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Found 3 results

  1. This guy has finally graduated from a local University, and now this guy wants to take his final Master's Degree which is the "Master of Warspear''. Its just a simple graduation suite and made original by the work of yours truly, me. I made this costume just for fun and just want to add some ideas if this costume is good for Warspear. This costume contains Mortarboard (head), Tie (for men), Hood (for women), Gown. This costume contain the element of Love and Success! Original maker - Rapagilaz (Bladedancer of Eu - Emerald)
  2. - Mysterious wizard who is the mercenary. People recruiting him for helping them, ofcourse not for free. He is strong, brave and elusive. He's also unsociable, he travels alone. You can find him always in the tavern drinking beer alone. - He wear heavy armor with cape and Hood. He won't show you his face!. He have the golden choker at his neck and ruby ring on his right hand. He also has a purse with gold on his belt. - His armor is made from titanium and his cape is made from silk. - Elements of his armor: Hood, cape, boots, chestplace, pads, belt. Well i think that's all. I never did pixel art and i need to tell it was fun! I made it on mobile but i think it's pretty cool aren't it? I wish i win this it would be a nice gift for my bday because the results are near my bdays. Yeah hope u like my first project and good luck to others! ;) Server: EU-Emerald Name: Baxffykp
  3. Vindictive Executioner Vindictive Executioner come from a distant land with his servants. Vindictive Executioner is a man with two Ancient Blade, have one horn at his head with the wedge neck. Long time ago he is a Repairman, he bored ordered around by a lot of fighters and treated as inferior and servant in his country. He hated all warrior and now he revenge on all warrior, and he called "Vindictive Executioner". Finally he decided to leave the country and moved to the island Irselnort. He lives by sucking the human soul with his mouth. That make him more strong. He came to the Isertnort Island with his servants, that is Wedgehead Shadow Executioner, Wedgehead Bloody Harvesters and others. He disturbing all person on the island by abducting a person at Nadir for take their soul. He wanna be the strongest. He built a residence near the nadir near the mountain. He will kill anyone who approached or interfere the residence of him. The nadir people fear the presence of him, and decided to ask the help of all warrior to defeat him. State Health: 1 800 000 Health regeneration: 1 200 Energy: 200 Energy regeneration: 40 Attack Physical: 650 Magical: 0 Critical hit: 25% Accuracy: 40% Attack speed: 20% Penetration: 0% Defence Physical: 5000 Magical: 4000 Dodge: 15% Resilience: 30% Parry: 20% Block: 10% Life Steal: 5% Skill: Poisonous Blade(rogue), Roar(Barbarian), Nightmares(Neromancer)
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