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  1. Hello, i have a problem concerning add skills. If i click + window with shop will open and it want for me to buy relics. I can not upgrade skills without buying these relics. What could I do, if i want to upgrade skills?
  2. Tenho essa duvida a um tempo e ninguém dentro do jogo soube me responder..e agora preciso mudar a build pvp pro pve e preciso mudar alguns skills.. Será se da de substituir uma skill por outra?
  3. cuanto % da la habilidad de elusion de bd a lv 5 ? es la misma q la del ranger o es diferente?
  4. The half of ranger skills is really useless comparing it by another classes such as hunter or any class have a look please 1-"scatter shot" : it is really useless.if the enemy stay near the wall it wont work ! . why not to make it like the"fear" skill or shaman skill .Also the range of this skill is really sick ! Its range must be 5 like any long-range class! (Useless skill) 2-"Ranger Blessing" : if this skill is 5/5 it is rarelly to double your shot (every 10 shot u can double once) i think you need to make it 100/5 to work well , it is useless to waste your skill points on it ! I think the game must increase the percentage of this skill !(useless skill) 3-"trap" : i think game made this skill to get the five skill of ranger so i think delete it better ! Very useless skill and it is funny when you use it and see the enemy use his skills freely .If you use trap vs long-range class it well be absolute useless and if vs melee class he will use any attraction skill on you and kill you ! What is the benefit of this skill if the enemy can use his skill ! I think the game must add stun to the trap and remove the motion of the character during put the trap !!!! (Very useless skill) 4-"dodge" : if u gonna make it 5/5 you will never dodge any shot ! And no ranger in the game use this skill at all i deleted it from skill box ! Make it like the rouge dodge skill or delete it ! (Extreme useless skill)
  5. ~Point shooting, Ranger gains damage and accuracy while sacrificing ability to move. Make this an energy draining skill, and removing the movement limit. How can rangers use this if they have no tanking skills? ~Bitterness, something has to be done with skill. Either remove the fact that getting hit removes a stack, or give better buffs like crit and dmg aside from attack speed. ~Explosive trap, let this also stop enemy movement and rooting him on the spot, also disabling movement skills. The damage this skill deals also needs a buff. ~Hunters trap, make it so that an unlimited amount can be placed down, even at level 1. ~Bow stun melee thing, whos idea was it to make this melee? When hunters have literally the same thing, but RANGED. ~Cage, why does this skill increase enemy defence, if all, shouldnt it at least give a debuff to the enemy?
  6. Seeing how far the game has gone with the PvP and PvE system where the developers have added unique stats for each category which affects performance dramatically if you were to use certain equipment with these stats for PvP or PvE (Ferocit & Resilience) and with all the experts skills in the game which are both good and bad on certain categories if you were to study them. I think it's about time that you allow players to have multiple sets of skill builds, most likely 2 possible skill builds, which you can switch between any time you want. This would vastly increase the limitations of both PvE and PvP, especially for classes like healers and tanks who would have to study more defensive or supportive skills instead of the offensive ones and DPS classes who would have to study crowd control skills for PvP which would be inferior to debuff or damage skills for PvE. Perhaps make the 2nd skill build unlockable through quest, achieving a certain level or, even make it purchasable for Miracle coins, if need be. I'm pretty sure this would make players enjoy the game more. I've known some players who wouldn't do PvP but PvE, vice versa, this would likely motivate them to do otherwise. We really need something like this. Most RPG games have this feature since they both have completely different systems for PvE and PvP, and now that Warspear Online has got to this point I think it's time we've added this feature as well. TL;DR - Add multiple skill builds for players, perhaps 2, which we can switch between any time. Another suggestion I've made related to skills, which we really need too - Actual Descriptive information on skills.
