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Found 5 results

  1. Here is the problem about mobility! Now we have: The seeker who can walk faster The mage who can jump The paladin who can jump The blade dancer who can rush The rogue who can jump on target The barbarian who can jump on target Pay attention, we have 4 classes with mobility mechanics on the Sentinel side, and all those 4 do not require a target to gain Square meters of advantage when moving to an objective. On the Legion side we have 2 classes who do need to get a target to move forward. So during Guild vs Guild games if it's required to reach a point faster, even with the 30 seconds skill lock on the mermens trials, during the whole match, the Sentinel side will have a big advantage getting someone there first, always! There is no way if you have to walk 200 Squares into a line any class from legion be there faster than a seeker/mage/blade dancer/paladin! this is the problem, they will reach the position first, even if they get wiped as many from the legion, they will be able to reach the objective, fight again faster! this is not fair!!!! Legion do need more mobility just as Sentinels have! The lock skills at the start of mermens trial if very fair but it do not solve the imbalance we have when someone can revive and get back into battle faster then the other side!!!! Please take a note into that!!!
  2. The Legion has always been inferior to the Sentinels. I and many on the Warspear discord agrees that we should be equal so please make the Legion is equal to the Sentinels
  3. Hello players I want to make a topic about how to pass astral lab until B 9/eye I will post one by one. And describe the boss one by one. 8 things you must know to Lab: 1.Always kill Parasite, it's only has 400 hp but the attack make you run slower. 2.Do not use earth after crossing, because you will become the mobs target. 3.Do not use panic at boss. Exceptional. 4.Look back after cross, wait until your pt crossing. 5.Always attract mobs when healer targeted by mobs. 6.NEVER TAKE A CHEST EXCEPT YOUR PT IS PRO. 7.No chat. If isn't necessary. 8.Do not blaming each other, because teamwork is number one. B1 (Messenger Archon) To kill Archon the pt must be like the pict above. All to left bottom corner. Tank pulls the boss and attacks fast. So all mobs won't attack your healer. Stun mobs after finish kill Archon. Tanker runs and kill Etheral Parasite below. B2 (Scarabs Empress) After you cross to this area give shield to tank, and tank running through the mobs while attract the boss. Go to right bottom corner and kill it. Do not use panic skill at boss. Because the tank will follows his target. B3 (Powerful Torturer) Kill mobs at upper boss first. There's a chest there, bring all mobs to corner and kill After you kill, tanker goes down to right bottom corner. Tanker kill two mobs below the boss, while healer attack b3. Will be there a ranger mob attacking healers, pull it and attack without magic. B4 (Stranger Senator) Bring all mob and boss like in the pict, pull the boss closer to tank. All focus attack boss, you can use panic here. Panic the further mobs! B5 (Medusa) If your pt reach this area just run to right corner, kill all mobs. Then one player pulls one mob near the boss other one pulls the boss. Just look at the pict. The healer is tank, and damager kills mobs around pt. I ask my pt to focus attacking the boss, then I kill the mobs. They should heal me when my HP is low. B6 (Echidna) I prefer to do it last if daily lab. Because this is the hardest boss. Tank come to center and pulls boss, all player must attack fast without magic. No earth, no panic, or else that can make the target changed. All healer just healing tank. NO NOOB MOVE! I told u guys. B7 (Blazing Anax) Easier than Echidna. After your pt cross, kill Anax's Blood. Then Necro use shield and come down to attracts Anax. The position same with the pict. The damager shouldn't there like me, I just taking SS. Lol. The damager must not attack Anax. But killing Anax mobs around pt. B8 (Blue Eye) Although my lv was 24 but still hard to kill this boss within 2 healers. When you cross to this area you'll meet "Bodiless" mobs just pass trough them and get to second mobs near Blue eye. Kill those all and tank run to up left corner, the healers must protect the tank and don't attack any mobs. If the boss still attacks tanker you all should pull the Eye until evade. Or, all healers attack the Blue eye fast so the target changed. The role of the tank is kills all low hp mobs. Please look at the pict. B9 (Red Eye) Same steps with Blue Eye, just look at the pict. After you kill Blue eye, there is short way to go Red eye. Cross to down left corner. After you and your pt cross, cross again to up left corner. There is more space to evade the boss there.
  4. Turtle

    Legion Npc.

    Theres a problem with bows on legion side. Here's a suggestion to Solve Bows get turned into rondels Xbows into swords All bow skins turned into 1H skin Here's some Examples. Lv13 Bow With Bloody Reapers Skin. +1 the bow would lose all Emchant and come out as +0 Acute Falchion With Rippers Skin. Doom Crossbow with ice Skin >>> Doom blade with ice dagger Ice Crossbow >> ice Dagger Illusion bow >> illusion Sword Inferno bow>> Rippers dagger Would cost 20k per bow or xbow and to make It fair as if elfs would want to use would be kept in nadir and t1 Ayivondil
  5. Hello i have a really serious issue that needs to be Addressed Elfs Dont have this Problem so if some elf Comments something negative its not there Place and they should just leave this topic At once. Anyone on Mountain Clans knows that theres a problem with The xbow skin drops and weap drops as well as bow. I want to know what your planning to do about these drops and weapons and think we should hear why you havent fixed it or what your thinking of and if your not planning on doing something maybe everyone could help suggest something to fix it. For Example Some suggestions that might be noteworthy "Bow Npc" This is a complicated idea of exchanging a bow for a different weapon . For Example Bows would be Transfered to Rondels and Xbows would be Transfered to Swords Lv13 Longbow with bloody Reaper skin > Would go to Acute a Falchion With Rippers dagger Skins would just go to a opposite 1H Skin Doom Xbow With ice xbow>>> Goes to Doom Blade with Ice dagger. Etc Npc would cost 20k per weapon and would be Available in Nadir and Ayivondil Harbor. Other Suggestion i thought was noteworthy was Mail System. Very Simple Concept be allowed to send mailed items To your other characters in this way people Could transfer bows/Xbows to Elf Side Characters for use. Please Clear up this mistake in the game and help find a use for these drops Thanks
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