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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys i came to report a serious bullshit issue and hopefully gunslinger roland will fix or do something or another mod will Help. Vortex is an ancient guild made right at update which has had many members in and out and leadership has been transmitted multiple times The Original owner is Pummy and he quit which he gave to eldhrimnir (Jim Kaworu) Well Jim had some real life issues and had to quit game so he passed lead to rkillz which a mishap happened and to meiosis who kept kicking a bunch of people and inviting randoms Even SCAMMERS to the guild Acc buyers Illegal no ethical players only to make gp well jim got back lead set straight again. he kept meiosis heir just for her faith in vortex cus shes stayed so long. he went un active again and gave lead to Ancutez (Krackel) and either from inactivity or a miss pass he passed to a lv6 Necromancer named melorie Who wasnt that bad atleast didnt kick people out of random ... But she invited multitudes of her own chars and deranked me to explorer as joke and left it. here was the issue(1. if ancutez left i shouldve got lead before jim came back so no one was kicked nothing happened etc ancutez just making a simple mistake 2. that set me unable to be passed lead by inactivity which shouldve happened from guild default after 14 days.) there was 3 other heirs or so but none as active as meiosis and since i was deranked... that left her getting the lead after 14 days. well today she went psycho and kicked almost half the guild because they were low levels or lousy gp makers. when i asked her for lead and not to kick anyone else her response was "This is my guild now i can do whatever i want." when i pleaded to atleast Leader eld and create me back to heir she said "No i dont care what you think i win now get the F*** out" and kicked my character along with other peoples. She refuses to past back lead is destroying guild and when i told her it was scamming her response was she put as much money into it as pummy she deserves to own it then told everyone i was trying to sell it so she kicked me A Developer if u can please do something to fix this unethical behavior Please Either Put Turtleduck back in guild and make lead or give Eldhrimnir Frogl or Heimdallr (Other characters) Lead so he can fix this mistake Sith and Vortex are my only guilds im at home with and were like a family and its extremely crushing to be kicked out on the street and see it become corrupt Thank you
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