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Found 63 results

  1. I'm planning to buy 1m mcoins on Christmas and would love to spam arena. I love to spam arena, and would love to use 600k miracle coins all on arena tickets in order to win all arena items. But buying tickets takes so long and they use up so much bag space(i have 155 bag space and maximum market stall). And it takes even longer to store on dealer. So I suggest a Arena pack which gives 20, 50 or 100 ticket sets when opened to be available from miracle shop. That way players can buy multiple arena packs and when they need more tickets fast, we can just open another pack and BOOM 20, 50 or 100 ticket sets very fast. This will be extremely useful as dedicated arena players won't have to store over 2000 ticket sets on dealer over multiple characters, instead we can have many sets of Arena packs in our bag ready to use. Just a suggestion. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider :B
  2. Hey! isn't this a little unfair? or a mistake? there is a difference between the sword&dagger with the axe. why is axe 3%? it's not fair i think. XD in fact all the other weapons are 5.9% , 2.9%. and just this Gladiator's Mint is 3%? its not fair for the crusher's gladius & kris. C2fix? Peace yow! XD
  3. so the problem is, if your someone who likes to do copious amounts of arena demands from time to time whether it be just for fun or for arena gears, guild points etc. the arena ticket stake up wayy too much room in your bag as you buy many, stacks of 10 may seem like alot, but if your someone who likes to arena alot that 10 will seem too small! so my suggestion is maybe you consider changing the arena ticket stacking to maybe about, per 100, 300 or 500? after all, they are just 'small tickets' i dont think stacks of 10 is gonna manage for very long because of how much cheaper arena tickets are getting since you seem to be putting them on discount frequently..... even players with max bag slots(like me) find it to be such a waste of space when i buy arena tickets. "oh, why not just put your tickets in guild?" some people may ride solo cant always rely on guilds to store your tickets(theft,beg,etc) "why not just buy more tickets as you need them?" people may only buy them on discount time wasting(especially for spamming) Benefits people will be able to buy double maybe triple or even QUADRIPLE the amount of tickets guilds can stock up more on tickets without having to worry about storage space left for unity pots and others players will have much more space left for other things massive increase in sale of arena tickets people wont have to limit themselves on how much tickets they buy! you can buy more tickets so yeah thats my idea, im pretty sure it was posted before(searched but couldnt find) so i just made this suggestion. hope you like/agree!
  4. Hi good morning guys how's everyone? It's Kev here one of notorious guy lol tried of fighting chasing! Just tried to do something different I mean I was thinking of spam in arena I just tried half of hundred arena and am damn tired of it I just feel like it's been a long time am spamming so just gave up lol idk how do u guys can spam like thousands of times?
  5. jayrox


    Hey guys Sup? since Warspear is so boring i started doin Videos for FIFA 15 !!! If you are interested in FIFA, especially in Fifa Ultimate Team, Check out my Channel and my new Videos! regards, Jayrox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L81eM4B4SoE&list=UUFzh_rxLRIHkCZVdkMhrSJw
  6. Turtle

    Arena Rewards

    As you All know the knew arena rewards Are only a ring And a Buff. None to less the Rings Stats sorta Hamper on a melee compared To other Rings. but Still A pretty good prize right? buff is Ok Energy and Hp... Is meh. nothing over powered but compared To last season and Most seasons before this prize isnt fair.'why you get a ring and that only Gives lets say caster 15% well last years Got 30. thats not that fair and a buff that definetely isnt worth 15% magic Dmg. Same concept with Melee. Im saying is you should add more gravy for your superior Arena gods. I think a buff for 1-5 was a good idea. More fairness but #1 only gets a single. Extra ring now thats just like well ok you know?it Doesnt make people wanna go get that reward. So i suggest to add another Ring. or add the classic Skyrim costume "Dragonborns"as a extra bonus this way the Players wont get more stronger but get a costume From there hard work too. Not just a silly ring u cant show off that or maybe add a new costume. Would make it fair the the previous seasons rewards
  7. Can anyone tell me how i can post more than 1 pic here? Wanna show some arena screenshots.
  8. Just a few questions, no need to answer if you can't disclose such information right now. Will there be future expert skills? There are 5 basic skills so it seems logical to stop at 5 expert skills too. If not... Have you already decided on what the future expert skills will be? or are you still open to ideas? From the leaked pictures of test skills it looks like you have decided on them already. Can you clarify? Will you be modifying any basic skills in the next update or the near future? Excluding future expert skills and additions to the game, are you planning on changing any aspect of the game? (e.g how its played, how the players interact with each other and with npc, its mechanics?) Will there be a new arena bracket each time you increase the level cap? (21-22 bracket, 23-24 bracket...etc?) Lastly... Appart from pc, which device is most compatible with the game? The problems with symbian show that not all of them are operating on the same caliber. (ignoring screen size and connection).
  9. As you know you if u face arena, you are going to be confronted with a random opponent at same level. So far so good. But there are 3 types of players: The f2p peasant The casual player The arena pros It sure happens very often, espacially in low lvls, that being f2p means u get rekt in arena. So why not "divide" these 3 groups in different leagues? Like: Example lvl 4-6: Wood league Bronze league Silver league Gold league Elite League League of LegArinar 0-200 ap in season 200-600 600-1500 1500-5000 5000-10k >10k And you only get in fight with players of your league. This might apply to 2v2 and 3v3. Tho i dont know if it would make sense at 5v5. It would improve the gameplay as sudden arena pros aint gonna rek u. But you get to duel with players of the same strength, as you can improve yourself with ap (If you have the skill to ), which can get you stronger. Edit: There could also be a variation of this with the number of wins, which would be constant at any level. Wood league 0-15 wins etc. Edit: It could also go with win/lose ratio, as pros would win more often than.. noobs? Anyone will have a harder time getting up of course, and the player will be shifted into a league after ~5 or more arena battles (first win 1 win 0 loss, 100% win ratio BOOM LEAGUE OF ARINAR) Wood league Bronze league Silver league Gold league Elite League League of Arinar wr of 10% 20% 40% 60% 70% 80%
  10. The first of the arena takes ban, what about the prize? A recent doubt that anyone found not to answer.
  11. We Are PSO. About Us : We are level 5 guild of 50 members always achieving for higher. Recruiting new members if u meet any of those requirements just pm any listed member for a invite were never too full for new recruits. We participate in wars, guild point tournaments, events, and arena. We take pride in our name we are PSO. Requirements : - Level 18+ [Main Characters] - Guild Points [2000 Every Week] - Alliance [Elfs & Chosens] - Server [US-Sapphire] - No Disrespecting - Be Active - Be A Team Player - Attend Upcoming Guild Events A Few Members : WalterSr - Leader. ImThePlugx - Leader. MongInOut - Leader. TankBlade - Leader. TheHoodx - Leader. Penitencep - Heir. Artlhas - Heir. PixieMist - Heir. Eroecr - Heir. Alazthore - Heir. And More..... PICTURES OF OUR IN GAME SUCCESS
  12. Bug is described as title. . Dafuq?
  13. my priests second video, its only 6 mins or so long, i sped up everything and edited out all non-combat scenes. let me know what you think please
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