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Found 63 results

  1. >Be me >Quit game in 2015 >Occasionally logs in to see how are the things going >Fast foward to 2017 >Time to play again >Bag flooded with event gifts >No extra slots poorfag bag >Lots of tickets, arena seals, craft licenses, stam pots and other pots >All personal, and im not gonna to drop it >Slowly getting rid of the gift things >Going arena occasionally to get rid of tickets, only them and pots left now >Absolutely garbage at arena, random bd comes rant at me >Explain him the situation and the fact I still got 3 gift ticket sets >He call me lier and that I cant have so many free tickets >Explain how event gifts works >He cant understand at all, still believes im a lier HERE'S THE DAMN SCREENSHOTS! IM NOT A LIER THERE'S STILL ALMOST 30 OF THEM LEFT TO USE AND IM NOT DROPPING IT EVEN IF I LOSE EVERY SINGLE MATCH, sorry if im noob, but dont say Im lying >:^( I just hate to be called lier.
  2. Hi everyone! So the recent update with the new maps and new items in the AP shop, and the previous Arena-related update really helped keeping Arena alive. Especially remarkable is the matchmaking and rating system that we've seen couple of months ago. They tried to fix the issue with cheating by making organised win-lose parties, and thus winning an Arena season, and they introduced that match-making system. Which gave me a feeling that they actually wanted that this cheating ends. But here is the bad news, people figured out a new way to cheat their way into winning the season. The match making system wouldn't match 2 groups if one group seemed dominant on the other. By making the spams between the 2 groups a one lose one win spam, they succeeded with "tricking" the system. Now here is the problem: People who win the season are purely planned from the beginning. It goes something like: "Hey, I'll take this season 3v3, and you take the next" and "we agreed that you take 2v2 and I take 5v5 and the next season otherwise" and in weird cases "hey why you block me? I thought I win this season". And this is not fine... It feels like all I need to win is register my name in the winning list and wait for my season, and of course, have gold and friends to help me win and lose to them. It might not seem as bad if you ignore the fact that most of the times you'd see them planned parties in Arena, and you, as a random guy demanding, would have no chance to win, and that's even if you actually get matched. Arena is at the moment is a place for planned spams, otherwise you can't get matched, you can't even demand, you know you'll lose. A big example is 5v5, Idk how it is in other servers, but in US, it is very inactive and only planned win lose parties are there. So what's the solution? If devs wanna end this, they gotta do something. Let's discuss in the comments (devs/mods are absolutely welcome) and I will start by suggesting the following: Remove pre-planned parties in Arena once and for all. So you can't demand Arena while in party. "Action is not available in party". I don't know if it was discussed before, but didn't see any topic about it (At least not like this dedicated one). Now, of course like we all know, every time there is a suggestion/complain, there must be some arguments with it so it is not considered whining, so let's begin. -Advantages: 1- Matchmaking system can't be "tricked". You can't plan who is with you and who is against you. Which results in advantage #2. 2- The winners would actually deserve their reward, they'd work hard for it, because they'd actually fight, and then deserve this significant reward they get, that they're getting now for almost nothing. 3- because of #1, people will be more encouraged to demand, because they always have a chance to win = less inactivity in Arena. 4- More people will have a chance to win a season. If devs do that, they could eventually add more rewarding spots, top 10? It will be harder indeed to get there, that's why it makes sense that more people could be rewarded. top 3 as the current #1, #4 and 5 as the current #2 and 3, #6-10 as the current #4 and 5. #1 could also rewarded with something bigger as 2 and 3 for sure. I have problem with that, but at least people who got there deserve it. 5- From devs point of view, it is more profitable, since it would take more to win.* -Disadvantages: 1- Sadly for the people who are used to getting easy season wins, they will work harder now. * You'd argue against that to be more Pay-to-win. And that it would take too much gold/mcoins to win a reward, well, that's the case now, but it takes 0 effort in winning fights. I'd rather see people winning pay more and deserve the prize. Remember the strength of those gears that people win. You'd also argue against it to be more time consuming (No-life), well, still better than getting such a huge advantage for, as I said, 0 effort in winning fights. But if you still think it'd be too much work for the gears, then check this out. To balance everything out: With this no pre-made party system, more people could be rewarded, since it is now harder. Moreover, the top 10 people will not be related to each other, as it is now. It wouldn't make sense to have 10 people rewarded now because the top 10 maybe even 100 are all involved in planned pre-made lose-win parties. But since the top 10 would be completely unrelated (Each one spammed on his own), top 10 could be rewarded. In addition to that, devs could make the seasons shorter from 2 to 1 month maybe or 6 weeks. Again, gives more chances to more people, and less work. But at least some work, unlike now. FAQ: Questions that nobody asked, but I'll answer anyway. Q: The winners will be those who paid and spammed the most, or what do you think? A: Not necessarily, winning a lot against real people should be also taken into consideration. Also that's just the case now, so what's your point? Q: What happens to people who already won all armor parts or some parts, and just need one or two pieces to complete the set, do you think it's fair now? A: If he can get the rest, then he's a good Arena player and he deserved it ;) Q: A big aspect in the game is playing with guild and friends, how can guildmates and friends play arena together now? A: Good question. They could still demand together and possibly match each other in the same team or the other. I know it is a sad thing, but cheaters winning is really sadder. Q: Why not just keep everything as it is now? A: Seriously dude, after everything I said? Arena will be more fun without pre-made parties, and rewarding will be fair and to the people who deserved. Q: I think you'd have a different opinion if you won some armors. A: What if I told you, I'd think of going if this idea is taken into consideration, or cheating is stopped somehow. That's the Gladiator's way, after all, fight and win fair. It is more than easy to get a reward now, you just need time. Not even much gold by the way, because it will pay off if you buy items in the AP shop and resell for gold. But I didn't go for a rank because it is ridiculous, and I'm against this fun-ruining system. How is that a question anyway? So that was it for me, thank you for stopping by to read my longass topic once again. Let's discuss this, opinions and suggestions are welcome. And devs' thoughts on the whole issue of cheating and how to solve are surely appreciated.
  3. Please let us select which modes we want to queue to. The way it works now is that we choose one mode to demand a battle on, or all modes at once. If I want to fight but don't like 2x2 for some reason, my only option is choosing either Seals or 5x5. Why couldn't I select both? Or if I want a normal arena and hate Seals, I must choose between the two and possibly miss a fight because I waited for the wrong one to have enough queuers. Also move the demand refusal to the menu where we select the modes - this way we could see if it's worth to queue at all at that time.
  4. Ophunter

