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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys there used to be a chart with the details that stated how much % each lvl of amp increases for both attack and defense...... I cant find it Does someone have this info by any chance or link to that post perhaps?
  2. Hope you guys enjoyed it Subscribe to my youtube if you want more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRZYZp_WxbAwqBf6PpyCMg
  3. tl;tr: So, as you all know, there is an actually awesome mechanic called amplifying- improving your weapon/armor without enchanting. It can give a bit extra awesome for your lame weapon/armor if it is too weak, improving its damage/defense stat. That extra awesome goes up to ~100%/~200% more dmg/def than the normal instance. And this extra awesomeness is the issue. Because, apparantly allready skilled players, really knowing their char, playing since the mere concept of WSO was created, are getting beaten today by high amp noobs. This extra awesome is overcoming the actual awesomeness of the pros- and it's unacceptable- because- simply, players are now blind, about if they are really pro or noob. Because the amp is being more important than the actual skill. This leads to a very close minded opinion: High Amp can easily wreck actual skilled people now It is poisoning the view on pros, and skilled people So when you are amping, there might be the risiko of having a unfortunate amp-failure, either break, downgrade, or even merciless loss of the item. The rate of success decreases (massivly) with higher amps. (Un)Fortunatly, there is a protection against that. You can either insure your item by directly paying 59 miracle coins, Insure it with an item called "Sign of Imperishability", or go to the dice if you have the guts or are too poor for that. Direct pay method is inefficient (1 set of signs, costs less than 10x this insurance), so lets ignore it first. Signs, can be obtained in the Miracle Shop, for a not that cheap price of ~450 Miracle Coins per set, or 59MCs per piece. Sure, the sets are cheaper than buying the signs per piece. This is a quite high price, regarding the fact that 1$ = 100MCs (excluding higher prices or weekend). The protection enables rich persons to amp like they want even if they are not skilled, but the poor cant buy it, and either must use 0+/1+ weapon or taking the risk to go to until 4+. This is the reason why amping is poisoning the game. Sure its fine having a pay to win concept but the Benefits from Amping are too much. Signs insure from a failure -> Signs lead to success when used in masses(, and u need money for that) . . . The main evil is the clichee that high amp people automaticly means that they are pro, because simply, they have high damage. There are two main ideas to repell that: Removing/"Debuffing" Sign/Insurance That way, every player is equally (more or less) ducked by the mercy of the amping system. Removing/"Debuffing" The entire Amplifying System This leads everyone to have equal chances when having the same weapon. If they however dont have the right weapon of their choice, regarding in their equipment (Novice or Event, SD or Crafted (simple) Weps), that is simply their own problem. Because these two are very heavy methods, we may split into smaller, but surely effective tweaks: Insurance: Making Signs available for poor users Such as in Arena Shop, Drops in Dungeons, Boss Drops. That way, players may earn their signs when playing. Massivly Increasing the price of Signs and Direct Insurance(59MCS method) This is not that effective, since rich players also may afford signs. But atleast they have to bleed more for High Amps Amplifying: Decrasing the amp numbers (6+ to 10+) or decreasing the damage (more than half in upper amp Level) The advantage over normal peasants is smaller that way I personally think the yellow ones are the best, because all in all, the Amplifying System was a nice idea. Thank you for the time you took to read this. I will further edit my post when i find something mentionable or having to correct it, if it doesn't get locked (because simple nerfing posts are getting locked right away). If you have any ideas or things to mention you can always post your thought under here. Sincerly, the merely butthurt but trying to save the game and its users, MCocktail
  4. Awakening (Amping from +10 to +12) -There should be another level of amping which goes from +10 to +12. -A new item called [Awakening Emblem] would need to be used for a chance to "awaken" the item. -An item MUST be +10 before a player can attempt to awaken it. -After the item is "awakened", a player can then use a [sign of Invincibility] with [Awakening Orb of Damage/Defence] for a chance to amp from +10 to +11 and then +12. If a player succeeds in awakening an item it will be posted in World Chat Example- INFO: Player has "Awakened [battleaxe of Eternal Frost]" This would be an awesome addition to Warspear and will be a great opportunity for dedicated players to further enhance their gaming experience.
  5. I dont call myself a "Legend", was just wondering that some persons pmed me with: Welcome back Legend well yeah, im back and i do some videos again about EU_EMERALD Gameplay this time my videos will have MUSIC and english commentary! Whats the most exciting thing in EU-Emerald now a days? btw when i have 500 Subscriber im doin a GIVEAWAY were all player can win something! enjoy the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFu-TV5YqdU&list=UUFzh_rxLRIHkCZVdkMhrSJw
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