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Found 11 results

  1. Necromancer needs to be reworked a little bit because the game has changed so much these years and necromancer is the only char feeling outdated in its play style. 1) The skill "Nightmare" is so old school. It doesn’t really works nowadays because it can be canceled with just 1 random dot, and we all know that the Necromancer is all about poison dot, but also on scenarios like arenas where basically everyone can cancel your skill ,it just doesn't make sense to have a “stun“ that can be cancelled by anyone in 99% of cases. Also the skill has a using range of 4 yard despite being cancellable that easy. For example the Druids skill "Entangling roots" has a using range of 5yard+ can't be canceled by damaging the target. I would suggest a good buff on that skill, either remove dot cancels, or like stealth on seeker and rogue, allow the skill for the 2 first seconds of it, to not being cancellable by anything. 2) The skill "Dead soldier" also needs to be reworked. Right now it needs to have corpses for the skill to work which makes the thing way too situational, and even then, it still underperforms comparing to necromancer’s concurrents. •In pve, it isn't really efficient because we move everytime to reach our goal, for example in a dungeon, so it doesn't matter if we use this skill or not because we're going to the next area anyways. Your party will most likely clean the area before your skeleton even get to hit the mobs. •In pvp, > 1vs1 the skill is useless because no corpse=no skeletons. > And in GVG, war or Arena it's also useless because the skeletons are so weak, it just gives the enemy a target to life steal on. 3) The character itself. The necromancer is supposed to be a kind of support. But his supports skills are outdated. •The "Ancient Seal" has a low healing comparing to the amount of damage other classes get nowadays. What I mean is that “Ancien Seal“ is the only really constant heal Necromancers got, “Poison Aura“ healing depends too much on the situations (need to be close range, few ennemies = low healing, many ennemies = healing won’t help you surviving that anyway, etc) and when you compare it to the other healers, there is a gap in that domain. •The "bone shield" is the only defensive skill on a paper character, it's outdated because other characters got a lot of damage throughout the years. It is only "ok" with the talent.
  2. Name: Raex Server: EU_Emerald NPC Name: Serevald STORY: They entered the city of Alhamad at night, thinking they were stronger. Knowing themselves as a born warrior, serevald's is also known as half human half snake hunters. They called them Suzar. It's not easy to beat the Suzars. Because the bones of many warriors before them were lost in this hot desert land. The easiest way for them to defeat the Suzars is to use black magic. But the only race that knows black magic in the city of Alhamad is the serevald race. The Suzars can turn a person into stone with a single glance. But since the serevalds know black magic, they are resistant to this counterattack. BONUS İMAGES:
  3. Oi :D eu tenho o peitoral da armadura escamada de Berengar porém não sei onde consigo as outras peças do conjunto :/ alguém pode me ajudar? Ao menos dizendo onde posso encontrar essa informação:/
  4. Warspear Helper - Неофициальный клиент для базы данных ws-db.ru Системные требования: Android 4.4+ [spoiler=Скриншоты] .... VirusTotal Это первая сборка, в ней могут присутствовать баги, ошибки и т. д. Отзывы и пожелания можете оставлять в этой теме. Скачать c Google Drive
  5. Alright. (btw, I am sorry if this forum has already been released, but I am Updating it for the new 7.0 Update!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, In your opinion, What do you think is the Worst and bess class, with no buffs and amps? Mine personally is the Death knight. High atk, high def, and i just love the dks skills. What about you guys?
  6. Надеюсь таверну админы читают вопрос всё-таки для них и так не могли бы вы рассказать о своей новой игре skylore online? Вы же были на DevGamm, а значит демка есть. В попытке что-нибудь нарыть я нашёл только-то, что вы заняли домены skylore-online.ru и skylore-online.com, но ничего на них нет, так же из статьи на app2top.ru можно создать образ игры "высокой производительностью, ламповой картинкой и ностальгией по Ragnarok Online радовала Skylore, новая игра AIGRIND, уникальной калининградской студии, которая с 2008 года ведет поддержку мультиплатформенной ММО Warspear Online, выходившей даже на Symbian OS." Ну и напоследок можно увидеть иконку На этом все подписывайтесь, ставте лайки и расследование продолжется :D
  7. Тактические ходы, бд, ачивки, аренки и многое другое. При поддержке Аринарской Пивнушки: vk.com/warfun
  8. Доброго времени суток, бойцы. Я тут подумал, что игре срочно нужна смена класса. Почему? Потому что мне надоел варвар, ибо он весьма унылый и я хочу паладина, вся одежда от Варвара подходит паладину, исходя из этого факта можно предположить, что смена класса была бы замечательной идеей. Поэтому, прошу лично для меня добавить данную книгу. P.S. Лаэля, не смей ругаться о том, что таких предложений много. Я нарисовал книжечку, я старался. К тому же, я особенный.
  9. Dear elfs, I Karleusa I want to help them how to be stronger and how to u soon perijodu winning wars spears !!!! Here are some tips that will give you: 1. Select only one character with whom you play and you have to fight. (It is easier and faster progress if you take just one character and you spend your time on it than to have two) 2. doing out regular blue quests (dnevvne kuesc) because so quickly level up and get more money. 3. Do not allow your mobs killed. When you think that you will lose a life, go to the side and fill your life (HELCOM) 4. MOST IMPORTANT! You must help the elves elves who are lower level than yours. Help them to cross the DG. Help them if you have more cash on hand, buy them something, stimulate male elves to advance faster and to go level up. 5. All the elves have to go to war, because if we win we will have extra bonuses that will help everyone to be strong.
  10. This is Goron He was a shaman who remained zarodljen years in the catacombs that are found in Ajvondil island. One of the warriors lost in the catacombs Ajvondila very soon find a way out ran into the ancient stone gate. When he opened it dropped out chains that have captured a brave warrior and Goron was able to get out of the cave and begin to rage against all the inhabitants Ajvondila. He is very dangerous, has shamanic powers. Its main magic ,,paralysis,, cast a spell on nekogratnika, he starts to play around and then go to sleep for about 10 seconds, then the next six minutes while coming around him a lot of energy decreases.
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