    Strange things

    I always thought that arena is 4-6 and after that 7-10? Because according to picture its not, mistake or what? Hiw you can see in picture my level is 4 and one of the opponents is 7, tank you for answers :confused:
  5. Njn won Seals 23-24 in EU-Emerald Ty Malek, Icet, Zack and Masters, this victory is yours too Ty Lyzois, Hoel, Dami, Vla, Poio and many others who spammed with me Sorry AoA, Hassn, Yukixx for all the time/money/chars u lost to fight me
  6. Olá a todos!!! vou ser direto! Estive pensando: O Warspear poderia ter um sistema de interação nas próprias tavernas do jogo. Como assim? Ao entrar em qualquer taverna do jogo, o jogador poderia interagir com todo o cenário em volta. Exemplos: Sentar em cadeiras, ingestão de pedidos ( cervejas, leite... ) . O mesmo valeria para a arena. O jogador teria a opção " Espectador " e, gratuitamente, acompanharia os combates na arena. Acho algo difícil de ser aprovado e posto em prática. Isso porque tenho a impressão de que o jogo ficaria muito similar a jogos como Habbo e, assim, acabaria perdendo a essência do rpg. Talvez essa impressão seja maluquisse minha. Por outro lado, penso que os jogadores gostariam bastante. Imaginem: entrar numa taverna, sentar em uma cadeira e bater papo em área com os amigos. Sim, porque em alguns momentos os joadores abrem mão do "jogar" para jogar conversa fora. Enfim, tive esta ideia e tratei logo de postar aqui no fórum. Possa ser que outros jogadores tenham proposto o mesmo que eu ou proposto algo similiar. Mas não vi nada parecido com isso aqui no fórum. Um abraço a toda a equipe da Aigrind e, principalmente, aos responsáveis pela manutenção do BR-Tourmaline. =)
  7. Hello my ask is. Exist a big different in arena ser 19, 21 and 23 only amor? Beacuse i try make muy Char full arena but i need know which is best, because the arena 23 are more expenseve, and i are lvl 22, wait a level 23 ir buy arena ser 21?
  8. noobdruid

    Arena bug

    Hi Daria , Greetings from India , If arena bracket in lvl 25-28 then lvl 23 ppl should not be able to go in that right ? As of now there is a contraint that party members lvl difference should not be more than 3 levels , some people are using a loophole in this mechanism . Example - Lets talk about 5x5 arena // in 25-28 arena bracket // Lets say the party member have lvl 23 24 25 25 26 then they can demand together ( which should not be the case bcoz lvl 23 24 have different arena bracket and 25 26 have different arena bracket ) . When this happens party with lvl 28 people cant meet the above mentioned party in arena which is unfair . As a solution if u make level difference restriction to be demanding in smae part as '1' this bug lovers will fail . Thank you .
  9. Omercix

