easily change to how it works to, Certain percentage of health is regained with each successful BLOCK or PARRY or maybe DODGE. ( I know what you are thinking :'3 ) Well, as I said, reworking on either of these 2 skill would kinda balance out the skill between Dark Knight and Warden. Not only that, as a matter of fact, the frustrated DK players who have left, will leave will again have a BIG HOPE of being reliable with just medium amped equips. How cool is that? Can you imagine newbies who got interested in DK can actually help themselves in quest in servers where there are very less players. Give the legion side a chance to shine too!
  6. Those Chinese who using very cheap coins and destroy items prices r just unfair make it fair for all let all use it or delete that stupid method that ruin the whole game here is ss from Chinese who using it 298 thier currency is like 40$ while other people paying 99$ and thats not fair will destroy the whole game and those Chinese doing that cheap method for thier non Chinese friends lot quit cuz of this so do something about it pls and save this game
  7. First of all, I know the game is yours and you make whatever you want with the skills, but there are kind of rules to a fair pvp about crowd controls. Roots are intended to prevent movement skills, not every skill. It is just to immobilize the target, as you can see here on this Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowd_control_(video_gaming)#Types_of_crowd_control. On the first topic says this about roots: "Root/Snare - immobilizes character while allowing all other actions to occur". I'm really tilted about the Druid root right now. That's why I'm asking it to be changed. As a lvl 16 weak Necromancer, I just wanna be able to use my shield and heal while I'm rooted, because this is the way a root should work to be fair for the opponent. The current root Druids have is called stun. At least try to make a fair pvp, please.
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