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Found 3 results

  1. Would be nice if randomly during the day there's a random event which can occur at any camp or village where mobs are raiding it and attacking the npc's. If you kill one mob during these random events then you'll automatically partake in the event and if you're successful in defending the location then you get a small reward. Any number of players can join if they're in the area, the more players join then a few more mobs will spawn. Players would be notified in area chat like: "There is a random event occurring at location [x]" If players look at the world map and there's a random event happening then they will see a star or a symbol at the location. Rewards could be a few potions, gold or a minion. Just a suggestion,
  2. Has 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 Instead of players killing each other they compete to kill waves of monsters There are multiple waves of mobs and Mobs will disappear after a certain time limit For example if you get 10 mobs but you only kill 7 and they disappear then the enemy group could be in the lead because they killed 9 mobs. Every time a group kills a mob they get points for it. Mini bosses will appear at certain times and reward extra points if killed. Which ever team kills the most mobs before the match ends will win. If a team manages to collect the maximum amount of points before the enemy team, they will win. Guilds can maybe vs each other in 10vs10 too compete in a new type of guild tournament. Rewards can be new armour which would be very effective in dungeon and less effective in PvP or New accessories that current arena doesn't offer. Just a suggestion.
  3. I would like to suggest a new type of territory war where instead of players killing flags there are instead a certain number of waves of mobs or bosses that players have to kill and defend. This is how I imagine my suggestion. There are 5 waves in this fight for survival 1st wave will be mobs of high hp and many of them 2nd wave will be mobs and a mini boss 3rd wave will be all mini bosses 4th wave will be mini bosses and 1 boss 5th and final wave will be maybe 3 bosses. (Mobs and bosses can be chosen randomly by developers and their hp can be increased due to the large amount of players participating.) Each wave of monsters will start walking from one location to a designated camp of the enemy. If a wave of mobs start from caravan elf side and walk to a MC camp the elves must do their best to defend the mobs while at the same time Mcs well try their best to kill the elf mobs before they each a certain destination. The same well be for mc side. The mobs can and will stop to attack any enemy faction of they are close by Each wave will leave at the same time therefore MC side and elf side will have to strategically plan Defence AND attack at the same time. The faction who was able to defend more mobs to the enemy will win. Just a suggestion of a new type of war.
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