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Found 2 results

  1. Hello There! I have been playing with Warspear Online for quite a while now, and I love it. I have some suggestions, though, which could make this epic game more epic! Let's get started! --Number 1: A brand new PVP system without annoying gankers-- Yes, there were some topics about a new PVP system, my idea is a little bit different. There would be an interact option to call out a player for a PVP fight. Of course, it would be possible to call players from both allience or enemy faction. If the opposed player accepts the request, the two players would be put in a separate arena-like area (a bit smaller), where they can fight. Potions wouldn't be allowed to be used, and minions would be sent away for the time of the fight (but they wouldn't disappear permanently). The winner of the fight would be awarded with a little gift. For example a little amount of money from the opponent's purse. If the opponent has no money, then he/she wouldn't be able to request or accept fight. Maybe the ammount of the rewarded money could be decided at the beginning of the fight. The players could also set custom rewards from their bags. Of course, there would be different arenas, which would change randomly from fight to fight, just like at arena fights. --NUMBER 2: Marriage-- Maybe you look a bit awkward now, but yes, I think players should be able to marry in the game. There wouldn't be sex, of course. Marrying a person would mean that when he/she enters the game, a highligted info message would inform the other. If the couple fights together, they would get more reward for quests, hunting bosses would have more chance to drop precious items, also dungeoning would have more chance to drop. Since the game is for everyone, I think same gender marriage should also be allowed, although I am not really for it. Maybe in the settings everyone would have to set their gender, for others to be easier to choose their wife/husband. If two players marry, a highligted info message would inform others in the World Chat. Yes, divorcing would also be possible, but with a cost of money. The player who requests divorce, would have to pay like 2000 gold, while the other only 500. Divorcing would only be possible if both players agree. When two players marry for the FIRST time (I mean they had no marriage before), they would receive a special [Marriage Chest] as a gift. This chest would contain some cool and uniqe stuff. --NUMBER 3: Sending gifts to other players-- If you want to thank a player for something, but you don't want to travel to the same area and make an exchange, or he/she isn't online, well, this gift sending system would be perfect for you. Players could send gifts to each other from their bags. If the gifted person is offline, they would receive their gifts as soon as they go online again. It would appear as a daily gift, but in a gift box. Only if they open the box will they know what they've got. It would be possible to set an option for the gift to be anonym (so the target doesn't know who sent the gift) --NUMBER 4: Trophy system-- If a player kills a monster or another player for the first time, let it be ally or enemy, he/she would receive a trophy, which could be seen in a separate menu plot. As at the achievements, others could see player's trophies, and they could compete who has better trophies. For example, player A defeated Hassn, and has his trophy. But Player B defeated Finalsusse, and Player A not. (I am from EU-Emerald) Trophies worth nothing basically, only these competings would make them precious. So, these are my ideas to make Warspear Online better and funnier to play. I will update when I get more. I hope you like my ideas, feel free to comment on them! Ben
  2. Hi here an issue must be something forever the gifts recipes in mecanical mailing by Gm in game sistem from events like last one free surprise chest for evry one or others u getting somthing like 3 repair, 3teleports . Watt I mean is a gift must remain a gift antil the player accept it to take or refuse it with unlimited time to respond from reciev menu in game, in case the player still not responding to mail game menu becouse is offline more than 5 months to be deleted by SISTEM. Yes the period to be rised or to be unlimited becouse a gift must be a gift forever antil player accept it or refuse to getting used . Why becouse I was gone one and half month and I missed the gifts recipes becouse SISTEM is deleted my mail gifts and I don't agree with that because I don't like to refuse gifts is not kind to refuse somthing wat can make u happy !
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