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Found 4 results

  1. Salve Salve, Família Warspear! Já faz alguns anos que isso me incomoda um pouco, a Habilidade do Priest "Escudo Sagrado", não está boa. Finalmente é possível através da Árvore de Talentos aprimorar um pouco, o que pode ser bem demorado, mas a habilidade em si não ajuda muito. Depois do LvL 20 /22, o Shield do Sacerdote acaba não sendo útil tanto para PVE quanto PVP, a resistência do Escudo é extremamente baixa comparado aos danos recebidos de mobs e players de lvl mais altos. Já faz mais de 02 anos que defini Shield 3/5, porque não compensa upar a habilidade, já que os resultados são baixos. Hoje mesmo testei upar 5/5, e a diferença acaba sendo basicamente a duração da skill, porque a capacidade de receber dano aumenta muito pouco, chega a ser risível. Não seria o momento de um Buff na habilidade Escudo Sagrado do Sacerdote? Me parece que está habilidade deveria ser uma das principais da Classe, porém, a medida que se chega a leveis mais altos a Skill torna-se desvalorizada e de pouco ajuda pra um classe do tipo suporte. O que vocês acham?
  2. Let's be honest mages are in a slump right now... Here's how I see how we ca solve the problem easy and efficient. But Aigrind and it's moderators need to be willing to cooperate to their players if they want there game to be as enjoyable as possible to as many people as possible. *DON'T nerf other classes just to bring Mage up to par with them* This will just result in alot of people (all who play classes not named Mage) upset and dissapointed. And will lead to increased boredom of the game. we don't want that now, do we? no we want it to be more enjoyable. *I do not recommend making a huge, revolutionary change to mages* We do not want this to swing in the other way, that mages become to overpowered which will lead to a nerf and as I explained above that will lead to dissapointment. Right now it feels like the creators don't know where they want to go with the class mage, it feels like the class is slowly losing its identity. *Make small tweaks to slowly improve mages* The best way to fix this problem without losing control and swinging it the other way. Start with finding small issues with the class and start to improve them. For example the issue where retribution rune can ruin the ethereal barriers "block damage". Make the it so that the retribution rune does not affect the barrier. An other issue would be the weakess of the mages skill "sun armor". just improve it by adding a additional effect to it, like a percentage of the magic damage taken will damage the attacker or heal the mage for example. And by doing this we are little by little improving the mage and when we have fixed all the details and small problems with the class, it will be easier to find the mages identity again, it will be easier to develop the mage in the future since you know what you want the mage to be in the future. Let's not get defensive about this Aigrind, the community is here to help you create a game that everyone can enjoy and have equal fun, Companies who ignores the requests of their customers will more than often fail in the long run. I'm getting terribly frightened that this will be the case with Aigrind aswell, especially since this game has so much potential waiting to be fulfilled.
  3. Honsns

    Shell priest

    I come through this text show my indignation about the shell character priest . The shell priest skill level 5/5 and bottom of the shield dancer blades skills is the champion. How can this be fair, shields skills from other classes absorb more damage and last longer and the priest is extremely weak , the priest needs to shell capacity than other classes because it is not a player with high physical defense. I sincerely hope that in the next update improves the ability of the priest shield so that it is not less than the other , but at a fair level so there are no disadvantages. Thank's,
  4. Hi there, My "Mace of Inquisitor" and "Inquisitor's Shield" skins don't Glow(shine, sparkle.. etc). Now, some of you may think this isn't a problem at all, but you have to think of it this way: i (and other tanks) did not spend all that time racking up achievement medals just to have normal looking, unremarkable, second class skins. These things are supposed to look Epic, all other inquisitor skins glow except for these. Look at me, do you know how much more badass i'd look with glowing skins!? (Even thinking about it makes my legs tingle) I'd greatly appreciate it if you fix this for us, if not the shield then at least make the mace glow, thank you. Another note: Why don't shield skins glow?
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