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Found 2 results

  1. I would like to point out a new method to earn XP in the game. The idea I had would be something similar to a tower however Instead of the player having a team of 5 players in the group he can only enter alone or with a minion. Inside this tower the player has to survive all the waves of monsters. With each wave the monsters get more and more powerful. For each monster killed, the player gains an amount of xp The amount of xp is added and shown only at the end of all waves in the tower or Until the player's death. 1* It is only possible to respawn once in the tower. 2* The tower can only be done once a week. 3* If the player is level 18 the monsters will be level 18 too. 4* To enter the tower the player has to pay an amount of gold. 5* If the player is level 18 then there will be 18 waves. 6* the tower is located in the 2nd astral labyrinth of kronus. Gaining XP will be easy It's really hard to get to the tower :) BY: google translate
  2. My Boss Is Kadom A Gigantic Evolved Tortoise Lets start the back story shall we? Young Jason worked the fields with the other elf slaves deep in the forsaken island with his father Scrivener.Jason Never was like the other elves and loved to disobey orders and hide in tuckoots inner realm. Having been caught by the guards of the house of darkness and sent to the overlord of forsaken himself The over lord found a interesting liking to this young boy and decided to wipe his memory's cut off his ears clean and transform him into a huge tanking death knight able to hold the front lines at isrelnort forever at the astral labyrinth. Young Jason washed and sent off to the front lines of isrelnort straight into the war of the spear was sent down near the berengars caves and the astral labyrinth. The army named him Kadom the Tank when he arrived After the ancient dragons of lore for when the Legion decided to explore the astral labyrinth Kadom himself was the tank roaring through messengers he was left by his healers and his party to be knocked unconscious during the battle through the labyrinth. When he awoke he was held captive by the powerful torturer who wanted him to be his endless servant.After some weeks of working for the powerful torturer slaying The legion and the Sentinels he revolted versus the powerful torturer and was injured nearly to death and as he had not known that the forsaken overlord had put a powerful curse on him as well. A curse that would turn him into the ultimate dark tank not able to recognize friend or foe a beast to be feared throughout isrelnort all the way to the dark Elfs in Ayivondil. Kadom The Ultimate Tank was born a beast of the thickest armor and the ultimate tanking abilities. Having been resurrected he Slaid the powerful torturer in a fight and charged all the way to the back of the labyrinth deeper then even the mighty eye had gone and created his own sanctuary And had summoned the help of Assassin mercenary's to Protect the way there but he himself would fight on his own. Boss Location: 5 Spaces past Eye to the back would extend astral labyrinth make it a trail like other bosses to figure out Unlike most he'd be in a small area and have no mobs around him. Mobs:Assassins Outfits except Green 12k Hp each 170 base dmg lv24 Would Lace the trail Heavily Boss Stats Itself: 450 Base Damage Attacks every 4 Seconds in a Biting Manner. 1.3m Hp 10000 Defense Very Slow Movement Speed. Skills: Razor Fang 500 Straight Damage no Matter what your Defence is Roar: Exactly Same Stats as Barbs Maxed Dark Shield: Same % of Success as Death Knights Max Earthquake: in a 3 Block radius on all sides of the Boss dmg output 300 Drops: Unity Signs,Bars,Assassins Green Costume (Parameters Receiving)15% Dr,Any lv20 Armor Piece,Kadoms Costume 3% Dr, And Def and Dmg Spheres 3. Thanks For Reading I thought it was a great idea to put some action into the astral Labyrinth and Back against the Two Factions as well Hope This or something like this in the labyrinth is added Because everyone Loves Lab! xD
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