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Found 2 results

  1. Issues: I've been playing Warspear since 2011, and although I recently moved from Legion to Sentinel Alliance, I reached the max level, got max bag slot, amplified my equipment to max stats. Since new events, features, costumes, and equipment keep on coming, I really want to try them out; especially gears as experiment. As I started to collecting max-amplified gears and new costumes, I find my 300-slot bag stuffed of things I don't want to let go (because who would want to let go of lv 30-32 max level gears and rare costumes that took lots of effort to get?). For sure, the newly introduced personal storage is great, but I cannot store my personal items within it, making it useless to try and make space for my bag. Right now I have approximately 80 rare costumes and 75 pieces of max amplified gears. Since I have to stock potions, scrolls, foods, minions, quest loots, craft resources, and other things from missions and miracle shop, I find it difficult to reorganize my bag every time I have to get new items to amplify or chests to open. For example, I need to make at least 100 slots available when amplifying because I'm the type to click nonstop until the gears get max amplified or when the amplification resources run out. As I mentioned above, every single time I try to amplify or open chests, I need to move things to my other characters which is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming. Suggestions: I would like to recommend a wardrobe and personal equipment kit/deck to be added to the miracle shop. For the wardrobe, when purchase, it will take up 1 bag space, but when u open it, it grants u 5 slots which u can move your costumes from your bag into those slots. For additional slots, you have to purchase them with either miracle coins or additional wardrobe section which grants 5 new slots. This way players can store their costumes in the wardrobe and put other necessary items in their bag. The same thing can be said to equipment, a new equipment deck can be added to the miracle shop. For this, it has the same function as the wardrobe, but instead of storing costumes, this can be used to store used equipment and it will leave extra space in players' bag to put other necessary things as they see fit. For more convenience, I recommend that to access the wardrobe and equipment deck, players do not have to click on them, they can just go to switch their costumes or equipment the usual way. This provides more familiarity as well as less time consumption. Conclusion: Taking everything into account, I do not really think that all players are like me, but I strongly believe that these suggestions will bring more convenience to the overall players and the developers. The point is that players have the ability to choose to buy or not buy the wardrobe or equipment deck if they don't really need them, but for players like me who do need them, it'd bring us more convenience to try out new gears and costumes without having to worry about our bag space being taken from personal items that can't be exchanged or stored away. Developers can also profit from this as they can introduce new items to the miracle shop and have players buy them for additional space organization.
  2. Turtle

    Bugs 7.0 Client

    Ima report all Bugs Here just Found one. When Trying to use barber set it makes you extend bag slots Wasting another 199 Mcoins... or Using anything else doesn't work. This on IOS idk Other Devices I want a refund of 199 Mcoins though lol. Hunterporn/Turtleduck Us Sapphire
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