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Found 63 results

  1. New Discord server for the Realm of US Sapphire. My discord Username and digits are AscLuna#4902. We welcome all sorts of players wether it be new or old. https://discordapp.com/invite/nHVeT7k
  2. Demorei, mas postei! É um prazer produzir conteúdo para este jogo!
  3. Hi everyone , I was making a lvl 6 arena charmer and i wanted to know what are the good skill builds I can put on him so if someone could send a tested skill build that ican use i would really appreciate it
  4. Очередная тема нытья про многострадальную арену. Если сейчас взглянуть на арену топ уровней, то увидите, как 26 лвл воююет против 28. Как показал мне прошлый тур, то чтобы взять топ места на арене 28, нужно протиснуться через уровни 25 26 27 28. Т.е на одну квоту с наградами претендуют целых 4 уровня, а если взглянуть на арену до 25, то увидим что на 1 квоту наград претендуют всего 2. В чем собственно нытье данной темы, если ты игрок 28 лвл, то можешь забыть про честную арену, так как игроки 25/26 лвл будут лить с игроками 23/24 лвл. Т.е ты никак не сможешь на них попасть что бы с ними драться, вот тут мы и видим постоянные сливы на арене топ лвл. Пора уже разделить 25/26 и 27/28 в связи с последними обновлениями игры. @Reivenorik @Cardinal господа, хотелось бы услышать, что вы думаете на счёт этого или предпочтем незамечать эту проблему? Больше коментов, в топ ТЕМА АКТУАЛЬНА КАК С НИМИ ВОЕВАТЬ ИГРОКАМ 28 УРОВНЯ? РАЗРАБОТЧИКИ ОБЪЯСНЯЙТЕ ДАВАЙТЕ, КОСЯК ЕЩЕ ВСЕ НЕ ИСПРАВИЛИ С СЕНТЯБРЯ, ПРОШЛО ПОЧТИ ПОЛ ГОДА (5 МЕСЯЦЕВ) АУУУ???
  5. Just two days before the end of the arena season, I am currently placing second with an AFK bogey character (NOT my actual main character!). No serious arena gear, no significant stats, just a regular character with a costume. I only stood still during arena fights, literally being AFK, doing all different kind of stuff, yet it's quite possible that I will get the prize for being the second best fighter of this season in my tier. I even got the tickets for free from whom I helped, so I basically get the prize for absolutely free. Isn't this ironic? That with literally NO EFFORT one can achieve such things? I will probably never use the cape or spend the tokens, the skill will also probably stay unused... Wouldn't it be great if players who ACTUALLY could make a great use of them got those buffs? I honestly didn't know this would happen. I only helped a good friend of mine in arena, and only yesterday did I realize, that we are actually number one and two on the chart. With me doing absolutely nothing. Think about that. And maybe... Change it.
  6. Boa Tarde guerreiros valentes de arinar, gostaria de implantar uma ideia que andei pensando ultimamente, por que os moderadores não aumentam a capacidade de um set de tkts? Eu sou um player muito velho nesse jogo tenho cerca de 2 herois com itens grandiozos, mais sei muito bem o sofrimento que é de um player precisar de espaço para armazenar seus tkts. Em minha opnião os tkts deveriam ser 100 unidades o set, ou seja o tkt ficaria junto com 100 unidades. Pensem nisso, não são todos que possuem um bag full
  7. They still do not give an answer as to why they removed the accessories from levels 6-16, those of us who played at that level had the goal of getting all the accessories, I am more than certain that few people care about the armor, since one always seeks to have more damage What sense does it have to fight so much for so little now?
  8. Toreljes

    Just run

    A few days ago in sand I had the opportunity to meet this character, the only thing he does (whether or not a difficult opponent has) is to run. They already told me that there is no penalty for this fact, although I am sure that more than one bother that you have per team (randomly) to a person who does not help in the fight, and by rival the same, this time I could marry him with my druid, they were more than 50 times that I found it and it was just happening doing that. What do you think? Would you like to have such a team? Or would you like an opponent? Apologies for the translation. Warspear_Online_2018-10-21-11-42-46.mp4 hace unos días estando en arena tuve la oportunidad de conocer a este personaje, lo único que hace (sea o no un contrincante difícil el que tenga) es correr. Ya me dijeron que no hay penalización por este hecho, aunque estoy seguro que a más de uno molesta que tengas por equipo (al azar) a una persona que no ayude en la pelea, y por contrincante lo mismo, esta vez pude casarlo con mi druid, fueron más de 50 veces que lo encontré y solo se pasaba haciendo eso. ¿Qué opinan? ¿Les gustaría tener un equipo así? ¿O les gustaría de contrincante? Disculpas por la traducción. Para los de habla hispana, fue esto lo que escribí (sin traducción)
  9. Jaina

