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Found 3 results

  1. i just wanna say pvp is get very unbalanced i suggest to back weapons bonus in arena weapon to resilience and keep ferocity like crystal ONLY that will give char more def and less dmg some Hope you dev think about this fix
  2. WARNING! This suggestion has a heroic length of introduction. To see the suggestion itself, turn all the way to the bottom of this post. Yes, yes. Low level again. And to settle things: I DON'T do these suggestions because I have low lever characters and want to get them stronger, but because I think it's kinda unfair what's going on here. Remember my suggestion about costumes at arena vendor? Well, it didn't get as much support as I expected. And you know what? Costumes are only for fun and outlook, they don't actually influence statistics. What I am going to show you now, is much more... important. Resilience. According to the description, it increases your defence towards monsters, the chance to avoid critical hits, and reduces incoming damage from enemies by the given percentage. This sounds pretty cool actually. Until as a low level arena player, you discover how much resilience percentage arena gear contains. I took the time to look up two sets of arena gear, one of the low level "Beginner Sorcerer", and one of the 21st level "Lord's". Here is the set of the "Beginner Sorcerer". And here is the set of the "Lord's". The very first thing we can see, is while the "Lord's" has the item level of 21st only, the "Beginner Sorcerer" has item levels of all from level 4 to level 8. Why is that... Nobody knows. If we add resilience percentage together, at "Lord's" set we get a total amount of 12,5%, while at "Beginner Sorcerer" we see only 4.8%. For the first look it's perfectly normal, but if we think a little bit, we discover how unfair it actually is. Effects with steady stats equally adds the given amount of stat to every level. 300 physical defence is the same on the 1st and the 28th level. But effets with percentage, well... not exactly. They COMPLETELY rely on the player's statistics. 10% magic damage bonus is only 15 at a low level character with 150 damage, but it's 45 at a level 21 character with 450 damage. And it's alright. But not if the bonus the low level gear offers, is even lower. As mentioned earlier, percentage bonus completely relies on the given character's stats, so it would be just fair to give equal percentage bonus to everybody. Why should a low level player have only 4.8% defence bonus while the 21 level can have 12.5%? Lower levels already have lower statistics, why should you lower their percentage? The chance to avoid critical hits? Same with ferocity. It increases damage towards enemies, right? Level 9 [Enchanted Spear] has 6.5% ferocity. 6.5% damage bonus towards enemies. Level 21 [Gladiator's Gizama] has 15.4% ferocity however. Why should lower level characters have less bonus for their less damage? Critical hit is the other thing. If a level 21 player has 25% critical hit chance, in average every 4th (!!!) hit of them will be critical. Lower level characters can't even reach that much percentage! Why should lower level characters have less chance to hit critical with their less damage? Huhh... Tired of much typing. So here comes the REAL suggestion. >> Since percentage bonus completely relies on the given player's statistics, make ALL percentage bonuses equal. Remove ALL crystals and runes with percentage bonus and make ONE type with the same attribute suitable to ALL levels. Seems radical, but it is how fair it is. I hope I could convince all of you. Feel free to ask anything related to the suggestion. And please avoid things like "shitty idea" or "duck this". Come up with a better idea if you can, or talk nicely and with respect. Peace out there
  3. Please Remove Ferocity, many Players get sucked in this Ferocity! and this is the WORST UPDATE EVER THAT YOU MADE. 60% of players got bored because of this Ferocity, Please Remove this ASAP.
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