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Found 1 result

  1. Why do costumes in the arena vendor of lower level characters cost the same as the high level ones? Same for arena seal. I may know the answer: because higher level players will buy costumes and seals at low levels' vendors then. But why should players at level 6 struggle with getting an arena costume just because of a level 28 big guy who would use their vendor? I think you should config arena vendors so each player sees the goods appropiate for their level when meeting any arena vendor. Let it be on Godgorrath or Ayvondil. What do you think? EDIT: So, to make things clear. If I go to Godgorrath and visit the vendor there, I see the same goods as any low level arena fighter visiting it. What I want, is that if I visit that vendor in Godgorrath, I would see the goods of my own level, level 21-23, and if a level 18 visits it, they would see the goods from lvl15-19. And if this is implemented, it would be easy to set the prices of costumes and seals appropiate to the level of the fighter. Because let's admit: getting 10k arena points is a heroic job for a level 6 player while it's a relatively easy job for a level 28 one. I want to make chances equal.
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