  7. Hey there! So I've been playing Warden since the release and now I'm at lvl22, and I think it was enough to figure out what it needed as the two remaining expert skills from my own point of view, might as well brainstorm some ideas, maybe it'd help to inspire devs in a way or another to create the new skills (If not done yet). First I'm gonna start with giving a general opinion about the class and its possible roles and aspects in the game. First of all, Warden is tanky af. According to the green bar that appears at the beginning of the process of making a new character, it has a full defensive capability, which by the way exceeds Barbarians and Deathknights, the only thing is that it has lower damage, single target and AoE control, and movement skills. With that much tankiness, it can tank 1v1 very efficiently and better than any other class, but I don't think it has a big role in group play, because it lacks the AoE control, further more, the lack of movement skills (Jump/Rush) and ranged disables, it could be kited forever and ever. And in dungeons, it deals way too low damage to be as useful as other elf tanks. Anyways, let's not make this topic too long as usual. In my opinion, Warden doesn't need any more defensive skills, it should rather have some more damage or AoE control to be viable in its alliance. Here are my ideas: **Numbers in all skill suggestions are subject to change of course** 1- Repulsive Jump (Active) : The warden rush-jumps to a certain place creating with his heaviness a strong earthquake pushing away surrounding enemies and locking their movement for a certain amount of time, enemies will still be able to use skills and attack. (The effect is similar to Mage's Illusory Chains) Cooldown: 20 seconds. Jump range: 4 yards. Push radius: 3x3 around the Warden. Knock-back distance and lock duration depend on skill level: 1 yard - 1 sec, 2 yards - 2 seconds, 3 yards - 3 seconds, 3 yards - 4.5 seconds. 2- Survival Rage (Active) : Warden enchants his weapon for some time increasing his physical attack and critical hit and increases the chance to deal a stun with each attack (The stun stat). Buff duration and amount increase with studying the skill. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Buff duration: 5/7/10/14 seconds. Buff percentage: +2% > +4% > +6% > +8% to physical damage, critical hit chance, and +2% > +3% > +4% > +5% to stun chance. 3- Deadly Path (Active) : The Warden casts an aura on himself, increasing his movement speed and periodically damaging surrounding enemies around the Warden. While the skill is active, warden's defense is decreased. The skill's duration increase with skill development, and the damage depends on the character's physical damage and skill's level. Cooldown: 25 seconds Buff duration: 2/4/6/8 seconds Damage: 5% > 9% > 13% > 17% of the character's physical damage. Warden's Defense is deceased by: 5% > 7% > 9% > 10% That's it.. Thoughts? Ideas?
  8. Hey guys, today I want to discuss the improvement of some base skills. Some skills effects are not very useful and this is less common in the newly added characters. I have come up with an improvment of one skill for each character (some did not have any skills which needed improvement so I just suggested an upgrade to one of them). Paladin Light aura has a small shielding effect on the paladin, increasing physical and magical defense by a small amount (10-20 units) Mage Sun armour has a 2% chance of rebounding attacks to the opponent Priest Word power reduces the enemy's movement speed by 0.5% for its duration Seeker Inspiration also increases the character's crit chance by 0.5% at level 1, adding 0.5% for each level of upgrade (so 5/5 = +2.5% crit) Bladedancer Parry has achance of jarring the opponent's arm, slowing and weakening the opponent's attack for a short time. Ranger Evasion has a chance of causing the opponent to trip/stumble upon a successful dodge, stunning the opponent for 1s. Druid Barkskin has a chance of splintering, causing the negative effect bleeding to be applied to the opponent, but also causing some damage to the ally the skill was applied on.(the damage done to the opponent stonger compared to that done to the ally, obviously) Warden Punishment has a chance of knocking out the opponent [a smack with a weapon does this sometimes ;) ] causing a 0.5s stun Barbarian Roar has a chance of further frightening your opponent, so much so that the negative effect fear is applied. Rogue Dodging has a chance to momentarily stun the opponent after a successful dodge (see ranger for physical explaination) Shaman Earth protection has a chance to send out a magical blast which stuns the opponent when she/he/it attacks Hunter Hunter's agility can cause the negative effect stun to be applied to the opponent after a successful dodge (see ranger/rogue) Death Knight Thorn of Death has a chance of injuring the opponent in such a way that they are unable to attack properly, their attack speed is lowered and their attacks less powerful (any heal skill removes the negative effect) Warlock Life exhaust will increase the warlock's 'life steal' to heighten by a small amount for some time, but only when attacking the targeted opponent (the one life steal was applied to) Necromancer Deathly eye has a chance to cause venom to course through the opponents blood, heightening their physical defense but significantly reducing their magical defense. Charmer Dark prism has a low chance of trapping an opponent, preventing movement of their legs (as they are incased in a piece of magical prism) the opponent may still attack and use skills. The use of charge/rush skills frees the opponent from the prism. Hope u all like the suggestions. Some are more specific than others and they are not thought over in terms of equalisation though I tried not to choose favourites. I am aware the game has relics but do not know much about them. If this thread is better suited in class discussion please move it there. Thanks for reading :)
  9. why this ability increases the damage dealt against the character.. 2/4 25% ????