    Arena Cheaters

    Lvl 16 Ranger cheating on 5 versus 5 arena. ( Using Multi-Boxing to Spam ) Cheaters names : - Liarize level 16 ranger - Anhthanh level 15 ranger Multi-box character names : - Vnone level 15 paladin - Vntwo level 15 paladin - Vnthree level 15 paladin - Vnfour level 15 paladin - Vnfive level 15 paladin - Vnsix level 15 paladin - Vnseven lvl 19 priest - Vneight lvl 15 priest Server : US-SAPPHIRE Please Check Them If Cheated Take Care of Them
  10. There's about 2 days ago that I lose arena due to win/ lose teams. I think these matches are rigged ones. This is a dishonest playing and must be punished. Arena is an ingame competition and have powerful rewards so it’s not fair to earn that rewards by tricking the game and profitting the exploit. They can win amounts of arena points doing nothing. Even more when the losing team consists of 2 players and a random one. The last one loses automatically the match, so there is no chance to make anything but waste his arena ticket.
  11. Ranger is too overpowered on my opinion. So i went pvp cave a ranger had placed explosive traps and he literraly 3 hit me to death with them... Also in arena a ranger did the same and hit 1.2k damage normal and 2.2k critical (On a tank char) like holy f**k ranger seriously needs nerf i dont know any chars that manage to do that much damage that fast :D
  12. i have 2 Suggestion to make game better way to play : 1- Hotspot bars when , you guys going add more spot we already have problem with this , big problem , like barb i have 10 active skill and you added resilince book last updat wich make things so hard , and i always have to go bag to use pot or scrolls or whatever add i suggeset to add more hot spot in right off screen 2- about resilience , i suggest to add effect come with it ( like solidity and physical deffence ) which make resilience effect on reseved control skill casted by enemy example : if skill make stun for 5 sec and i have resilience 20% then i only get stun for 4 sec (1 sec canceled by my resilience ) that will fix balance chars problem and stun circal for all chars will be limited ( dont tell me game not about pvp , pvp and arena is half off this game )
  13. Alright. (btw, I am sorry if this forum has already been released, but I am Updating it for the new 7.0 Update!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, In your opinion, What do you think is the Worst and bess class, with no buffs and amps? Mine personally is the Death knight. High atk, high def, and i just love the dks skills. What about you guys?
  14. Turtle

    SiN-Us Sapphire

    SiN Is Open for New Members Who Enjoy Arena and Farming (: Ill upload A video here to get the Around feeling what SiN is about Inquire ingame to any Heir to Join. Us-Sapphire Guild Level 2 All Skills Maxed 3/3 Storage maxed and Stocked with Equipment,Tickets and Pots for Loyal Members. Leader:Oneshotwin/Metallica Heir Names: Dkcam Kronusx Dispensed Shshadow Eviiill Also Dkcam wanted to post this video as an Introduction for himself... even though it's childish I think it's funny so I'll post https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cnBzAJclt6A
  15. Estou aqui pra dizer, que acho a arena muito desequilibrada, segue o meu exemplo: " Eu gasto Moedas pra colocar 5 expert skill no nível 20 pra ficar caindo arena com lv 24? Não faz sentido, nem vale a pena colocar moedas" O que vocês acham? Antes era mais justo.
  16. Zeloter

    Charmer arena 2x2

    Zeloter, pve Charmer +1 vs all. My first video and first pvp experience of charmer. As you can see most of opponents have pvp armor and weapons but charmer is standing well.
  17. Пробное видео Заклинателя. Тест Заклинателя на арене. Заклин весь +1, пуха +5, пве шмот.
  18. Here's my Idea: #1,2,3 Get a Ranking chest from Arena It has Costumes,Accessories,Skins And Weapons/Armor You select the pieces you want Like a barber set (Look pics Below) and it provides a Preview of the item on your character. #1-5 Gets Buff As it is Already. With Comes This update Classic 3v3 Mode Comes Back As Well. #1 Chest Includes Greatness Items,Gladiator Skins ( Blades Come as 2 Pcs Together) Greatness Blades(Damage Fero Resi Crit) Greatness Axes( Damage Fero Resi Pene) Greatness Rondels (Damage Resi Fero Attack Speed) Greatness Staff ( Magic Damage Resi Fero Critical Hit) Greatness Stave (Magic Damage Resi Fero Cool Down) Greatness Crossbow (Damage Resi Fero Critical Hit) Greatness Bow (Damage Resi Fero Att speed) Greatness Mace (1H Damage Mdmg Fero Resi) Greatness Morgernstern ( 2H Mdmg Phys Dmg Fero Resi) Greatness Estoc (Damage Fero Resi Accu) Greatness Spear (Damage Fero Resi Mdmg) It will Also Include a Choice of All Armor Pieces And Arena Costumes. You choose one Main Item (Weapon Costume Or Accessory) Then Get A Secondary item of your choosing as well (Skin Armor) #2 Chest Has Choice of Contenders Accessories and Costumes. You may only choose one with Out choice of another (I.e. secondary Items) #3 Chest Has Choice of contenders Accessories And Costumes with no choice of Secondary Items. This Would make it so you can always go for season no matter the time of year and add Diversity for all the new classes that want to use different armor sets but has option of only one reward.
  19. Okay so the problem is getting matched against +10 arena gear dudes every single time, and to this one might say "Okay wow everyone else has it the same way, and thats just how it is" And I might answer something like; "well then, strange man with an annoying attitude, give me my dmg3 sphere and I will not post these!" Then he might say "just do arena bro losses get you points too, I don't see the problem" And now I get frustrated; "how dare you?! I have to lose a good 20 games for a stupid sphere and I can't buy tickets because I'm as poor as a rat" Then the man goes "go get a job like a real person and stop being a female dog! If you don't have money, its not my problem!" And this is the point where I throw my phone to the wall. Hopefully you who read this got the point. And before you comment, yes I know, you can't do anything about it because you get matched against players who are searching for a game at that moment. But still I find it really overwhelming that I have to play roughly ~15 games (depending on luck) to get a single sphere. And oh boy if I've saved money for set of sings!
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