    New Arena Season

    This arena season is gonna end 2 days later so I am wondering now 3v3 arena mod will be avaliable again in next season because it has gone 2 arena season before. I really want that mod get back
  10. So i'am thinking about the afk's in arena. You also dont like go arena with an afk in your team right? So, if when we demand, when already have your team and the enemy team ready, think if we have the option to accept the battle and reject (U will can't see the enemy team and your team). I think when the developer team do it, will reduce the afk's in arena. And for me, the arena is very deregulated now.... What do u think about the demand idea? Leave a comment!
  11. Тактические ходы, бд, ачивки, аренки и многое другое. При поддержке Аринарской Пивнушки: vk.com/warfun
  12. Gm I wanna ask u is arena with lose party is legal or ilegal? If Ilegal Tell me why ?
  13. As the name suggests, a way for people to choose what arenas they want to go in instead of having to 'apply for all' or just go into 1 of them. Here's the concept: So when a player demands, a signal is shown on that screen that they have signed up for that particular arena mode. This just replaces the old 'remove demand' button that just removes all of the demands completely. Why? Self explanatory; Not everyone wants to go in all the arenas at once, and not everyone just wants to do one of them either. not really that important right now but It can also be useful once 3x3 comes back (and a lot more future arena modes). I figured you dev's might've thought of something like this already, but if you haven't then I hope you consider it.
  14. Account sharers can spam arena 24/7 and win season easy. You should ban these cheaters from arenas long enough to give others a chance. Else fair players (the majority) will give up and you will sell less tickets and pots.
  15. Hello Devs, Admins, Mods and normal players like me.... Yesterday with my warlock Dragolub I was normally playing arena in 2x2 mode... Then in my last free ticket I faced against Buud [Rogue] and Hassn [barbarian]... Me and my arena partner rogue focused on Buud [Rogue]... We almoust kill him and he was like 1k hp... Then he heals like nothing to full HP... I was shocked =O ... After the fight I ask in world chat how he heals in arena... Then they answer me that he use guild skill... To be honest this is really unfair for us... Please remove using in arena Guild Skills... Also many players complain about using cards, potions and scrolls in arena... Please don't ignore me and please don't ban me for 3rd time... Thank you for shared your time to open this topic... And have a nice day...
  16. How to skill pvp/arena bd? what basic skills should i max? what expert skills should i take? All i found in forums was how to gear pvp bd but there was no topic about skill allocation.
  17. This arena map was hated by majority of players, and cause bad experience in the game. * Rogue lose invisibility and stun. * Necro lose stun. This make bad experience for those class.
  18. We all know that Warspear received many upgrades over the years with many bug fixes and improvements, but these updates something important was left behind , an free arena mode to train and test players powers with friends. This is not an mode in which it awards or points , but we can choose who to fight and call him to fight. I suggest a new button in the menu interact interact - > challenge to fight Could be on a map of the arena or in an area dedicated to these struggles , I would prefer an area where other players can watch these battles as an audience. I know I'm not the one who would like it, but also other passionate players for pvp fights.
  19. I met lv26 in arena Not lv8 lol
  20. Can you answer me some questions about 'Unbind'? 1- Can i unbind arena equips? 2- If i unbind an equip, i will lose it's amp? Thx!
  21. Остальные видео можно увидеть на канале YouTube,подписывайтесь скоро новые видео арена/пвп/пве/фарм
  22. pretty much no one does arena anymore unless its the beggining of the new arena season or you release new gears etc... arena is fun, so here are some ways i thought of to make people demand more.... 1- more maps: not just a few, but a heap more. maps that provide challenges and dont only serve as a battle ground (eg, lava map, the zappy maps) -example: swamp slug in the middle of the map traps like the pontifex worm etc! -special event maps that appear only in certain events (eg Halloween, snow boundaries etc) with their own unique features 2- more gp from wins: should be higher, the current amount is a bit low making guild arenas pointless sometimes 3- Random announcement in world chat saying "double arena points for 30 minutes" -wins from arena battles are doubled or increased by a certain percentage 5- 10X10 arena to provide a more war-like experience in arena and spice things up! 6 - RANDOM announcement in world char saying "The no holds barred arena has been activated for 30 minutes" meaning... - minions, pots, scrolls and all that good stuff is allowed in arena - maybe just allow this for the 10x10 arena cus ppl will start complaining I guess. and the best one of all.... 7- make it free, but we all know that's never gonna happen... ANYWAY..... feel free to hate, potate or tomate. if you got any ideas, share it in this thread!
  23. Hi guys it's Robin ( Angelcrush ), if anyone is selling arena tickets pm please contact with me I would buy 1k set tickets or more and looking for some active players for join my guild Gladiator, I will give free stam and arena tickets and many more please text me if anyone got something for me thanks Happy New Year :)/
  24. Gm answer please,as we know that Rank 1 arena (Highest Rank) is the only one who get Unique item,so how if there are 2-5 player that has same arena point,who will be the Rank 1? And Will they get Unique item too? I mean The Rank 2 and 3 arena have same point with the Rank 1
  25. Has 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 Instead of players killing each other they compete to kill waves of monsters There are multiple waves of mobs and Mobs will disappear after a certain time limit For example if you get 10 mobs but you only kill 7 and they disappear then the enemy group could be in the lead because they killed 9 mobs. Every time a group kills a mob they get points for it. Mini bosses will appear at certain times and reward extra points if killed. Which ever team kills the most mobs before the match ends will win. If a team manages to collect the maximum amount of points before the enemy team, they will win. Guilds can maybe vs each other in 10vs10 too compete in a new type of guild tournament. Rewards can be new armour which would be very effective in dungeon and less effective in PvP or New accessories that current arena doesn't offer. Just a suggestion.
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