  10. First, Sorry my english is very bad Paladin Is a tank? I have a paladin, for me is good, but the paladin for me no is a good tank, because the expert skil are unutil. Why? 1.- Illumination: a)In PvP is very bad alone hit fosakens. Mountain clan, chosen and First born are inmune In PvE alone hit ghost and dead npc (no hit a demons) 2.-Sun Seal: a) In PvP: is good In PvE is bad you can have 4/4 but the boss evade the hit, alone can use in normal mobs 3.-Sacred Shild a) In PvP alone is good (2vs2) can protec your team in PvE is bad, example in the lab you active the skill, lost the shild in 3 seconds and need wait 40s for activve again The paladin is the only no have a pasive skill, and are very easy of kill barbarian ignore the damage, dnight recovery health and the Bdancer make more damage one rogue kill me with 2 critital hits, i have 3.5k of life in these moment my shild are active (400), alone active my shild and dead The barbarian hace two skill very good "last wish" "Stone Skin" you are inmune (3 hits), you can´t dead with the last wish during these time you can kill your enemy Blade Dancer he have "counter strike" with this and the high damage he can kill very easy Dead Night have the "Dark shild" with this and life steal you are inmortal example Omercix I want a Pasive for paladin please the paladin is the tank more weaknes. Change Illumination for a Pasive. Paladin What pasive you want?
  11. Hi support team. there's no sound effects when using skills with the recent update regardless of type/class. Currently I'm using latest WS version 6.1.1 running under Windows 8.1 64bit. Kindly check the problem. Thanks
  12. Let's be honest mages are in a slump right now... Here's how I see how we ca solve the problem easy and efficient. But Aigrind and it's moderators need to be willing to cooperate to their players if they want there game to be as enjoyable as possible to as many people as possible. *DON'T nerf other classes just to bring Mage up to par with them* This will just result in alot of people (all who play classes not named Mage) upset and dissapointed. And will lead to increased boredom of the game. we don't want that now, do we? no we want it to be more enjoyable. *I do not recommend making a huge, revolutionary change to mages* We do not want this to swing in the other way, that mages become to overpowered which will lead to a nerf and as I explained above that will lead to dissapointment. Right now it feels like the creators don't know where they want to go with the class mage, it feels like the class is slowly losing its identity. *Make small tweaks to slowly improve mages* The best way to fix this problem without losing control and swinging it the other way. Start with finding small issues with the class and start to improve them. For example the issue where retribution rune can ruin the ethereal barriers "block damage". Make the it so that the retribution rune does not affect the barrier. An other issue would be the weakess of the mages skill "sun armor". just improve it by adding a additional effect to it, like a percentage of the magic damage taken will damage the attacker or heal the mage for example. And by doing this we are little by little improving the mage and when we have fixed all the details and small problems with the class, it will be easier to find the mages identity again, it will be easier to develop the mage in the future since you know what you want the mage to be in the future. Let's not get defensive about this Aigrind, the community is here to help you create a game that everyone can enjoy and have equal fun, Companies who ignores the requests of their customers will more than often fail in the long run. I'm getting terribly frightened that this will be the case with Aigrind aswell, especially since this game has so much potential waiting to be fulfilled.
  13. I've doinked around for awhile and tried a few classes out. While fairly effective, a few skill kits simply do not synergize at all with themselves. A Hodge podge of skills that seem neat that ultimately do not flow together as a cohesive set. I'm still making a full list, and the reasons why they become disjointed in game play. Been playing MMORPGs for a bit over 15 years so this is just a personal irritation. Making thread now to update tonight with the list.
  14. Just a few questions, no need to answer if you can't disclose such information right now. Will there be future expert skills? There are 5 basic skills so it seems logical to stop at 5 expert skills too. If not... Have you already decided on what the future expert skills will be? or are you still open to ideas? From the leaked pictures of test skills it looks like you have decided on them already. Can you clarify? Will you be modifying any basic skills in the next update or the near future? Excluding future expert skills and additions to the game, are you planning on changing any aspect of the game? (e.g how its played, how the players interact with each other and with npc, its mechanics?) Will there be a new arena bracket each time you increase the level cap? (21-22 bracket, 23-24 bracket...etc?) Lastly... Appart from pc, which device is most compatible with the game? The problems with symbian show that not all of them are operating on the same caliber. (ignoring screen size and connection).
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